Lind: The End Of The Trump Administration

(Via Curtis; go and read everything he has up today)

At least the one that campaigned (barely) successfully in 2016.

When El Rushbo is asking this question, it’s time to start burning the files.

And so it goes….

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  1. Every so often I tune in to Hush Bimbo to hear the calls and the dittoheads are angry. The enemies are losing the infowar but they can’t understand why the genie won’t go back in the bottle. I’m glad Trumpenthal (trademark Haxo) fell so fast as a protracted honeymoon would have thrown a wet blanket over dissent.

    • Well said, thank you.

    • and by the same token, it is not “the End of the Trump administration”. It’s precisely what he intended all along. Populist mask on, Populist mask off. During the “campaign” I must have pointed out a hundred times on a hundred different sites that Trump and Schumer were longtime best-of-friends, personally and politically; that Trump was thief-thick with the (((banksters))); that he was Mr. “I Love Israel”; and so on. Now, only the daily mock-battles with “the media” remain. And these just to distract the White suckers who voted for Trump from the fact that he has betrayed them on almost every issue.

    • I keep looking at this map.
      I’ll bet the statist and status quo are looking at it too:

      • I’ll answer the question – Trump supporters aka worshipers of State.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Maps can be deceiving, though. The commies in the USSR and the Nazis in Germany didn’t number all that many, yet they *easily* controlled both nations. Here, the collectivists have far greater numbers, and mostly control the levers of power.

  2. Gunderson

    Where is Jon Corzine?

    • John Corzine is eating a Kobe beef tenderloin cheeseburger smothered in pate’ foie gras and Beluga caviar. John is sitting in a hot tub filled with heavy cream sipping Louis Roederer Cristal. Six magnificent,perfectly sculpted naked nymphomaniacs catering to his every whim.His life sucks and he feels really bad that you don’t like him.He said in a recent interview, “I am intrigued with Ann Barnhardt.”

  3. Pence: “arsenal of democracy” ??? LOL

    Pure BS. Does that arsenal include inop O2 systems on F-22s? Arsenal of overpriced toys to bully 3rd world regimes and support the soon-to-be TU petro$$ and the stinking (((Banksters))) who run the mil-Corpps is more like it.

    What good are shiny toys operated by fools against novel pandemics flooding in across no-Borders ? As we continue our national program of Infanticide, who’ll run the shiny toys ? Dimwits at EPA ? They think that the DOD can operate on algae-derived fuels . And continued BongoCare will keep the peasants healthy … healthier anyway than vets struggling with VA-care.

    Arsenal of democracy my butt

  4. (((Cohencidence)))

  5. Cold War Corpsman

    I am so glad I bailed on the Republican Party during the election. But I tried, oh so hard, to believe in and support Donald Trump. And he has not fulfilled, nor attempted to fulfill, nor given me any hope he will fulfill any promise that caused me to vote for him. I did not vote for his daughter, or his son-in-law or Israel. Fuck it. I’m done. Done carrying Trump’s water. Done carrying Israel’s water. I am America, I am the living Israel and I am fucking done. To those that saw this coming and I refused to listen to, you have my profund and humblest apologies.

  6. dumpkaine

    I’m glad I didn’t stop training. If it’s too good to be true, it is.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If “the jews” are celebrating a coup against Trump, that would kind of destroy the whole “He was down with (((them))) all along” thing that some have been stating.

  7. Grey Ghost

    TINVOWOOT. Maybe now all the Trump voters will see the light but probably not. Soooo be sure to buy more ammo it seems to be a bit cheaper just now, besides there is no such thing as having too much. Buy low and sell high.

    Grey Ghost

  8. Rush rolls in dough no matter who is president. He will also get behind any GOP nominee when it comes down to it.

    The dittoheads will just be one of the many who get jumped by the baristas and sandwich artists the left while they keep convincing themselves that voting the bums out will actually work next time around.

  9. Zucchini


  10. If illegal aliens voted overwhelmingly for repuglikans, obama would have had 10,000 bulldozers on the wall project his first day in office. obama easily found $150,000,000,000 to give to Iran, and the wall would
    cost max 50,000,000,000, less than a third of that.

