Schlichter: The Establishment Is Laughing At You, President Trump

More self-inflicted damage.

Kudos to those who saw clearly.

26 responses to “Schlichter: The Establishment Is Laughing At You, President Trump

  1. Grenadier1

    We told you he was a murder weapon. He is there to kill the old PARTIES, thats plural.
    The old Democrat party is dying, the News American Social Democrats are the ones screeching as Trump smashes the skull into mush.
    The GOP is already on its knees. They are talking a big game but they are pissing their pants knowing they are next.
    When its all over we still dont know what we will get after. I am betting that along with the New Socialist party we will get a centrist party and a third party that is old conservatives who still think voting will help.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The GOP is already on its knees”

      When, in modern history, has it not been? They’ve found it tremendously hard to give the Dems annilingus when standing.

      • “Shiteaters” in nature serve a valuable purpose, in CONgress not so much.

        • Jim Klein

          Picturesque analogies, valid to boot. ‘Course it’s not only Rs doing it to Ds. It’s a circle.

      • Grenadier1

        HA! Good one.
        This time however they are getting the real “D” and not the fake Pelosie model.

        Now mind you dont take this to mean I think Donald Trump is the be all, end all. I just think his ….unorthodox methods will result in a specific outcome. It does not matter if he intends for that to happen or if he just ushers it along unintentionally. I also do not believe that he is some sort of secret Scooby Jew trick to make us all think we were getting one thing and then pull the football away at the last second.

  2. Most of those people in congress do have homes in their respective states don’t they? The so called conservatives get out once in a while to have town halls and what not right? Pay em a friendly visit, remind them of a few things….

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  4. Write off the entire first 100 days over a single appointment? Who is being the “Snowflake” in this dementia?

    Single issue fetishes are simply unhealthy, whether right, left or center.

    And oh, the GOP doesn’t crave death, it already died. What remains is in “Zombie Mode” simulating a functioning party.

    About all the GOP can claim is they are not quite as far down the road to insignificance as the DNC.

    All parts of the Mono-Party know they are finished, and are trying to hang on.

    More popcorn, please.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Big Sam/04May17@14:13

      “Single issue fetishes are simply unhealthy, whether right, left or center.”

      In that’s truly the case, then you/similar will LOUDLY, PUBLICLY, & REPEATEDLY decry in the strongest terms those whose primary concerns are e.g. babies (i.e., abortion) & bux (i.e., $$$), yes/no? Also, do you/similar ‘decent people’ consider those who agitate for Liberty to be iconoclastic, obstructionist fetishists & if so should such selfish personages be either dismissed or suppressed?

      • Jim Klein

        Fair points C, but surely this deserves an Honorable Mention—“All parts of the Mono-Party know they are finished, and are trying to hang on.”

        Winners don’t go backwards.

  5. actually, the (((Establishment))) AND Trump are laughing at the White suckers who voted for him. Most of whom still don’t have a clue as to what happened (populist mask on, populist mask off) and will continue to be happy if he waves the flag, mock-attacks “the media”, and bombs someone now and then.

    • that essay by cuck Schindler – his favorite fag aside – is actually funny. First Trump betrayed his “populist” base…and now they’re discovering (again) that he’s not even a “conservative”. That’s right, moron: he’s a lifelong NY liberal democrat, adherent to the kosher Culture of Death (abortion & pedophilia in particular), and a 100% Zionist stooge.

      • That picture of BIllary at that black-tie function was the tip off.

        What if we were the Scots, and Antifa were the Irish?

      • TheAlaskan

        Sorry Haxo, but no cigar. Trump is not a conservative (as defined by conservatives) or a liberal (as defined by liberals.) Trump is not ideological. That’s why ‘politicos’ are always going to get it wrong when it comes to Trump. They only operate within the political definitions of progressive or liberal or conservative or communist or…Trump is none of those and is all of those. Trump’s “lifelong” successes have no ideology…only deals. Pure fucking genius, operating in a world of party politics without being either party and being blamed by both parties for being the other party…and getting rich doing it.

        • Jim Klein

          That’s the best analysis of the evidence I’ve seen yet. The guy is beyond brilliant at whatever it is he’s doing, and I doubt anyone beyond a handful of people (if that) know exactly what it is. As you note, there’s some question as to whether even he does. For most people, that’s the role that ideology fills.

