May Day 2017

USA Today: Thousands expected to hit the streets for May Day protests


Sabo sends as of 1635EDT live Periscope feed in LA.

(Via Twitter; see also other Tweets from JP today)

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  1. And not a single polesmokin “protestor” missed work……

  2. hiddenhollow

    Commies. Period.

  3. Got to love that sign from the Sierra Club. They’re so concerned for the environment in the US. They took a $100 million bribe from a pro-immigrant billionaire to keep quiet about the effects of unrestricted immigration on the environment. Put them on your list of things to do.


    Keep taking notes, making lists, watch, and listen. Know who your enemies are. Preparedness is a daily lifestyle. Bleib ubrig.

  5. These are of course recruiting events, and the danger is that they are the only ones seen as resisting the corporatocracy.

    That danger is exacerbated by the deliberate introduction of the “new” financialized economy, with its emphasis on serial bubble-blowing to facilitate looting by the connected banking class, the destruction of middle and lower working class jobs through the offshoring of everything productive (trade “deals”, environmental regulations, etc), the constant downward pressure on wages caused by rampant illegal immigration and foreign product dumping, the conglomeratization (did I just make that up?) of American farming.

    A growing and productive free economy produces jobs for all levels of participation, making it possible for any who are sufficiently motivated to make their own way in the world. This kind of freedom cannot be allowed, as it is a threat to control by the looters at the top. People earning their own way in the world don’t need government handouts and don’t want to pay for them.

    We could have an economy like this, if not for the oligarchs. We had one once.

    The solution is self-evident.

    • as open-borders Judeo-globalists, the Reds stopped resisting the corporations long ago. They are the (one of) the enforcement arms of the (((Oligarchy))).

  6. They better schedule these events late in the day. Pajamas Boy needs to get his rest, then relax with a cup of cocoa before starting his day.

  7. POd American

    CA, I have a very appropriate .jpg that would fit this posting. I am unable to upload. If interested in a copy of this .jpg, please contact

    Here’s the lead in from the .jpg:
    Newspaper Clipping from Oct 13, 1975

    Here is an old newspaper clipping a friend of mine says his mother saved in her Bible. She had been a school teacher and believed in prophesy, so she always kept up on issues, long before most ever thought of them. It’s an article about the Allied Forces obtaining The Communist Rules for Revolution, May 1919, Dusseldorf.

  8. Went by state capital on Lincoln and Colfax about 11:30 a.m…nothing but a paltry band of pussy Communists with a table and some flags.

    DAMN! As an older, white guy of ‘mature years’, I was hoping to get a chance to bust a few deserving heads…..well, as the old adage goes, “there’s never a Commie around when you need him…”

  9. I should have entered my AO….Denver, CO….though I live in the hinterlands beyond.

  10. Gunderson

    Per the current masthead: truth.
    I suspect a 1,000 – 100,000 -1,000,000 + Simo Hayhas, Dorners, etc. may be very problematic though.
    The very same bankers will have the armies.

  11. I am in New Orleans today and have seen nothing. Granted, it could be happening elsewhere in NOLA, but I’m seeing nothing.

  12. Anyone got info on protests in NOLA?

  13. Portland anarchists, as usual hiding among the useful idiot leftists (many of whom brought their kids to the march), go off throwing rocks, full soda cans and using slingshots to attack police. Fires are started in the street, lots of spray paint, plate glass windows broken at many downtown businesses.

    It’s all becoming sort of ‘new normal’ in Portland. I no longer go downtown, just to express my contempt with the city. The mayor said he expected a peaceful march this morning. This is about the 10th day of these riots since November – why would he expect a peaceful protest, especially on May Day.

    Police pulled the permit around 4:30 and told people with kids to leave the area as fast as possible.

    Video here:

    Pictures here:

  14. 200 people are currently gathered at the Jefferson Davis monument in NOLA (Canal Street and South Jeff Davis Parkway). Some chants of “take it down” and a few arrests. I won’t give away my exact location but I’m within a mile. Reports are that police have received “stand-down orders”, but they’ve also made arrests, so I don’t know how that works. I personally didn’t see anyone that looks like AntiFa, but I did see a lot of Confederate Battle Flags.

  15. Cassandra (of Troy)

    From the Why Is This Not Surprising file.:

    One wonders why ‘consrrrrvativ’ Fox News/Hannity/Lou Dobbs/Gush Bombast haven’t as yet seen fit to inform their respective audiences of the above……