Coulter: Swamp People 47, Trump 0

“If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency, there’s no point in ever voting for a Republican again.”


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  1. Proof that Soros has control of the US Congress/media…ft/#more-42839

    A long read but well worth it!

    • Soros, though a particularly noxious instance, is one Jew billionaire among many. (((They) largely control the [[[political class]]]’ campaign finance and (((MSM)))-access. The (((Central Bank))), alias Federal Reserve, controls the [[[political class]]]’ private wealth (investments in the stock “market” Ponzi and related asset bubbles) via daily fiat infusions into the market via the other NY Jewbanks (JPM, Goldman-Sachs, etc.), and also warehouses their private debt. Most important, an ever-larger chunk of the ever-growing national debt is warehoused by the Fed via TB purchases…and/or kept off the books via an ancillary racket, the “Stabilization Fund”.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        And what percentage of us do you think actually understand the global monetary situation? Even here at WRSA the masses won’t bother to read up or study the FedRes/Globalists/MIC and get a grasp of what’s going on. Instead they still choose to play groupies to their favorite political parties and cheer on the NRA as protectors of the gullible and lazy.
        Considering the state of world and local corruption, and the dumbmasses who continue to support it, there is ONLY ONE WAY OUT………..TOTAL COLLAPSE!
        We can’t fix this shit, from the broken gov’t system to the lying stealing politicians and banksters, and the fools who keep hoping it will get better tomorrow by picking another lying stealing politician to lord over them. Nobody really wants freedom, it’s easier to vote and send money to your favorite special interest group and then tell yourself you did something. And the best part, we don’t have the cohesion to fight our way through this, we can’t even agree on what we really want tomorrow.

      • lastmanstanding


        BTW Haxo…it just kind of dawned on me a couple weeks ago…if you are the same “stormer” stirring up shit in in that progressive rat hole of Whitefish, Mt…

        Keep up the good work.

    • At the risk of insulting low-life scum of the earth, Soros, his family and his henchmen are low-life scum of the earth evil people.

  2. Z of Doom

    Given this turn of events, is it even morally possible to cast a vote ever again, unless a decent new party is formed? To do so would involve either openly endorsing this sham or would involve massive amounts of self delusion.

      • Racist, hate speech! This would never fly on network TV today.
        Cutting humor without crudeness.

      • My Dad did not watch much TV.If Pat Paulsen was on TV we were watching him. My Dad, said, “Pat Paulsen was more honest,forthright and trustworthy than all other presidential candidates.”Plus he was quite amusing.I will dig him up and run him against the current crop of asshats and hooples. We need a deadpan president.He will reflect our fuck you attitude.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Just based on the frame above, dude’s got the zombie vote locked up.

  3. pontiouspilot

    Alas, those who voted redumbplican and for conservative change have been hood-winked again

    • I did not vote this election, the country will not return to it’s foundings imo; and I am proud of that.

  4. sTrumpy IS the establishment, rebranded.

  5. But coulter and rush and Hannity will still shill for them anyway.

  6. spongebob

    “there’s no point in ever voting for a Republican again.”…..

    No there isnt.
    1) Trump is not a republican, that is just the party he used to get in.
    2) maybe trump does some good maybe not, time will tell, he is but 1 man. 3) REPULBICANS ARE CONVERGED CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and have been for at least 15+ years. You could argue it goes back to Buckley.

    Politicians gain wealth and power by sitting for multiple terms. The only option at this point is to vote out any and ALL incumbents. do not allow any politician to sit for more than 1 term, party is irrelevant as there is only 1 party.

    • Randolph Scott

      “The only option at this point is to vote out any and ALL incumbents. do not allow any politician to sit for more than 1 term, party is irrelevant as there is only 1 party.”

      Until that happens the American citizens will remain fucked chickens.

    • Notarealperson

      It goes back to Buckley. We saw it when the GOP surrendered on the culture war to the Left and then began kissing oligarchic ass.

      Now there is only the uniparty. All outward distinctions are for public consumption. Both sides embrace globalism, open borders, demographic obliteration of whites, etc.

