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“…The game is to always put the other side on defense. Make them defend every inch, while offering them a chance to buy you off, for now. That’s the path to victory, but it will never be easy. Beating back the Progs will make invading Russia in winter look like a walk in the park. The Progs do not yield an inch. They will burn everything before surrendering anything. What they have, they keep.”

Z Man

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  1. “That’s the challenge to any movement that seeks to displace the Progressive authorities in America. It’s not about winning elections or getting the numbers in legislatures. It’s about stealing from the Progs their moral authority and their ability to frame the debate. If they have to rely on facts and reason, they are doomed, but as long as they get to set the terms of the debate, facts and reason don’t matter…..They define right and wrong.

    Exactly correct. Team Freedom needs to start defining right and wrong and take that away from ‘Progessives’ (aka communists). But to do that, there would need to be a consensus on what that entails.

    • This. I have been saying this forever. We have to remove their power to define words. Words have power and meaning. We as a nation and a culture have lost that.

      But then I also think of Sean Connery’s character in “The Untouchables”…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yep. People think in terms of language. Control language, and you de facto control thought.

        • To some extent. OTOH, calling retards “special” didn’t change retards into being special, it just made people redefine the word ‘special’ to mean ‘retard’.

    • We need to fight dirtier than they fight, win ‘by any means necessary’, and not let our own side stop us from it. The only consensus we need among us is that the stakes are too high to play by the old rules, and while it’s fun to talk about what motivates us or what our goals are, it doesn’t matter at this point. The “definers” are never on our side anyways. If we don’t care about their moral authority, they have nothing to hold over us but force.

      We’re down to Victory and/or Death, everyone best start acting like it

  2. If I’ve learned nothing else, politically in my life (and since I keep-on-voting, clearly, I haven’t) the “Left” never compromises.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s not that they never compromise – they do. It’s *how* they compromise. They never yield on any of their key beliefs, but they take what they can get on everything else, then use that point as the baseline for the next go round.

    • Every time you feel the urge to vote, go buy a rifle and a thousand rounds….. It’ll count sooner than your vote will. Wont be wasted time, effort or delusional optimism, either.

  3. never mind “ideas”. We have to kill them. All of them. Then come the “ideas”.

    • Exactly. Kill them all, and keep on killing them until the idea of communism ceases to exist, even as a glimmer, a spark.

      That will mean ridding ourselves of the Juden. Ridding ourselves of muslims, Ridding ourselves of all of the “other”.

      • Grey Ghost

        tfat says 200 million and I say 65 million… but I get your point.

        Grey Ghost

  4. Homosexuals tried the Progressive banter first: “we only want to be ourselves, we only want to be left alone…..”. Then, once we left them alone, they wanted more. It seems that the Progressives learned from that weakness. So, I guess the only answer to:”It isn’t fair”, “Everyone needs an equal playing field”, or My Personal Fave, “If what you’re asking is do I think there’s a difference between cultures, religions, political traditions, and people within those traditions … if you’re asking is there a difference between extremist, hateful, anti-individual, anti-liberty groups and traditions and those that within those identities, within those groups, within those countries that support freedom and progress … absolutely, yes.” (hat tip to Sally Kohn). So, I assume the only answer to each Progressive Talking Point is
    FUCK YOU! Because it is the only thing that they understand.
    Now, I feel better. 😎

    • Progressives have been in power since the time of Abraham Lincoln, who was the first Judeo-Marxist president. Theodore Roosevelt was a progressive, Woodrow Wilson was a progressive, Herbert Hoover was a progressive…and many more since that time.

      It’s Sodomites that have learned from progressives, not the other way around.

  5. Nothing says “get the fuck out of my life” like a bullet in the face. Just sayin…..