“Bash The Fash” – AntiFa Propaganda Worth Your Watch

Here; h/t to reader in comments.


1) High-quality production values.

2) Aiming at young people (effectiveness unknown; try it on some test subjects).

3) Uniforms look stupid 99%+ of the time, and are tactically unwise almost as often.

4) Odds of a Team Freedom “Only Good Red Is Dead” counter-prop? Near zero at this time.

5) Did I mention young people willing to act?

33 responses to ““Bash The Fash” – AntiFa Propaganda Worth Your Watch

  1. Here’s those “young people willing to act”:

    Moar, harder, faster, please.

    The committed – once front teeth becomes the ante to participate – will likely dwindle to a small, virulent, violent remnant; and then will be hunted down by TPTB.
    As always.

    And the Antifa chick in the vid?
    Probably ID’ed and outted in detail by /pol/ inside a week or two.

    • Like Dohrn and Ayers, right?

      • Put a bounty on ’em worth claiming……. I got NOTHIN better to do.

      • You have to leave a couple of survivors, to tell the tale.
        I would, of course, consider with properly sanguine glee the hoped-for report that some decades later someone decides to visit them both and balance the ledger.

    • Assholes beating assholes……no one really cares.
      The best course of action is to ignore the assholes. They will go away soon enough, as almost all of them need to be paid to protest.


      Thank you for the photograph of the SLA. When they made the mistake of hanging out in Little Sparta(LAPD jurisdiction), they signed their own death warrant. Their ultimate, spectacular demise was enough to give a lot of their cheerleaders pause.
      I was working in Orange County Jail as a young Deputy Sheriff when it all went down. All of the convicts and wannabes had been giving us the raspberries for weeks ahead of this about how we were “marked for death”. One of my co-workers posted a sign in the booking area which stated LAPD 5, SLA 0. You could have heard a pin drop. The Marxists grew silent.
      Sooner or later, their ANTIFA/BAMN grandchildren will experience what the Spaniards call: La Corrida(sp?)-the moment of truth. That dredlocked bitch got a little taste. Suppressed subsonic rounds can work wonders. Just ask the IDF.

    • Didn’t you want them to STFU? And she was ID’d the next day.

    • And the Antifa chick in the vid?
      Probably ID’ed and outted in deta”il by /pol/ inside a week or two.”

      She was nicknamed “Moldylocks” and was very quickly ID’ed, as you predicted:


  2. Any time they start throwing around “worker’s” this and “people’s” that, you can be sure you’re dealing with fucking communists.

  3. College Guy

    It doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum, if you are not a rabid communist then you must be a fascist.

    They cannot even define what a fascist is, and from a quote of one of their members there on the video, “fascism takes many faces”. In other words, they cannot define it themselves.

    It was a good video, technically speaking, but we don’t need to match that. What are we going to do, take time off from our jobs, armor up, and go fight them?

    Fuck that noise, let them take the field where they may. When it comes to the point of using rifles and tactical superiority, I will enter the fray, assisted by my tribe.

    Normal adults are too busy to worry about creating a video to counteract this one. Besides, I work at a college, and most of the young people there are purely conservative or libertarian.

    Antifa has no sway here in the Southwest. If push came to shove, these kids would be out there beating the shit out of those masked communists.

    Milo spoke here. The students here wanted him to speak, so he did. Antifa didn’t even show up, only a couple of rag head bitches who were ultimately escorted out.

    So, screw these Commies, they have no real influence.

      • College Guy

        And precisely what does that have to do with the price of rice in Albuquerque?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “What are we going to do, take time off from our jobs, armor up, and go fight them?

      Fuck that noise, let them take the field where they may. When it comes to the point of using rifles and tactical superiority, I will enter the fray, assisted by my tribe”

      One problem – what if they win before it gets to the latter point?

      • When you declare victory, be sure to notify the enemy.” – US Army training doctrine back to time out of mind

        For Antifa to achieve anything like victory, blood would first have to be running in the streets to the height of horses’ bridles in this country.
        Long before that day, most of it would be theirs.

        And we’d still have the bare majority of our stored ammo unexpended.
        Antifa is a pothole, not a bridge out.

        The problem is always some statist bastard “not letting a crisis go to waste”.

    • Amateur ruckhumper

      “What are we going to do, take time off from our jobs, armor up, and go fight them?”
      If we don’t, then they win. It’s guerrilla warfare 101, as long as they’re not losing, they’re winning. The longer they go unopposed, the more legitimacy they have.

