Winged Victory Sends

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3 responses to “Winged Victory Sends

  1. The Ivanka Tears meme is designed to make us all more docile….”Doting father succumbs to his daughter’s tears….blah….blah”. Alternatively we could believe that Don never intended to keep many, if not all of the promises he made to the red hats. 4D underwater chess is gonna be yuuuuuge.

    • that’s right. The remaining Trumpaholics are drowning in their own cognitive diss. Evidently it takes a little bit of character to admit one got played. They have none. For the rest, a bit of flag-waving and bombing whomever suffices.

      @ Aesop: still waiting for Feldmarschal Trump to eject Russia from Syria and de-nuke the Norks. Still waiting…still waiting….still…..

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, here, AND to the DOZENS of folks who went and looked at them! I forgot to make a “Contact” page at that site, so here’s the link to it: