New Woodpile’s Here!

Enjoy…but first – consider the consequences of what both Coulter and Remus described below:

Ann Coulter summed up the cancellation this way, “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team. It’s a sad day for free speech. Everyone who should believe in free speech fought against it or ran away.”

Yes. Yes, they did. Now she sees what conservatives are and always have been.

Think hard about that.

And what each right-minded soul should do in response.

30 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. mtnforge

    Not for nothing, you have been living in a rarified dream world of the privileged. Welcome to us dirt peoples world Ms. Coulter.
    Even after it smacking you upside your head, when you run back to your cocoon of upper crust society, maybe you can see all along you have been one of the most useful of useful dupes of the cuck marxist-light.
    Here’s a hint, being sold out and abandoned by them is old news for us, ancient history.
    Your just now figuring it out is the only news of note here.

    • Ms. Couter you are addressing, ja?


          Once you go to black, you never go back, or so I am told. I handled a fair amount of domestic disputes as a Deputy Sheriff in the 70’s which involved the black marines from El Toro MCAS thumping on their white girlfriends. The girlfriends almost always turned out to be fat and blond. I hope this ex-fibbie keeps a knife in her boot. She will need it.

      • mtnforge


        There’s all kinds of useful dupes, being a dupe is the relative thing here.
        To me that is the battle right now, for the hearts and minds of dupes.

        You stand there and watch both sides rattling their sabers in the streets of Pikeville, and you think what this party needs is to get down to the nitty gritty.
        You go straight for the the ones starting this fucking circus, bypass all the front men, instigators, organizers, and useful idiots. The ones who profit at getting dirt people to go for each others throats and rip them out.
        You bring the fight right to the true enemy, which isn’t the dark ones behind it all so much, but those who enable those dark ones to create all this.
        It’s the political class. Literally all of them.

        Because you know something, something what isn’t happening?
        Here, I’ll turn the volume up so you can hear it, ready? Here goes:
        Hear that?
        Listen again.
        Did you hear something CA?
        The volume is maxed out.
        Listen real hard now, real careful.
        That is the sound of a political class that is interestingly completely quiet, mute, mum, unaware of probably the most politically charged event in US history since the war of northern aggression?
        Maybe even more so if it goes hot.
        Something which is on the brink of a violent civilian uprising the likes of which this world has never seen by the most heavily armed citizenry on Earth.
        Listen again Brother.
        Don’t hear anything?
        Nothing huh?
        Thought so.
        Whats that tell you?
        Better yet, whats that not tell you?

        The most politically motivated, self serving, greedy, arrogant one way motherfuckers in American history, who have made the Faustian bargain, and not a fucking peep out of one of them, in the entire federal government. Wow. Goolllleeee!
        Like it literally doesn’t exist.
        Dey don’t know muffin’.

        Where did we see this before, mmmm, let me think, mmmm.
        Seems there was a couple things.
        Did they have to do with birth certificates? Naw thats not it.
        Was it something about some place called Ben, ah, Bengazi?
        Oh Oh I got it! It was, let me think,…., oh Ya! Emails!
        No no that wasn’t it, place in Texas, about a fire, what was it, oh, Waco!
        Nope, that wasn’t it either. Fin…Finni something, Finnicum! Thats right, rancher guy, shot stone cold dead in the snow by government agents nobody knew their names, same guys at that Waco place I think, but I can’t seem to recall anything else, well if the news didn’t have anything I guess it wasn’t nothin’.
        Can you remember CA?

        If anyone else reading this hasn’t figured it out, there can only be two possibilities.
        1, they are afraid, really afraid, of an armed bloody uprising.
        2, an armed bloody violent uprising between faction of American’s suits there political purposes and their political masters to a T, and they are going to do everything and nothing to stop it or jeopardize it happening.

        • There’s a ton of truth in your words there. The political class in this country lost touch long ago and hasn’t a clue just how deep the seething anger runs through people that have watched their nation destroyed by treasonous trash.

          A safe and civil society is a dangerous delusion in times of tyranny.

          plural noun: delusions
          an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

    • The bite of your venom is being injected into the wrong person.

      • mtnforge

        Not Sure, are you sure?

        Explain to me then please, because your comment misses the whole point of my comment, after all this time of Ms. Coulter’s career, she is just now figuring out the political operatives of the conservative right sold out long ago for money and elitism?
        Are you kidding me?
        They abandoned the dirt people decades ago. She is only now figuring that out? That the Republican party is only a name of one half of the Uniparty?

        There is a level of scrutiny warranted here. Lord knows the world is full of BS artists in conservative drag making a pretty penny for Alt-Light motivations. If you can’t understand that your on the wrong blog.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Coulter’s gone after most of the GOP pretty savagely for quite a while. There are some party folks she seems to like/tolerate, but she’s never been overly shy about ripping the party or its pols.

  2. Turning on Coulter makes as much sense as the snowflakes threatening their own genital mutilation.

    • Is the truth uncomfortable to you like a suppository without the lube?

    • Notarealperson

      No it doesn’t make sense, in fact it’s plain ass insane. She’s just a middle-aged woman trying to do what she can which is more than I can see for her anonymous detractors.. And she has to watch what she says or she finds herself banished from Fox and everywhere else except Infowars or Savage.