      Forget about rifles, this isn’t that sort of war yet, and we can’t afford to lose until it becomes that sort.

      Get yer boyz, and when those Antifa gits show up within 300 miles, go an’ krump ’em. Loot their flag, put up a video of you wiping your ass with it.

      The FOAK are doing it. The Proud Boys are doing it. NSM, TWP, LotS, and Identity Evropa are doing it. /pol/ is doing our intel work.

      The war is here.

      The war is now.

      Get to it.

      What are you waiting for? The day they have rifles, too?

  4. College Guy

    Addendum: it may be worth your time to produce a constitutionalist, libertarian, or conservative video.

    But only if you are willing to lay it down on the line. No playing Mr. nice guy, no concessions to anything, and definitely with the threat of violence not being implied, but being implicit.

    My advice? Avoid crowds.

    • Bullshit talks.

      If anyone is that serious, f**k a video.
      That’s just printing intel for the enemy.

      Simply go out a whack a few.
      Lather, rinse, repeat.

      The “threat of violence” is best expressed a la the manner of the cartels to our southwest:
      when someone finds eight heads in a duffel bag, no videos are needed.

      Bonus points if you can make it look like the work of Group B going all “Aloha Snackbar!”, and then sit back and watch TPTB do your work for you.

  5. The danger of this production does not lie in its ability to recruit among snowflakes. The danger lies in the legitimacy it is given among TBTB. Antifa does not directly frighten me, nor does it frighten other right-thinking people. Antifa wilts in our presence.

    The communists may have completed the long-march through America’s liberal institutions, but they neglected to shore-up their influence among those who press. Eventually, honest men will refuse dishonest orders. This event will not be universal, but it will be epoch-making.

    The true threat to your safety and liberty is not Antifa. The greatest threat to the welfare of the American people are the traitors within our own ranks. Complicit cucks, with flags on their shoulders and orders in their hands. They are the people who need to be saved, they are the people who need to be converted and recruited. They are your brothers, your sisters, your fathers, your mothers, and your children. Forgive them, oh LORD, for they know not what they do.

  6. Joker: “How can you shoot women and children?”
    Door Gunner:”Easy. You just don’t lead ’em so much.”

    ……..Full Metal Jacket

    (real life. real answers. harden your heart.)

  7. kay_de_leon

    Serious question- how far did you all get into that? I was about 3 minutes into listening to that skinny-fat parrot before I noticed that I’d rather be driving nails into my dick…

  8. Some Guy in WA

    4) Odds of a Team Freedom “Only Good Red Is Dead” counter-prop? Near zero at this time.

    Good news, everyone!

    Veterans groups – largely made up of Gen X and Y guys – are passing around deliciously violent anti-commie stuff.



    So it’s not super-flashy polished media, as in your example, but is that necessary when you have raw YouTube videos of patriots chasing down commies and knocking the shit out of them, set to music? It’s AUTHENTIC. I know a lot of switched on guys who have recently said, “Hmmm, let’s get together and talk about stuff in our AO, and divvy up intel duties to share.” It’s better than the first year of Obama’s presidency.

    Street fighting = street theater = great propaganda for many portions of the masses. People want to WIN.

  9. Sir Lord Baltimore

    Check this out. The John Brown Gun Club in Phoenix. More food for thought. Definitely something to ponder. Seems as if the “Anti-Facists?!?” (or whatever they feel like calling themselves…xerselves?) also suffer from the same lack of PT as everyone else in these formerly United States. Guess you don’t need to do an 8 minute mile to pull a trigger though.

    • That only works when you can drive where you’re going.
      Once you can’t, it just leaves your group as a supply point for fitter predators.
      Those fat bodies are going to equip an MS-13 gang, once a couple pipe-cracking cholos infiltrate them, and whack the lot at their next range day.

      • Sir Lord Baltimore

        I do not disagree with your assessment. However, these dipshits will remain a danger to you and yours should they still possess the requisite bioelectrical impulses needed to pull a trigger. Firearms are a great equalizer. Even if possessed by out of shape morons. Ultimately you are correct. These fools will end up as the cabin boys of the Reconquesta.

  10. Truth Corps

    There will be Antifa in New Orleans to celebrate removal of Confederate monuments this weekend. Local resistance will be there to oppose tyranny & communism.

  11. Visual stuff persuades much better than logical arguments.
    Our enemies know this….

  12. That’s a cute bat, antifaG. Can you deflect bullets with it?……. See you faggots in a reticle, real soon, hopefully…