Denninger: Maybe The Snowflakes Are Right?

Hard questions.

With no good answers.

24 responses to “Denninger: Maybe The Snowflakes Are Right?

  1. What if they’re right? What if they’re choice to sit at home into their twenties and accept less because older adults have rigged the system and jacked the prices up?

    If that’s so, then why aren’t they going to trade school? Electricians, mechanics, welders, plumbers, carpenters, roofers… They make a living. They’re not rich, but they can pay their bills if they live smart, and it’s an much needed, important, honest living. How about the military? Heck, nursing school is two years, $7,000 in the Southeast, AND you can work full time as a tech in the hospital to pay for it while you go (they set up the program like that). Firemen, cops and paramedics eat.

    Just because that graphic design or liberal arts degree is too much for mommy and daddy to pay for doesn’t mean you’re out of options and get to blame other generations for how useless you are.

    If all else fails, get a cheap A.A. at the local community college and then get your realtor license. It’s where the liberal arts majors end up anyway, and every realtor I know likes the job AND pays their rent.

  2. Trade schools fell into that 500% scam as well. Many building trades are taught through unions, which are nearly impossible to get into their apprenticeship programs.

    Don’t forget, “gen X’ers” and “millenials” are superseded by illegal aliens most of the time. Every worthwhile vocation requires four years of school and then the business managers tell people they need more school to get out of poverty.

    Some GX&M’s have their CDL core driving big rigs. Blue collar is gaining respectability again. Nursing and medical fields are saturated, besides being inundated with an overwhelming number of foreign nationals with barely passable English.

    Real Estate is also a saturated vocation, up there with lawyers and paralegals, accountants and widget adjusters.

    Half of my National Guard soldiers are millenials and Gen-X’ers. I listen to them and encourage them to confide in me. Revealing.

    • Grenadier1

      I know some young men in their early 20’s (sons of my friends). They are trade school students. The kids I know going to Big schools are all nieces and they are all special snowflakes who plan to go into “edumuhcation”.
      My son is planning on trade school as well.
      Our kids reap the results of the bullshite that we sowed.

      • Have him check out being a lineman if he doesn’t mind heights, hard work outdoors, and working lots of overtime…There is so much work out there right now with some guys making 30 to 40k a month…If any of you have sons that need info let me know…

    • Soapweed

      Trekker: As a former member of the trades: fitter, electrical, and chiller mechanic, it seems to me that you tube is actually giving apprenticeship a run for the money and it has the flexibility of demonstrating the newest way to skin the cat……

  3. CDL for driving big rigs…(damn auto-incorrect)

  4. I don’t see to many millenials sitting around, sponging off their parents. What I see is millenials learning trades, but still having a hard time making it in life. I see families where their life resembles more the Mexicans or clans. Several adults, one house, many and varied skills all working together to live well.

    • That is exactly what I see. But then, when I was growing up, that wasn’t a necessity. When I was growing up, Mom didn’t HAVE to work to make ends meet. But then again, today’s Federal Reserve Note, backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the Magic Unicorn, doesn’t buy what it used to either.

  5. Cry me a river you lazy pukes. I don’t know anyone that did not have a hard time starting out there life. Get off your ass get some kind of education. Move the hell into what ever you can afford and work your way up. You cannot start at the top and your parents worked there whole life to have it as nice as they do now. You expect to live like your parents starting out and it does not work that way. The first place I lived in was in Idaho without heat. Suck it up.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, in a lot of areas, there are no starter jobs available anymore. It can be tough to get work if you haven’t had work.

  6. TheBohunk

    Cue the Old Economy Steve memes

    • LMAO. Starting at the “bottom” isn’t what it used to be anymore. My father, due to a work injury that nearly cost him his foot, had to re-start at the bottom with 3 kids and a wife. Money does NOT buy what it used to. My mother never worked a day in her life outside the home. We managed, and fairly well.

  7. In 2008 there was a shove down. It’s effects hadn’t fully resonated due to the magnitude of the move. I wonder when it will become clearer that the folks who are running the fiat debt fire hose are actually not firemen and are spraying burn juice instead of water.

    (PS-burn juice is actually wonderful stuff when mixed and used appropriately)

  8. FrozenPatriot

    I don’t buy it. There’s never been a time in human history in which it has been easier to learn a new skill/trade/profession by sitting in front of YouTube or taking free online classes. All it takes is ambition and that’s what’s fundamentally missing and the hardest to develop/instill. Sleeping in mom’s basement is EASY and that’s why they do it. It’s the mindless path of least resistance, not some wisely considered life strategy or schemed FU to their elders.

    • oughtsix

      For the vast majority, that is exactly true.

      • oughtsix

        Oh, and I believe I mentioned somewhere close by that pot mutes/diminishes/excuses ambition and initiative and is enervating as well.

  9. Get off your ass and do something, even if it’s wrong!

  10. I like to poke fun at the snowflakes as much as the next guy, but most of these kids were screwed over by their
    helicoptor parents. These kids grew up having every waking minute of their lives planned and scheduled for them in advance. They never learned how to take initiative and how to become “self starters” for lack of a better term. I have friends with kids who are constantly running them from one activity to another. Soccer, basketball, softball, music lessons. All of that in addition to 8+ hours obdediance training in the government schools. All structured and planned for them well in advance. It’s no wonder they can’t think for themselves.

    As for why they didn’t go into the trades, there are many over-paid assholes in the government schools called guidance counselors who stuff these kids’ heads with a bunch of tripe about that being work for dullards. Those
    assholes their parents didn’t do them any favors on being ready to handle adulthood.

  11. revjen45

    Our son moved back in with us while he went to a community college welding program. Now he has a job he likes, enough $ to live on (I fear his collection of vintage Ferraris will never be completed though), and no debt from a useless excuse for an “education.” When SHTF the
    snowflakes with a doctorate in Early Italian Renaissance Finger Painting and a minor in Nose Picking will be SOL, while the people who actually have useful skills can make a living. My degree is Professional Gunsmithing so if it goes down before I check out I can trade work for eggs or potatoes.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Historically speaking, when the shit hits the fan, all those doctorates will join the new version of the NKVD/KGB/SS/what have you. Some will be casualties, but many will do quite well for themselves.

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  13. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “You can’t force people to work, you know.”

    We respectfully disagree.
    – Staffs of the Gulags, Arbeitslagers, Laogai, etc.