Wilders Explains The Issue Succinctly

Can’t embed the vid, so go to Dollard’s site for same.

Questions for afterwards:

  • Who benefits from the lies?
  • Who is…ahem…incenting the political leadership of the West to allow the destruction of their societies?
  • And when, if ever, will the men and women of the West go berserker, first on their Quisling leaders and then on the invaders themselves?

11 responses to “Wilders Explains The Issue Succinctly

    • Just got e-mail from The Barnes Review – politically incorrect history magazine and book-seller. They are dropped by VISA, MC etc , delisted from Amazon and the social networks. 21 st centuurning.ry book b

  1. ..book burning.

    • Thanks for the clarification but it was unnecessary. Got it the first time. I’d add that I’ve always been a staunch supporter of the Jews. After exposure to alternative views and documentation, I’m beginning to question life long held beliefs.

      • POd American

        Jews or the Zionists? Clarification please, or did you think like many do that they are the same?

        • Sick of all these desert people and their Khazar handlers. Not interested in sub-groups any more. Stonewall Jackson was right . We tried Gen. Lee’s gentlemanly approach. Didn’t work.

      • …beginning to question (that which 501c3 pa$tor$ promote)

        this film presents some controversial views:

      • thesouthwasrght

        You aren’t alone in that regard. Scratch back a layer or two on any shitstorm on the globe and you will find jewry pulling the strings with large amounts of loot in play more often than not. Call it anti-Semitic, call it racist, but one thing you can’t call that little gem is false. I too have always been a staunch supporter of the jews, however I am really beginning to question a lot of things.

  2. 90% of today’s ‘jews’ share NO DNA with the people of Palestine. They are converts. Living with jews is possible if you never address religion. zionists, on the other hand, want you doubly dead.