  11. The deep state strikes back. When Trump got to the White house, he found the deep state republicans had the power to stop his entire agenda. And they did. Where as Obama had his entire cabinet in place within a day of taking the oath, the republican controlled senate took a month to give Trump his cabinet, thus destroying his first 100 days. The deep state republicans stopped all funding for any control of the border. These same republicans also funded the massive transfer of 3rd world indigents into our country. The budget has never been controlled by a 60 vote filibuster.
    The one place Trump could truly act alone was ICE. He had the law on his side and he has wrecked havoc among the criminal illegals. Within 24 hours of his taking the oath, there was a huge decrease in illegal border crossings, which to be honest, reduced the need for a long wall.
    I see Trump (and Putin) gaining huge power soon as Europe descends into horrific chaos because of the out of control immigration. The deep state will die as Europe dies.

  12. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Remember the Ronaldus Magnus era “ketchup is a vegetable” line? Here’s the Donaldus Magnus Imperator version.:

    And then there’s this.:

    Interesting how nothing 2A related’s on that list despite what DMI’s been saying every now & then to selected audiences that’ll reliably whoop & holler w/ glee @ being remembered, but then the above did say said list was incomplete & so the 2A stuff’ll just have to wait its turn until ‘more urgent matters’ (like bux, babies, & bombs) are addressed……same as it ever was. However, the opposition’s not waiting around for DMI to keep His word & is making a pre-emptive move.:

    And it appears that many Americans aren’t waiting either.:

  13. Listen to me all you guys. We are loosing the forest for the trees. Missing something more important than any of the topics we are all discussing.
    What we are missing is a catalogue of truths that add up to something that has completely thrown the PTB for a loop.

    First I got this sneaking suspicion none of us are able to predict where this is all going. What causes me to say that is Trump was The Great Fuck You of us dirt people, was there really any other reason he got elected in the first place? And because the guy probably has a couple hole cards nobody suspects, because he isn’t a total fool, because all things aside he is a leader of successful business’s, because the various oligarchies and regimes within regimes are each vying for the corpse of America, because the fiat bomb is running out it’s timer, because the lefttards are setting up a shadow presidency as we speak, (listen to their words, they have maintained Trump is not the “legal” president, and they are beginning to talk like they are still in power), because The Great Fuck You party of the dirt people is turning into “The I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” party, because the deep state whatever it is and everyone else who is fighting everyone else for the power to rule over us has been disrupted by Trump, because The Great Fuck You has deeply disrupted the steady state universe of the PTB, because the uprising of dirt people land who went against political conventions and outvoted the margin of vote fraud and put Trump in the white house, he is a disabling factor with unintended consequences no one, and I’m saying literally no one, can see until those unknown unknowns begin to show up.

    So there’s that “crazy whacky water weasel!” dynamic.

    Listen closely, we all are giving ourselves, us dirt people are giving ourselves short shrift here.
    All the bitching aside about Trump, we all who had a lick of sense always knew in our heart of hearts it was a fools hope Trump would or could effect positive change in regards us dirt people through the process of republican form of government. It would at best be like pissing into the wind. Who here truly thought otherwise, right? So it is really no big deal what happens. We gave the sonofabitches the finger, now we have to go to the next level. How is that such a bad thing? We really put it the fuckers on November 8th. It is no small thing, we really gave the PTB a mind job. They couldn’t believe it. Believe not only we picked who we wanted, but we won. Think about it. Thats a whole hell of a lot more than us dirt people have managed to do as a plurality of true American’s have done in a long time, we defied the sonofabitches. And man have they been pulling out the stops to stop. What they are fundamentally doing is trying to stop the insurgent results of us dirt people. Which is when you get down to the crux of it all is they are trying to stop us. Remember, for good or bad, Trump would never had a chance without us dirt people putting him in office through our collective fuck you to the PTB with our vote. But what is also great about Trump as POTUS, is the weasels have to show us who they are now, something they have carefully controlled for a long time because they have always selected who we get to vote for, every candidate they allow us to vote for is their choice for continuity of regime.
    Trump getting in was a total black swan.
    Be all that as it may, so far, and regardless of what transpires in the future, it is very important to look at events with a different perspective. Because, everything in the PTB world was turned on it’s head 11/8/16.

