Codrea: Vanderboegh Family Update

H/t Kenny for this update from David.

Please help if you can.

10 responses to “Codrea: Vanderboegh Family Update

  1. PGT Beauregard

    Good to get an update. Mike’s passing was a huge loss for the cause of freedom in this country. And I was more than a little disappointed on how quickly his son pulled the plug on Sipsey Street.

    Maybe its telling that Mikes gravestone doesnt mention his offspring…

    In any event, Fortune Favors the Bold, and we can all learn a lot from reviewing the Sipsey Street archives.

  2. Hope this helps:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  3. So sad, this is like a Greek Tragedy in real time. No wonder his son stopped Sipsey Street, as I imagine that he could not handle anymore pain. I will pray for this family, as they deserve some peace and prosperity.

  4. I feel sorry for his wife. Cancer sucks. I am amused that even in death he is still trying to put his hand in other peoples pockets and get everyone else to pay his bills. Even though he was just as big a con man and cockroach as Kerodin (not his real name) AND Kerodins one time partner. The grift still go’s on for Vanderoegh. I guess his greed was smaller and his bullshit better so fewer caught on to his con. But I for one refuse to forget that his “ideals” never stopped him from begging , Mooching, leaching off others, collecting every kind of federal and state welfare and collecting untold amounts of other peoples money in “Pre-pays” for a book that does not exist and probably never did. Mike was an ASSHOLE , a con man,welfare leach and utter phony, and the “freefor” are infinitely better off with his nasty ass dead. And yes before you start flaming. I did meet “Mike”.(twice) I consider him to be one of the most worthless and phony blowhards I ever met. A scam ARTIST to the bone. His Karma got him in the end and he at least, deserved it.

    • Strange, I only met him once. It was when I contacted him blindly and asked if he could make another stop on his trip to Oregon. He accepted immediately and didn’t ask a single thing of me or anyone who showed up at our rally. Doesn’t sound much like a grifter to me. Maybe you should take other’s experiences into account before you besmirch the man’s reputation in death.

    • POd American

      I hosted Mike at my house twice when he made his last trip to Westcliffe, since my place is approximately 1/2 way between his house and his destination. I contacted him out of the blue (never met him before, but read Sipsey) and offered to put him up both ways. He literally asked for nothing either time…didn’t really want to eat because he was feeling so poorly. I made soup for him both times so that he would at least eat something.

      Using your sad and twisted logic, I guess since “I” offered and “he” accepted, in your mind this makes him a leach and asshole. I am looking forward to your next excrement filled essay describing what a monster douche bag TL Davis is.

      I fully subscribe to the idea that everyone should be able to speak his mind, so here goes my two ducats: You’re just a vindictive person…without the vin and they tive.

    • Grey Ghost

      Hey RAY… FOAD.

    • Randolph Scott

      Well Ray, I won’t be as nice as these other two gentlemen were. Ray, you are a real cocksucker to write the things you did about a man in his grave. I hope you never ever have a good nights sleep, that each and every day of yoru miserable life you are constantly looking over your shoulder to see if someone is about to club you, that at least twice every day you shit your pants and are too stupid to clean yourself. I hope nothing good ever happens to you.

      Adios Ray, you don’t really have many friends because they know what type of leech you are.

  5. All of us should be forever in Mike’s debt, especially for posting things like this:
    That should be required reading every May day.