PHS: How Pot Smokers In Seattle Taught Team Freedom Some Recruiting Tips

The latest from the Patrick Henry Society.

Unless you think a bunch of grandpas clicking on keyboards while self-medicating and arguing with each other is working.

Then just carry on.

46 responses to “PHS: How Pot Smokers In Seattle Taught Team Freedom Some Recruiting Tips

  1. My takeaway is that there are still people that can be turned, problematically time is short. As we angry old men die off, the will to fight and die for this cause goes with us. No one is coming to save your children but you. We are it.

    “Among the provisions Leahy worked to kill was language that would have greatly restricted access to abortion services. Other provisions would have restricted travel and economic activity with Cuba, overturned a study on the gender wage gap and defunded the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — a Wall Street watchdog founded by U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., after the 2008 financial crash. The bill also retains funding for Planned Parenthood, despite efforts by conservatives to kill it.”

    4D Underwater chess at it’s very finest.

    • Some Guy in WA

      The cause has changed, as the shift in comments has clearly shown. I’ve been reading here for nearly ten years. Can you feel it, coming in the air tonight? Abstract “liberty” has been replaced with a fight to the death to prevent the people, from which the concept of liberty sprang, from being wiped off the face of the earth. Part and parcel with the elimination of our liberties, across the world. Who’d have thunk it?

      Indeed, if you have not been training up younger generations, you may not have descendants to resurrect the concept of human rights once we have a little breathing room.

    • Angry old men? Brother, I’m 31. Don’t worry, we’ll be here after you die, and we’ll make sure someone is here after we die too.

      • Brother, I’ll be 67 this year. I’ll make my death count. I owe that not only to you but my father as well. 82nd Airborne WW II. Died 2015 at age 94. Me? 5th Marines VN ’70-’71. Just pickin’ my spot bro.

  2. “Unless you think a bunch of grandpas clicking on keyboards while self-medicating and arguing with each other is working.”

    But but but they vote and pay their taxes.

    • Who exactly are you making fun of? Go ahead and tell us so that they can be alienated from our side. That’s what we need.

    • Randolph 'dont fuck with me' Scott

      Best not be talking about me pal. At 67 I feel very confident that I have enough tricks, strength and the will to take care of several of the likes of you. Up close abd very personal or at 350 yds.
      ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿

  3. “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing.”
    –Andy Dufresne, Shawshank Redemption

    ~In the absence of hope you can crack some skallz.~
    –gs, 2099

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it.”
      – Margaret Weis

  4. alcohol makes you reckless.

    pot makes you think.

    any wonder why pot is illegal?

    fuck the poLICE.
    fuck the gubbermint.

    • Hee… This police officer and wife was probably a newbee and
      had not built up tolarance:

      So if anyone wants to use that “smokem piecepipe,” they
      better NOT be newbee’s

      • took a friend the the ER one night. too many “muffins”. the dude at the admissions desk had a hard time not laughing.,

        • What were the presenting symptoms? As an old dirt weed smoker many moons ago, your lungs would give out before you got anywhere scary.

          • Not when you eat it, and the current strains are orders of magnitude more potent than the scraggy Mexican shit from the ’60s and ’70s.

            Nota bene that neither the FDA nor USDA certifies what’s inside, nor what else may be in the mix.
            This is how you know it’s neither food nor pharmaceutical.
            Just an interest group with a revenue base.

          • Hillbilly

            My sister went blind once from smoking pot. Yeah it was terrible she was crying and everything, cause she worked at the E.R. and thought she was going to have to deal with her co-workers. But just then her husband said Debi! open your eyes…. Long term effect too, she’s 66 and now needs reading glass’s.

          • Randolph Scott

            The weed of the 21st century is about 300 times as better(more powerful) that the shit we smoked in the 60’s. Close to what the O’jays were in VN. If you try it go slow.

    • oughtsix

      “…pot makes you think.”

      That is one of the more stupid things you’ve ever written here, and that’s saying something.

      Before you call me names in your usual third grade manner, I have grown and smoked more very high grade pot (30 – 40 and more years ago) when it was a revolutionary and dangerous thing to do – guerilla farming, dodging cops and rip offs, and paying the price. I have seen the effects of daily pot use on countless others (all my friends and acquaintances at the time).

      Pot does “liberate” the mind to an extent but it takes a disciplined intellect and judicious limited use to make much use of it. Most simply conclude that nothing much matters and that “gettin’ all uptight Man” (actually caring about anything) is for squares. Most pot heads simply get all “laid back” which was and is a euphemism and an excuse for being lazy and unmotivated.

