SLL: The Corporatocracy

Robert’s latest.

Isn’t there a word for a form of national organization with private ownership and government control?

6 responses to “SLL: The Corporatocracy

  1. Yup – “fascism”.

  2. The continuing spending bill funds all of the stuff we voted against…
    And NO WALL.
    Trump is a lying POS if he signs it.
    And yes, I sent this massage to the website.
    I’m 72, too old to care any more if they off me.

  3. Yep.
    Impolitic by the body politic.
    Beyond obvious – FUBAR – TARFU

    The Primacy of Jewish Genes

  4. All the Plenary’s Men examines the banking vermin immune from any and all prosecution. Got Rule of Law? Nope.

  5. This article could be improved by including NGO’s as part of the “corporate” part of the equation – a non-profit entity that has no product apart from lawsuits and that lives and dies by the largess of the Equal Access to Justice Act represents the epitome of fascism – ecofascism is fascism all the same.

  6. Be honest with yourself. If you could arrange a gig that pretty much assures you a monopoly at the top of the price curve YOU would do it too. A lot of pension used to be structured that way. (but no longer…)

    Oligarchy is the end game of fettered Capitalism.