Medical Gear Tip

Aesop sends.

“Gear” being an old tribal word meaning:

“It’s not quite what I want, and I’ll change most of it within the next 18 months.”

Rinse, repeat.

5 responses to “Medical Gear Tip

  1. Grenadier1

    Heh. I thought the same thing. When I set up my serious med bag I included one of these with IV starter kits in the side pouch….now I just need IV fluids.
    I think in a pinch it could hold the bag and be secured over a patient to gravity feed the fluids.

  2. This is good stuff, it’s one of the best features that this site has provided over the years. Guy finds something that works and shares… if you can improve or disprove it, speak up.

    As for gear, well I have an idea that should cover many needs. It’s basic, adaptable and low in weight and cost.

    It’s the contractor grade 33 gallon plastic bag. Myriad of uses. And best of all tFred, it can be used to suffocate undesirables! Current record goes to Pol Pot, who during the first earth day celebration, ordered the smothering of four million using only a grand total of eighteen plastic bags. That guy sure loved him some recycling and re-use. And he was a wee little short guy just like you.

    Back to serious: I noticed a photo of one of the antifa rallies where they had stuffed a target into what looked like a contractor bag and were mobbing them.

  3. As an Operating Room Nurse (yes, when I was practicing, I saw a lot of blood, most of it not mine) I can tell you that someone in your group, more if you have a lot of folks in your tribe, need to have a full on medic pack. They’re large, about 30-40 pounds, and contain most things to stop bleeding from a high velocity rifle wound. Most are under $400.00.

    Here’s one:

  4. Forestar

    I recently ordered some Israeli bandages from amazon, and the were shipped directly from Israeli First Aid ( IDK how good the rest of their supplies are, but there is a LOT of it on their web site.

  5. Atlas Shrug

    I have the Rothco version, which looks identical to the Condor pictured – likely both came out of the same factory in China. One very useful feature IMHO is the shoulder strap. It makes them handy to toss over a shoulder and go, particularly when used for an actual water bottle and some trail food. With the strap they make a handy water/food supply for a walk in the park, or a minimalist get home bag. A rather versatile piece of gear.

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug