K Blog: Nye Goes Full Retard

Hitting bottom.

And not in a S&M submissive way.

The right message, indeed.

30 responses to “K Blog: Nye Goes Full Retard

  1. Anonymous

    Vaginas have voices too.

    • wendystringer48088

      Well, there is the spoken work series called the “The Vagina Monologues” that are a series of spoken word performances that cover just about everything that can happen to it or be experienced with it.
      But as with locker room talk amongst guys, it is really intended for a select audience who understand the subject matter and the context. Out of context it is nasty and vuger.
      The problem with modern media is they want to take the nasty and vulger and make it commonplace. This I think breaks down the standards of common decency and results in this freedom of sexual and alternative lifestyles expression period, instead of liberating us and making us all more free and loving towards each other, actually sets the stage for the extreme nasty behavior that comes with the breakdown and collapse stage of society.

      • Oh yes, now I remember that feminista caterwauling…aka lesbo rap..just as asshat stupid as the negro version!

        Interesting that when the feministas performed it in public on the statehouse steps in Michigan in 2012, the DIDN’T dare perform “The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could”…might have had something to do with the fact that they would have been arrested for displaying “child molestation” (the piece is about an older lesbo getting a little girl drunk and having her way with her yo save her from the world of men). Feminista groups are very careful of whom and where they perform the piece to.

        Here it is below so you can see what they’re up to (be warned its not good – but like collectivism, one has to know the enemy to understand why the enemy is evil):

        The Little coochie snorcher that could (text)

        Vagina Monologues on the Michigan Statehouse Steps

        Such ‘womyn’ should be airdropped head first onto the kabba!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

  2. POd American

    Sorry, I couldn’t get past the one that gave a Smurf a BJ.

  3. Grey Ghost

    Nye has always been a retard.

    Grey Ghost

    • Second that. And full of shit when it comes to what he considers “science”.

  4. Anonymous

    For anyone not up to speed.

    This is Western Civilization jumping the shark:

  5. Confederate miner

    Well I think we can quit waiting on God’s permission to do what needs to be done.

    • oughtsix

      That is an apt description for the delayed response, one way or another, and high time to lay it aside.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Doesn’t God help those who help themselves?



  7. Blackdog

    What a cunt of a man.

  8. Detroit III

    Who cares?

    It’s.like caring where a homeless guy tool a dump last night.

    Post some good stuff.

  9. Wow. WTF was that?

  10. Let’s not forget the teeth! Nye was educated in a Quaker school in DC where his daddy worked, he got a degree in mechanical engineering but ‘left’ his first job at Boeing to become a comedy writer. I believe that the man is an incredible perv and that Soros put him in Netflix for the sole purpose of Cultural Marxism

  11. Randolph Scott

    WTF is going on there. That crew needs exterminated before they can breed others like themselves.

  12. wendystringer48088

    I couldn’t watch it all. I had to keep skipping forward to watch it all in short hops. I am guessing it was supossed to be Bill Nye the science guy’s message on human sexuality that was supposed to be funny and hip, but it’s not. I get the sense we are are in the extreme decadence stage were society at large is consumed totally with all kinds of silliness as a form of escapism just before the wheels come off and the sudden collapse happens.

  13. Nye’s dumber than a bucket o’ shit, just like anybody that believes we’re gonna vote our way outta this goatfuck….

  14. Z of Doom

    Made it to the 2nd line of the “song”. Shouldn’t have tried to watch it over breakfast. Big mistake.

  15. This type of moral depravity is directly tied into all of our other problems as a society. Degeneracy and degenerates directly feed into the refugees/BLM/Antifa hivemind. The recent mass doxxing of Antifa members revealed that a huge number of them were some kind of degenerate pervert, be it porn, faggotry, or weird fetish stuff. Our own weakness to perversion and our flouting of God’s Law (or natural law, if you prefer) is the root cause of all our problems. Musloid and Aztec criminal invasion is a symptom, not the disease. The Jews get the blame for most of this, and there is some truth in that, they control almost the entire porn industry and led the feminist and gay “rights” movements, but the merchant cannot force you to buy his products.

    “A nation has the jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can only thrive and breed in swamps, the jew can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.” ~Corneliu Codreanu

    • This is a frequent argument among those of us on the Alt Right. A small part of the alt right and nearly all of the “alt lite” simply want a safe place free of criminals and illegals where they can shove things up their asses and masturbate to cartoon dickgirls in peace with no angry brown people to disturb them. A “whites only” bath house is not the answer.

      • Can you point to some specific examples of that?

        • Milo/Gavin McInnes. It’s more an alt lite problem, but the normies lump us all together. The “da mooslims are gonna destroy our society by ending fags and strong independent women” retards. They are either too stupid or cowardly to see that feminists and fags (really our tolerance of the two, as they couldn’t exist if we didn’t allow them to) are a root cause of the muslim invasion.

  16. robroysimmons

    I doubt Nye believes much of this, he is disturbed idiot just repeating what other people are saying all in the hopes of upsetting normies and triggering those to his right into the usual OUTRAGE.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course he doesn’t believe that shit – few of them actually do. It’s simply a tactic. And he’s nothing more than a shill who’s willing for the shilling.

  17. Soros did it