    Forget Trump the man, his promises and stated goals, forget the vested interests of the various players and actors in play.
    What you got to look at is what happened in the run up to, and the electoral results, which put the most unlikely man possible in the white house, was a repudiation of the entire status and statist quo by us dirt people. It was literally swatting a hornets with a stick, because it was an insurgent event that took the entire oligarchy by surprise, it isn’t Trump who threw the monkey wrench in the works, it was us dirt people who voted to throw a monkey wrench in the works.

    In amongst all this bullshit going down, we still got guns, lots of guns. It is a big factor, and I’ll bet a right nut after 11/8/16, it is an even larger factor.
    Anyone can say whatever they want about the subject of the armed citizen, the basic truth is there is one incredible quantity of guns out in dirt people land, and the sonofabitches who comprise the powers that be are cognizant of that fact.
    Can they take the chance of pushing us dirt people to the next stage?
    That’s the 64 million dollar question.

    And if you aren’t been listening to Alt-Right and it’s relatives Hard-Right, Men of The West, 4channel and it’s relatives, your ignoring a latent power that has within it the ability to bring down the entire construct of the State as we know it. Add in the dirt people and their motive power, the powers that be must tread carefully. And that is what they are doing. It is a soft coup they are waging on Trump, a subtle coup, they are using kid gloves and the your my buddy approach with Trump and his original insurgency tribe that ran his campaign. Even Trumps daughter is in on the soft coup.

    Anything can happen now. The days of the iron fist on controlling the narrative and public front, a regimen of crisis as a means and all that entails we have had to put up with of the last 32 years, has been pleasantly absent. That is in itself a huge change.

    We are entering the 6th stage of The Great Fuck You, aka the BFYTW stage. A war thats been a low intensity conflict for a long long time.
    Because Fuck You Thats Why is the last stage.
    That is what is happening. Everyone, all the sides in this conflict have each reached BFYTW.
    But nobody owns BFYTW like us dirt people. Nobody does BFYTW like us dirt people. We do BFYTW like nobodies business.

    BFYTW, you can feel it, right?
    Seriously, down in your bones. The outcome so far, nothing has changed in congress, the media, the left, they all have doubled down and have no intension of honoring the will of the governed, beyond any shadow of a doubt.
    Thats all we need to know.
    Everything else is inconsequential to that.
    Get right with it. Thats the imperative.
    Get right with it, your mission becomes crystal clear.

    What happened was not “There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This”, “We Voted Our Way Into This”.

    Look at this below. Are the 6 Stages not evident?
    Considering events, who we are, are there any other stages?

    • Jim Klein

      >>> Trump was The Great Fuck You of us dirt people, was there really any other reason he got elected in the first place? <<>> …was a repudiation of the entire status and statist quo by us dirt people. <<<

      Yes and no. Yes they were standing up against *something* but no, most of them were not standing for the sort of principles that you focus upon. OTOH they gotta take one step before they take two.

      Your comment was a nearly perfect analysis IMO.

    • Jim Klein

      [Damn, that’s twice the first part of a reply got cut]

      >>> Trump was The Great Fuck You of us dirt people, was there really any other reason he got elected in the first place? <<<

      No. That's the odd thing about it…for most, they don't even realize it themselves. It's remarkable, or maybe it's cuz they don't want to admit the power they have. For a lot of folk, anything is better than facing responsibility.

  14. This Bullshit continues because WE allow it.
    “Voting” wont stop it,
    Writing/Calling/Emailing “your congressman” wont stop it.

    Hangings & Lead will. And no, waiting for the next “R” to get in will not make anything better.

    Or we can all just continue to sit around chatting on IRC and posting on Forums while the powers that be continue to build strength and suppress the subjects. I bet I know the result.

  15. Joy Kajan

    What Americans need to prepare for is the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 because it crosses the country from west to east…some serious events are on the horizon…and from an astrological standpoint the eclipse opposes the U.S. Moon, which means the people will be hugely and emotionally impacted, probably because the eclipse strikes the Ascendant and natal Mars of the president, meaning his health will be affected…bigly. It is time to circle the wagons and be on guard.

    • “because it crosses the country from west to east”

      You were maybe expecting the Earth to start rotating the opposite direction?

      Astrology. The Bill Nye of stargazing.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        If that happens, we have bigger problems to deal with than the gummint.