      Congress itself is a extortion racket. You want a committee seat, your pay $$$$ every year for that luxury to the House leadership. You want to be the head of a select committee – you pay a lot more.

      This all came out in the open a few weeks ago on Tucker Carson’s show. No one cared though

      The point is the entire system is rigged and corrupt as can be and hostile to the people. You can’t reform a system that badly broken from the inside because it’s all rotten.

      The only reason it hasn’t resulted in D.C being burnt to the ground is because of the stock and housing market have given the proles a half assed illusion of prosperity. Once it tumbles, watch out.

    • Grey Ghost

      There you go spongebob… thinking you are going to be able to vote your way out of this shit sandwich… good luck with that. And all you CONstitutionalists who think an Article 5 convention will work are just plain blowing smoke up your own ass.

      Grey Ghost

      • lastmanstanding

        Word brother. All one needs to do is look at the choices for Ryan Zinke’s replacement in Montana.

        You got a good ole boy musician that even the progs aren’t happy with and you got an elephant billionaire running using the “drain the swamp” meme.

        sigh…God bless the potatoes and meat and pass the ammo Pete.

        It was actually, “God bless the potatoes and meat Pete, let’s eat”, I added the ammo part. A true prayer said by my father at Sunday dinner.

        He spent his formative years running a tank/command in Korea. I don’t think even God would be offended by it.

  7. FrozenPatriot

    Second episode of Ann’s new podcast:

  8. Anonymous

    What evidence would it take for you to believe Trump’s actual intention was to govern as an ordinary Democrat?

    ‘Campaign as a reformer, govern as an incumbent’ works for most politicians in most offices. Their time in office is pleasant because the permanent bureaucracy doesn’t fight them, and they still get reelected.

  9. There is zero chance of any third party ever getting anywhere.

    But at this point, I’d settle for just having a second one.

    • POd American

      I would too, but then it would probably a choice between “worse” and “worser.”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Sooner or later, it will happen. The major parties have a life span, then they get replaced. Of course, the American political system is dyadic, so any successful “third” party would very quickly just replace one of the two existing ones, which would basically just disintegrate.

  10. ExGeeEye

    About this time in 1981 (maybe earlier, before he was shot at the end of March, maybe a little later when he was mostly recovered from that), some enemedia twerp shouted at Reagan that “Reaganomics [wasn’t] working!” Reagan responded “of course it isn’t! It doesn’t start until October!”

    Thinking people will understand what i mean by recounting that story.

    Nonthinkers will say something about jooooos and republicrats republiscamming.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Sadly I’m not surprised by this

    Only voted for trump as a fuck you to both parties and to keep the 2A out of Hillarys pantsuit clad hands. Fully expecting the decline of western civilization regardless

  13. HHH Old Vet.

    Lemme freestyle it: THE Entire Congress And Senate should be arrested on the same day, WEED OUT The CRIMINALs from the VERY,VERY, F@cking FEW Honest Public SERVANTS(Yeah, Most folks forget That Part), Charge Those TRAITORS of the Bunch with TREASON, Try and HANG THEM Immediately Upon conviction, the rest on lesser charges, GET THEM OUT, THEN, REPLACE with New People that MAY, Just May do the Job under the U.S. Constitution, Some of You On WRSA do not believe in the Constitution, why is that? HMM? Is it because It has Not been followed since it was written. Wanna Make America great again?? THEN FOLLOW THE USC and Be Damned if You don’t.

  14. Remember when Obama was president and the Republicans took control of the House and Senate and they really showed him by passing his budget and…

    Oh. Nevermind.

  15. Cassandra (of Troy)

    And then there’s this.:

    If the above’s true, it’ll be really interesting to see 1) if it’s reported on/how it’s portrayed in the Cnsrrrrrrvativ media, & 2) the contortions said media/Trumpies will undergo to ‘explain’ it away should it become something, & 3) how long it’ll be before criticism of it will be characterized by said media/Trumpies as anti-Semitic/anti-American/treasonous/Trump bashing.

  16. Truth Man

    Yep. Cucktrump, who gave his daughter to a filthy Jew, is compromised