Suarez: The Face Is The New ‘Center Of Mass’ Target


From concealment or not.

At 3″x5″ cards, mounted vertically.

To what range are you effective?

Outside the blast radius of splodeydope, one hopes.

19 responses to “Suarez: The Face Is The New ‘Center Of Mass’ Target

  1. The only reason to go for a headshot is to get an instantaneous neuro- drop, before they can push the button.
    As a rule, it’s what scoped bolt-actions or very accurate semi-autos are for, from safe yardage away.
    Nota bene that no one is carrying fulminate of mercury in those vests, so shooting them and hitting the Semtex or C-4 doesn’t detonate them.
    Also, ten or twenty torso hits in rapid succession can be the functional equivalent of one headshot.
    Quantity has a quality all its own.

    And the day the first vest goes off in the continental US, is the day Muslims become an endangered species in this country, short of Manzanaring the entire lot of them into some desert shitehole for their own protection.

    At which point, you’re only a few conex boxes away from returning them all to the lands from whence they came.
    Which, IIRC, was Messr. Lincoln’s plan for another group, starting in 1866, until an unfortunate interruption in the process.

    • They like to use TATP as either a primary or an initiator because it’s dirt simple to make. You sneeze on that stuff too hard and you end up looking like Wile E. Coyote. Sensitized AN is a common thing, too, and anyone who’s been paying attention in the gun world in the past 20 years knows what a high velocity round will do to that.

      Don’t hit the vest.

      • Just realized I used “primary” and “initiator” redundantly. My point is that some of these guys are using straight AP as the main charge…others are rolling their own caps with it. Either way, way less stable than what you’re thinking of.

        • Fair enough.
          But they start taking head shots, and they’ll just construct the vests with dead-man switches, and you’re still peckered anytime you’re within the blast radius.

          Course, if’n folks start shooting them before they have vests on, it’d probably solve a heap of later problems.
          Just saying.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Depending upon where the would-be martyr is, hitting the vest might be ideal (or at least the least-bad option), and it will be an easier shot for most people to make than would a head shot.

    • Grenadier1

      Read the part where he said sources he has in the business have told him that every replicated vest they shot in training detonated. In more elaborate words. He knows guys who do EOD and counter terrorist work. They have built replicas of vests that have been found in the US and when they shot them in training those vest went off. Thats no surprise as these home made vest would not be C4 but some hotplate chemical cook up that is no doubt not as stable as C4.
      Now that still may be a lot of speculation on the part of the counter terrorists guys and thus Gabe is drawing some conclusions that are based on some weak data.
      Thing is you cant be too sure so having goals that are well beyond what you might actually need is not a bad thing. I cant make those shots ….yet.

  2. Shoot. I’m still working on the Paris drill. I think I can do it at 25 yds fairly consistently, but I haven’t timed it lately.
    What were we supposed to be aiming for , 50 yds?

  3. 4″ log, 11″ long. Set ’em up and knock them down.
    Reactive, I like it. Works right into the Paris drill.

    I’m setting up my new range now. I’ll try it, today. Dang, I need a 9 volt.

  4. At 500 yards I can place a cold bore 338 lapua round in a 1 inch circle. I think that would suffice. Everyone should add long range shooting to their tactical training.
    At 1000 yards my groups open a little but well within center mass.

    • Randolph Scott

      I have been training at long distance for quite awhile. Always, always, always aim to kill the bastard with a face shot. There are several other places to aim for that will put them on the ground, but they won’t be dead.

      Its about time face shots are being taught.

  5. It’s spring turkey season. Get thee to the woods, blow something away and return to your roots as a hunter/gatherer.

  6. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Circumstances permitting the head’s okay, but the pelvis is generally easier to reliably hit & FAR more difficult to protect w/o severely compromising combat effectiveness. And the demoralizing effect on others the screams from someone hit there by, say, a .410 slug should also be considered. Same for an appropriately sized/energetic Glaser Silver Safety Slug in an arm/leg joint.

  7. Aim small miss small. Suarez is right keyboard commando’s.

    • Anonymous

      Too much commentatiat derp.

      “Shoot the vest, fuck it”

      “1 MOA at 500 hunnit meters”
      Who the fuck CCWs a fucking Lapua?

      “Shoot ’em in the hips”
      Pelvic girdle shots are all good and well, but that doesn’t solve the problem that homie’s a fucking time bomb; nor does it negate the ability of said belligerent to shoot back.

      Relying on exsanguination as a fight-stopper is another belief predicated on hope.

      If you can’t make a head shot at 25m, with a pistol, in a static, peaceful, work-at-your-own-pace/no-time-stress-induced, square-range…

      …you suck and need to unfuck your shooting.

  8. Marlo Stanfield

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  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. I have returned to long range shooting with these concepts in mind. I have found that placing a HV expanding bullet just below the Adam’s apple provides a suitable mitigation to problematic circumstances but it is far from likely that these cretins will be operating in an area conducive to LR shooting as they will want to hit a densely packed target where distances are close. modern sporting stadiums already have pre-engineered shooting positions that cover 100% of the seating so targets will likely be limited to high profile targets or retail spaces. Just my .02

  11. My 7″X11 ” reduced torso is too big now.

    Will pick up a 4″ round and a 2X4 protector plate this weekend.

    That seems to be a close match to the target area.

    Eventually have 3 set up.
    Could use the 7X11 as a “hostage” in front.

    The 4″ logs and bowling pins are a good idea.