          Yeah, he easily qualifies as “pure fucking genius.” All that’s left is whether it ends up being too fucking good or too fucking bad. But that’s up to us anyway.

          • Grenadier1

            I have a friend that we all call an “idiot Savant” he has no real plan it just always seems to work out for him. Maybe thats the root of Trump? Like some people are shit magnets, he is a success magnet.

  6. Dear Kurt:

    If you don’t see the inherent contradictions in the term “gay conservative Christian” mebbie you need to convert to Islam and find out.

    Until you do STFU and quit defending the indefensible when it comes to fudge-packers you self-righteous prick. Read you some bible and get over yourself. There’s a fucking good reason God rained fire down on Sodom and Gomorrah. They destroy nations and peoples with their perversions.

    FOAD, asshole. Or turn into a pillar of salt. Either will do.

  7. Point of order: It’s Schlichter, not Schindler.

    But if they ever make a movie called Schlicter’s List, about a columnist who lists the enemies of humanity hereabouts, and goes out and whacks them one by one, I’ll spring for the matinee price.

  8. Granted, this is a very low bar – but ask yourself if you’re better off with Pres. Trump or do you think the alternative would have been better? Consider who we have as an AG, versus who we had and possibly would have had. Look at who has been appointed and confirmed at EPA, HHS, Interior, State, and Defense. Again, better or worse off? Has morale at ICE and CBP been given a boost? Is the illegal alien traffic higher or lower? Let’s not forget the Judiciary and the article linked does address that issue. Moreover, there are likely to be other SCOTUS appointments within the next 4 years.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, count your blessings.

    The focus needs to be on policies and actions, not words. We need to abandon the personality cult that surrounded his candidacy, and now Presidency, and demand actions that are consistent with the rhetoric. He is removing some of the obstacles put in place in the previous 8 years – take advantage of that and help – the time is long past for politics to be a spectator sport. Victory will pass to those actively engaged, not the passive whiners on the side.

    Along with PT and tactical training, consider joining a local Toastmasters group to work on public speaking and leadership – meatspace. Understand how bills are introduced and passed in your state legislature. Track them and let your local legislators know that you’re watching them like a hawk. Research where they get their donations – that’s the best way to exert influence and that’s local enough to where you can make a difference. Learn how to read a budget. Draft a county ordinance to push back against egregious actions of your state.

    Significant change in unlikely until the Federal Reserve is eliminated – but we shouldn’t sit on your hands waiting for that day – promote sound money and prepare for it instead. That’s hitting the banksters where it will hurt.

    • keep on voting and “demanding”, Ralph. Just because it hasn’t worked for the past 14 (1988-2016) election cycles, doesn’t mean it can’t ever work again. Or does it?

  9. Oh thank the lordy! I like being smashed in the face with 4.75 pound sledge-hammer, instead of a 5 pound sledge-hammer! So I am going to thank me lucky charms! Oh swoon! And thank the lordy too, that they only do this every 4 or 8 years. 5 pounds, 4.75 pounds, 5 pounds… at least I get to catch my breath!

    Look! More swoon!

    Executive Orders
    Pending Legislation
    Presidential Memoranda
    Signed Legislation
    Vetoed Legislation

    We’ll be free in 4 years… at the most, 8!

    Dedicated to The God-Emperor and the Donald Masturbation Team…

    Wait! Winning! Breaking ObamaCare News!

    House repukes tinker with ObamaCare! Removed some provisions, and added some new provisions! Kept the “best” parts! The Republican Obamacare “replacement” bill! The Genius of it all! Repealing it… without repealing it! Oh swoon Donald! You truly are the “God-Emperor”! The master of 3D Underwater Chess! Your “Donald Masturbation Team” won’t even notice!

  10. I voted for Trump as a last chance for the “ballot box” to work, and also because I don’t think it matters much whether I voted for him or not. I voted for him in the off chance that things would turn out the way I hope, with America making a turn back in the right direction.

    I was always skeptical and never had much hope it would work.

    I’m losing patience, like the rest. It’s pretty much going to come down to September. That’ll be the endgame. Then we’ll know for sure, if we don’t already.

  11. HHH Old Vet.

    Blah Blah Blah, None Of us Get a F@cking thing done but run Mouths, it seems that complaining on WRSA is moot, a kin to pissing in your boot, that’s why I do not have much to say on here except WHEN?