Beware These Alt-Right Hate Gestures

Via ChicagoBoyz.

And all of these, as well (h/t MTF):

21 responses to “Beware These Alt-Right Hate Gestures

  1. Can’t even give “ok” or a thumbs up without them calling us racist. Lol. But who cares? They’re literally leaving us with no other action than punching them in the face. I wonder what their interpretation of that will be.

  2. Anonymous

    This is a memetic warfare campaign to troll/rickroll SJWs…

    Working on one for the Commie “raised fist”…

  3. Pooh cartoon very nicely done. Given this day & age completely teenager appropriate; they get the language. Start a converstion, continue one, keep mentoring those in your sphere.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Fasterpill

    Is there any chance you can make a “Precious Moments” calendar of these for 2018, should still be a country here then?

  6. VooDoo6Actual

    Yes it’s Brainer.

  7. Who would call themselves dirt people?

    That would be considered an insult in most lands.

    ‘cept for the dumb murkins…

    • ++++ exactly

    • And who exactly gives a rats ass about what is considered an insult in most lands?
      And aside from your muslim goat humping self, gives a shit about what you fucking think?

    • Soapweed

      I do, and am beyond damn proud to roll around in it even when tainted with alfalfa turds. It makes me healthier than those who bask in their sterile lifestyle. Soil yourself sum………it won’t hurt.

      • yeah.

        because i’m in a sport jacket and ascot everyday on the yacht…

        you guys crack me up.

        Get A Better Name.

        i don’t know too many folks who would “support the dirt people”.


        seriously. it’s stoopit.

  8. Eyyyyy.
    The Fonz was a Racist.

  9. Truth Corps

    Add Occidental Dissent to your blog roll please.

    Smashing Antifa Commies in New Orleans this weekend

  10. Ben Richards

    Buckwheat from Little Rascals must have secretly been a Grand Cleagle of his local chapter of Southern White Knights.

  11. A little flashback as I awoke….
    Back in the sixties as a young boy, I remember a certain
    crowd spitting at us,and from memory still remember other
    families getting the same treatment too. Now, you compare
    that to the Vets returning from Vietnam during the same era
    and walla. Who, what, why, when…….

    Eyes! – Snap Sir!

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  12. I for one have fewer days ahead than behind (70 now) and most likely was in the last generation of ‘kids’ brought up by WWII veterens – even out of CA at that time, there was not much bull-shit: times have changed. Having said that, this country is not what I remember being brought up in – and at this point I know there is absolutely nothing that I can do to change the trajectory of where we’re going (clearly we went over the cliff a long time ago and now only in the free fall phase) so ….. I am amused to read most of the comments on this site (not being critical but just observant) and fully realize that I am on my own like it or not – we plan accordingly here and to that end are mostly self reliant. You piss on your side of the fence and I’ll piss on my side. If you (that would be the bigger you out there in the form of government or who/whom ever) chose to piss on my side without permission there is going to be real trouble – period.