      Pot confers and enhances sensual pleasures/feelings more than “thinking” by orders of magnitude. Feelings enhanced or exaggerated can be anything, good or bad… from hysterical laughing at the most banal remarks/situations/events to serious paranoia and depression, especially with prolonged daily use. I could extend and develop these comments at great length but you won’t do a thing but fling monkey shit in my general direction, and I write for the rest of our fellows who may not have had the experience or perspective.

      With the passivity and ennui pot engenders, it amazes me that the ptb have taken this long to get around to legalizing it. Let ’em have their pot and there will never be much serious resistance from that quarter.

    • Hillbilly

      This may be the only thing we have ever agreed upon.

  5. Most west coast states citizens can legally grow cannibis. I certainly do, my legal limit plus 20. Don’t smoke it, I give it to angry old men and women Behind those key boards, you know the ones paying their taxes and voting.

    The ones who came home all fucked up, from some corporate war someplace in the world. The ones who can’t afford medicine, and been denied by the VA.

    I’d be happy to ” donate” an “Oregon Ounce” to the cause. An Oregon ounce is un officially described as a one pound plastic baggy filled to the brim, with flowers/bud, usually weighs in at just over a pound, maybe one and a half pounds.

    We here in Southern Oregon like to keep things simple, and round weights down to meet statory rules.

    The gardening is therapeutic as well. Which is why I do it.

    Unfortunately by getting smoked up, sitting around singing kombyya with those fascists, only kicks the “tee time” further down the road.


    • As someone who used to smoke pot on a regular basis (and stare at a blacklight poster of Jimi Hendrix for an hour), I can confirm that it does indeed destroy motivation. I also got fat(ter) from all the pizza. Been fighting that ever since.

      • kay_de_leon

        You stared at a blacklight poster for an hour, I built houses, fixed cars and boats, and did a lot of reading.

        Some people can have a few drinks and be social, others let out years of repressed hatred out on their boss at a company party.

        Not many things in life are one size fits all..


      Dirk: It not only kicks the “tee time” further down the road, it takes away the tee. If you’re walking around half-bombed most days, where’s your initiative to do anything? I have posted before about my 30+ years as a Peace Officer in SoCal. Part of that time was spent U/C buying dope of all kinds. Pot smokers are mellow people, but their brains tend to be very wasted after a while. And back then(the ’70’s), the product was not as powerful as it is today.
      If I still lived in Curry County, I would be following the same path as you are now. Business is business. But we all need to keep in mind what chronic substance abuse can do to people. When Colorado passed their pot laws, enrollment at their colleges and universities jumped 30% statewide. People half in the bag all the time can be very easily led. it’s a two-edged sword.

      • Hillbilly

        What if you’re not walking around stoned, what if you are like me I only smoke two maybe three times a week, at night after all my shits done. Kind of like the way responsible people drink? Please don’t put the label 24-7 pot-head on everyone, we outgrew that shit 30 years ago.

  6. I really liked the point of showing up super early, literally owning space and numbers, so that the Communists are forced into 2-3 people. What an excellent idea! Mob numbers lead to mob mentality, but the reverse is also true. I don’t smoke either, but I would have a beer.

  7. Billions of puppies

    “The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you’re already dead.”

    Plus all these billions on youngsters, ie the majority, have or will have a different perspective than yours.

    Everyone’s perspective is going to change the next 30 years. 10 billion.

  8. Oregon Hobo

    Sociopaths are commonly estimated to comprise 3~5% of the population. Everyone else has the potential to be turned. …And turning one of the enemy is vastly better than killing or disabling one of them.

    1) When we turn someone to our side, not only does the enemy lose a footsoldier, but we gain one.

    2) I’ve noticed that those who’ve really seen and experienced the deep left before defecting tend to be the most passionate, energetic, and insightful opponents of the left.

    3) Deserters are far more damaging to enemy morale than martyrs.

    4) Whoever owns the colleges and universities owns the future. Taking over post-secondary education was by far the single most strategically effective thing the left ever did. If we don’t take it back, we will lose, period.


  9. Rules for Radicals, seems many are being trolled by them

  10. State of the art facilities are being erected utilizing all organic supplements and methods. Primo,clean marijuana is being grown by retired people who don’t even smoke the shit.The chocolate mint aroma of the grow facilities is extremely pleasant. Everything is recycled,re-used and very little waste is produced.Mom and Pop grow operations are thriving.The therapeutic gardening is wonderful.Alcohol still remains the #1 destroyer of lives We will see what the advent of quality pot at an affordable price will sow. There is a time and place for weed. Driving a bus full of nuns and kids is not the job for a hard-core stoner. A stoners job is to wave a sign on the sidewalk.

  11. Get out to one of these protest events. If heads need to be punched in defense, then by all means, punch those heads. But if the opportunity comes where you can have a talk, then please have a talk. At worst, you’ll collect some intelligence on their mindset. At best, you could end up turning one of them away from AntiFa and toward Liberty.

  12. I tried pot at 55 for the first time ok but had two mini blackouts 1-2 seconds fell flat on my kisser
    that was it never again

    • Hillbilly

      Steve, I’m only telling you this cause yawl might not know. Never ever drink an 8oz glass of 190 proof moonshine straight down. Same thing will happen but you might not get up from it. Fact no-one ever died/OD’d from pot.

  13. Walter Sobchak

    Regardless of whether one is pro or anti pot, I think that less laws and more freedom is a good thing. So while the author doesn’t advocate promoting pot to recruit for FREEFOR, making the opposition aware that we believe in allowing folks the liberty to make the choice to smoke themselves might go a long ways to convince them we are not so different. The article ends with both sides in defiance of the poLICE so that’s something. Here in my AO in the Midwest there is hardly anything to speak of in terms of antifa or commies, and I’ve been looking. There are a hell of a lot of people with caps/shirts/flags/stickers with 2A, 3%, don’t tread on me etc.

  14. The overwhelming majority of the antifa crowd has been subjected to a lifetime of leftist indoctrination – consider the college professor who attempted to murder a protestor with blunt trauma to the head using a bicycle U lock. Then you have the career misfits, I read an interview with two of them the other day – no morality, none. Morevoer, simply review the comments of the political left in Congress or any number of state legislatures. Where you can convert someone to the cause of liberty, by all means, but understand that those opportunities will be rare and the exception that proves the rule. Plan accordingly. Time would be better spent promoting Young America’s Foundation and other such outreach groups that seek to reverse that indoctrination. Yes, they reneged on the Coulter speech, but overall they are doing a splendid job of opening minds.

  15. NorthGunner

    Kit wrote: “For those who need the tl;dr, no, I’m not advocating we use pot to recruit people to the liberty cause. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the rest of the article.”

    Kit does a great deal of good regarding the fight for Liberty. I’d definitely
    say that we discuss the similarities between folks in the Cannabis culture and folks in the Gun culture…we have a lot more that is similar than we do that’s different. With that in mind I’d say that having conversations like I did the other day with a couple of young men here in the millenial generation has definitely bourne fruit for Freedoms cause.

    What I did regarding those two young men was to show that Cannabis prohibition and Gun prohibition are definitely linked; the parasites on the Potomac first initiated NFA ’34, then when no one was up in arms about that egregious poisonous turd they then passed the ‘Marijuana Act of ’37’ which has had a definitely social and economic destructive effect on America ever since.

    Don’t believe me on that?… Then check out the history and the facts
    for yourself, just like I told the two young men here.

    The Official Jack Herer Site – Home of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes

    Here’s another great resource showing the Freedom Connection between Guns and Weed:

    Guns and Weed – The Road to Freedom

    Direct Link to HD video on Youtube:

    Here’s what Boston T. Party (author of “Boston’s Gun Bible”) had
    to say about ‘Guns and Weed’:

    “I’m impressed with how well you presented such a difficult synthesis of two freedom-loving cultures which often view each other as antithetical. The message of ‘Live and let live’ shines through in this very hip and unique video.”
    —Boston T. Party

    Imho, the cops in Seattle aren’t responsible for ‘keeping the peace’ during that event..they were the largest gang of thugs present and it was nothing more than fear and intimidation that they radiated. Team Freefor was wise to get there early, it removed the ‘stage’ from the ‘problem children’. Most importantly in my opinion, when the first joint was passed,,then the second, folks could relax and just hang out together and start talking to each other..not yell at each other..if it had been alcohol, there WOULD have been very nasty street fights, count on it.

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty – Free Mama Canabis!!
    NorthGunner III
    P.S. Just had a great conversation with a young nurse here who didn’t know anything about this…she’s going to go to learn more on her own!