Those Were The Days, My Friend

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Can you imagine the same editorial, but instead of celebrating the Reds, substituting the German-American Bund?

Or perhaps the America First crowd?

For all of the Kate Smith and George M. Cohan proto-Greenwoodism of the time, the brave men of America’s Greatest Generation were used by Frank the Cripple and his people as Communist allies.

Repetition for emphasis:

America fought as a Communist ally in World War II.

Stalin and his Red allies, including those throughout the West, won that war.

And much of the peace thereafter.

Welcome to the land of long-term consequences.

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24 responses to “Those Were The Days, My Friend

  1. You and I both know they plan to starve us out because they are outgunned 3 to 1.
    Besides that, it’s way the hell easier, just stop the trucks.
    We be fooked.
    You can only eat a bullet once.

  2. Look at how many people attended a Red or Bund event compared to attendance at a FreeFOR happening.

    • Yeah. I noticed that too.

      Guess I signed up with an outfit with no recruiting appeal, ability, or both.

      • Might be part of the appeal that the organizations tried to provide benefit to the target audience – job protection, better working conditions, access to jobs, etc. The target believes being part of the organization will make my life better.

        If FreeFOR were doing likewise with the benefits of freedom, such as hiring like minded people and doing business with our allies, we might attract more of a following. Bashing our allies for not being pure enough isn’t having the desired result.

      • ExGeeEye

        A big piece of it is the ridicule and worse poured out on those who fail the Purity Test (TM).

        I fail it cos I’m a Christian, a Zionist, a believer in Constitutional Government, and a few other things.

        So a significant fraction of the “outfit” expects me to die quietly, and a somewhat smaller fraction is willing to help me do that.

        And I really don’t care. I come here for news, information, and occasional LOLs, and will continue to do so as long as it remains available.

        And I appreciate the (usual) opportunity to comment.

        • Always welcome, sir.

          And note from which direction the shytte does not emanate.

        • Jewish gangsters used to break up Bund meetings by throwing stink bombs thru the windows. When the people flocked out, the Jews would stomp them, with fists and baseball bats. So yeah, I have no use for people like you.

          Oh and what you call Replacement Theology IS Christianity. You’re just a 3rd class Jew. Actually it far worse than that. Google Chabad and find out what Kushner and Co REALLY think about you!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        A simple clear message helps. Simple, clear graphics are also good – work in red and/or black, since they tend to catch the eye.

        Team Liberty *really* sucks at messaging. Then again, since tis members can’t even agree on what it stands for, it stands to reason that people on the outside won’t understand what it stands for.

    • When you’re unemployed, and there’s no TV, few movies, and damned little else for entertainment, you go to the circus.
      Including the political one.
      Which, as ever, is mainly sideshow freaks.

  3. revjen45

    Freiheit uber Alles! Besser todt wie Rot!

  4. Communism once gave ordinary Americans a choice of going along, or getting blown the f*** up.
    The Antifa of its day, so to speak.
    Like at the L.A. Times, recipient of the Nobel Dynamite Prize for not kowtowing to the Left in 1910:

    21 dead, 100+ injured.
    Editor and publisher Harrison Gray Otis was a staunchly conservative Republican, and used to pack a pistol to the day he died because of threats from leftist labor hooligans.

    If he could see what his dipshit great-grandson did in turning the paper into the reliable bastion of leftist lunacy, his grave spinning would be measurable with seismographs.

    But like famines under the Russian communists, the institutional memory of the NYSlimes gets a bit fuzzy on such things.

  5. “American Betrayal” by Diana West.

    Buy it. Read it. Pass it on to someone who still thinks the ETO was anything other than us bankrolling Stalin for his takeover of E. Europe.

    • Patton was right as fucking rain.

      That bastard desk-jockey Ike should have let him go to Berlin then march on to Moscow to meet Old Doug after the latter wiped out Mao and met him in the middle.

      Instead he got murdered for it.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        “Creature from Jekyll Island” also explains how US helped with 2nd Russian Revolution in 1917 (those US Red Cross workers were actually early version of Christians In Action), and FDR used US tax $ to prop up a bankrupt Stalin.
        I’m of the belief the war between US/USSR has been nothing but giant psyops.

        The illusion of US being beacon of Democracy has been in place for a very long time, Lee Greenwood is just the latest version of patriotic musical heartflutters to keep the masses weeping. When you’re a good God fearing Christian with Lee Greenwood and the NRA on your side, what could possibly go wrong?

      • Daniel K Day

        Patton was right and I hope the truth behind his murder is taught to schoolchildren one day, but … even if Truman had agreed with him, Truman would have had an impossible task convincing the war-weary American public to carry on with the war once Japan and Germany had both surrendered. Patton meeting MacArthur in Moscow was never in the cards.

  6. At the end of the article, note how the author’s comments track with Mike Vanderboegh and Bezmenov;s statements on how the Communists use socialists until they achieve power. After the takeover, the socialist will get disappointed about it all being a sham to achieve power. The socialist have to be eliminated before they start to plot against the Communists.

    • A socialist is a communist, without a gun.

      • A socialist is someone naive enough to believe communist propaganda. The communist knows the propaganda is so much BS and is all about gaining power.


          That is where the phrase “useful idiot” has its most relevant application. I saw plenty of useful idiots when I was attending Cal-State Northridge from 1965-1969, Nothing has changed. The Antifa and BAMN are their grandchildren.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Can’t remember who said it, but there are two kinds of communists: those who actually believe the bullshit – they’re idiots and harmless; then there are those who realize that it it just a tactic – they’re exceedingly dangerous.

  7. The Usual Suspect

    The Communists are professional promise makers, word smiths
    extraordinary, spinning webs of gold for the weak minded.
    In the end they march over your body.