      Yeah she’s a shock jock of sorts. But at least she’s out in the public and trying to inform them of what’s happening.She’s not perfect but who is.

      And she’s quite aware if she went to Berkeley or even Los Angeles without her Blackwater escorts and tried to speak at a public plaza she’d be murdered.

  3. Communicated with Coulter back in the days when she was on
    the Worldnetdaily email. How time flies…

  4. Congo Square.

    Who makes this stuff up?

    • Congo Square is where originally slaves spent Sunday afternoons trading between themselves and generally living up a free day together with their kind.

      I really enjoy NOLA but the politics and current wave of SJW ethos have gotten them hook, line and sinker.

      Seems as mtnforge grasps, the elites are sitting back and watching their handiwork grow and grow.

      • Like the movie Fantasia it’ll be interesting to see what happens when the wizard discovers that he can’t stop the broomsticks from marching.

  5. Detroit III

    So Coulter found out Conservatives are souless, Cowardly pieces of sh*t.

    Still say she should taken one for the Team and went to Spraugh (sp?) Plaza and start speaking.

    Chicken sh*t.

    • having been pissed on by Trump, Coulter now begins her (latest) search for a new Hero to “vote for” who will “save America”. One thing for sure: it won’t be Matt Heimbach, Andrew Anglin, or Nathan Damigo. It’ll be yettanother Jew-owned politician in a suit blathering about “balancing the budget”, “restoring limited gubmint”, and etc.

  6. Say, there is a statue of lenin in Fremont (Seattle) what needs pullin’ down.

  7. I would have to see a transcript of the entire conversation Coulter was taking part in before I passed judgment. I have seen Coulter stand-up to a physically intimidating Van Jones in a studio environment but that is not the same as a Berkeley melee. Coulter is no Linebacker, physically she is a twig. As for her cohort abandoning her; was she speaking metaphorically or factually? In any case she is not the first to learn the hard way that women do not belong in combat.

  8. revjen45

    Listen to this while contemplating the painting, and in your mind’s eye watch the daughters of Odin swoop down on the battlefield to choose the heroes who will dine with him in the halls of Valhalla.

  9. Truth Corps

    When the Communists, Fascists and Socialists get done ridding the South of the last vestiges of the Confederacy they’ll then move to the Churches. They’ll likely have a similar limited response. The Whites here have been conditioned to think we’re all equal. Its impossible to go to the grocery store and not see a single white mother with a cart full of mixed race children. But hey, miscegenation makes great democrat plantation consumers.
    We were warned. Smile big when Emily brings home DeShawn from college. Have fun raising his children.

  10. Beauty & Brains. What a package! I’d sure enjoy playing the escaped convict and the warden’s wife with her.

  11. The picture tells the tale. The American left is literally the American Taliban, period. Don’t like historical fact? No sweat, eradicate it….. I have to believe the blowback, when it finally arrives, is gonna be biblical.

  12. In some ways, The Festivities are going to be a relief.
    Right now, we have war and rumors of war. We have the Left playing at war. But when the true battlefield comes, I think that our side is the victor. Who else has sent their sons, husbands, and other male relatives to perish in this endless cycle of kill or be killed? The Left has kept their sons in tact: to study, to advance in corporations or academia, and to breed legions more offspring. Our side has seen whole family trees eviscerated from the public square. Silent and mute from any conversation of hope, liberty, or patriotism, they lay in rows, perpetual spectators to any behavior. However, our family trees are towering oaks, full of acorns waiting to burst forth.
    The Left thinks that by destroying our heritage; its symbols, its banter, its soul of a distinguished and rightful nation, that they will win the fight. The fight started while they were congratulating themselves on being the victors. We are prepared with hardened hearts, and watchful eyes. The clock is still ticking, but we know that the hour comes.


      SS: Word +1,000. I just keep adding to my list and buying more ammo.

    • Yup. Got that right Brother.
      They keep picking at the scab of White Western Christian Civilization they will find out the cold brutal truth we are supremacists when it comes to the genocidal threat to our way of life and our existance.
      The cold truth we do BFYTW like nobody else.

  13. alaskapaul

    The tearing down of these monuments in New Orleans is despicable. Like it or not, they are part of our heritage as a nation. The rest is revisionism, like the Chicoms, like the former USSR. Well, New Orleans may think that they have progressed up the ladder with this stunt, but take a look at what New Orleans has become. It is descending into another urban $h!thole. And who is going to bail them out? Look at how they acted and reacted to Hurricane Katrina. Now look how a bunch of nearby residents reacted to the collapse of the I-35 collapse in Minneapolis. Those people risked their lives without asking to help those who were injured in the collapse, and to give comfort and stayed with those that were dying, despite imminent danger to their own lives.

    New Orleans is digging its own grave when they deny their history. That’s the way the cornbread crumbles, that’s the way the whole thing ends.

  14. Old Republic Liberal

    Mtnforge has a point, Antifa is small peanuts. They’re a distraction that’s been proven to be bought and paid for.

    TPTB know there is an economic leveling coming. If they can continue to instigate the dullards to chop each other down in the streets it’ll make it easy to justify sending the military into those streets when .gov can’t pay its bills. Food riots and conservative and commie death squads will make it difficult to organize resistance against the inevitable gov tyranny that will come out of a bond market or dollar collapse.