Bracken Sends

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Link to Alex Jones

UPDATE 1322E 4MAY2017: Bracken going live after the break.

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  1. Grenadier1

    Just buy the water filter Matt.

  2. Signal-to-Ad/Blab ratio for InfoWars is low – here is what is covered in the first hour:


    I think we will see a false flag shooting.
    Like in my first novel.
    By talking about these in advance I hope to take them off the table,
    as the element of surpise is lost. Or allow us to prepare.

    The Globalists will not surrender.
    They are moving into the “Burning down the house” phase.
    They are ready for a collapse, they figure if the world economy collapses,
    they will end up on top.

    Tectonic forces: we have new media. Alex Jones is attacked by people like
    Buzz Feed because he’s important as emerging new media.

    We’re not going to win the information war.

    False flags work. Look at what happened in Syria.
    Bracken thinks that the ISIS guys blew up the Sarin bomb during/after
    a Russian airstrike to create the propaganda event they wanted.

    So, this can happen here too, a mass shooting event with right-wing literature
    left lying around the scene (as described in Bracken’s first novel in the “Enemies” trilogy)

    • Detroit III

      Thank you for thr synopsis.

    • Ditto, appreciated.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “They are moving into the “Burning down the house” phase.”

      So, I guess the plan going forward is simply to:
      Hold tight; wait till the party’s over
      Hold tight; we’re in for nasty weather

    • lastmanstanding

      Thanks Jackson for the cliff notes.

      Regarding “burning down the house” item. The spraying over western Mt. 2 days ago was of unimaginable increase. From before sun up to after lunch…I quit counting. 5, 6 dozen or more. east/west, nw/se, sw/ne, n/s.

      Yesterday…nothing. A couple of short stream passenger jets. The sky was blue…nothing like when we were all kids though.

      It has been a long time since I have seen the deep indigo blue skies of my childhood.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  3. alaskapaul

    Thank you for posting this, Jackson.

  4. once again, instead of Jones interviewing Bracken…it’ll be Jones interviewing himself.

    • POd American

      Come’on, Alex always asks his guests questions…..ahhhh, but then he interrupts and answers them as well.

      Then he breaks into singing during the commercial breaks….just love his voice. Do you suppose he’ll release Alex’s Greatest Hits and sell it in his store? Hey Alex, Dirt People want to know!

  5. I caught about 3 minutes of Bracken, then they went to break which lasted so long I forgot what Bracken was talking about before he was cut off for the endless ads.

    • Just download the free podcast and FF through the ads. For what it’s worth the supplements he sells do work.

      • Which do you use? Serious question.

        • X-2 , DNA Force and Tangerine powders daily . Tangerine is not just from Jones but he pushes it , kids love it . Others like the cleansers on and off.
          Two clean-outs with Oxy-powder and liver cleanse. The stuff that came out was scary. . Was 210 /6′ now back to 195. People remark on more vibrant appearance and digestive tract is much improved. No flu four years running now. Hard to quantify and more disciplined people could probably get more out of it than me.

    • JJ take notes as Jackson did. Other items covered included a large transformer shot at two nights in a row. A woman in a stadium was grazed by a high trajectory bullet. (training exercises). And as we learned yesterday from Grenadier1 bomb vests have been found inside CONUS. Personally I think truck bombs or just trucks will be the popular item (just search facebook for muslim truckers).

  6. deborah harvey

    best to get mr. bracken to write a column for you rather than alex jones constant talking and interrupting.

  7. Outstanding Matt….glad to see it’s coming to fruition.

  8. Punching right is not a winning move. Alex Jones is an interesting cat, despite the supplement and filter flogging. These things don’t have a pile of steady donors, so he has to make the cash while and where he can. Matt’s writing is always interesting and thought provoking, I am glad that somebody is out there writing (okay, there are a few people) some very good material.

    To all the people bitching about it… walk a mile in their shoes. Try doing what they do without ad revenue streams. That market does not exist in any meaningful manner.

    May they both have success in their endeavors. And all of you, in yours.

  9. thanks Matt. About time you gave us a new book. Also please find another forum besides info wars . The ads and beaks are just to tiresome .