Bastille Day In The Caliphate

An excerpt from Matt’s upcoming novel.

Coming this summer.

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  1. Red in OleVirginny

    I took my daughter shooting this morning – the boy will go tomorrow. None of this other bullshit in the headlines matters. Political, economic, blah blah blah.
    The girl shot a Ruger LC9 and G19 quite well (again). Warmed my heart. Nothing compares to preparing your children. The rest is nonsense.
    Red in OleVirginny

  2. Looking forward to adding your book to my collection of ” Bracken” books.


  3. Nice dream, but that’s all it is.

    The heart of England and Europe was excised long ago. Banning guns and free speech were just symptoms of the greater sickness of socialism. The capon is now just waiting to be thrown into Team Mo’s pot.

    Demography is Destiny. 

  4. robroysimmons

    I’m in, but I’m sure Matt is an “ist” guilty of some “ism” because “phobia” or something, but I’m good with that.

  5. Comrade X

    Finally there’s a Bracken book I haven’t read yet, something to look forward too.

  6. Let them eat goat!

  7. “beginning with an elderly Jew”. Poor Klinghofer…first the cruise ship (Splash!), and now the Eiffel Tower (Thud!).

    apparently Bracken has tired of waiting for his (long ago predicted) “Islamic Tet”. So he wrote it for them. Of course nothing like this will ever happen: the ragheads aren’t smart enough to pull it off, and they’re winning without it. Conversely, if it did, the froggies would roll over and surrender. As, post-1918, usual.

  8. Looking forward to the book. I fear that most of the readers here at WRSA are addicted to $3 fixes of “prepper porn” off Amazon and don’t appreciate the more thought through exercises of contemplating about the future of western civilization and how we might even restore liberty in the process.

    • Breaking a “prepper porn” (or “patriot porn,” as I like to call it) addiction is rather easy. Once the Hairy-Chested Action Hero™ fights his way to the partisans through a brigade of Spetsnaz, and is assigned to their “GORILLA warfare” unit, you’ll know to aim for the fireplace.

      A true story.

  9. From Matt’s pen to God’s ear.

    I won’t believe it can happen over there until I see it.
    But I live in hope.

  10. I think that there is much sub-surface hate in the hearts of a lot of Europeans. The Elites keep a pretty tight stranglehold on most folks, but it won’t be forever. Let Princess Charlotte be whisked away by an errant nanny for a trader’s convention, or that blonde little girl who calls Susan Rice, “Mommy” get caught up in a pinch and grab effort; then things will change in a heartbeat. The Elites care for and protect their children. Let a Muslim crime come home to roost: then it’s a different ballgame. And it is going to happen. I just wonder, will it be soon enough?
    Matt Bracken is always the best read. I can’t wait for the book!

    • Two world wars in the last century proved that.
      But most of the ones that’d get jiggy now were never born, because their forefathers are under some field in Flanders or the Somme.

      What’s left are the squibs, unless arises a generation whose birthright is castles, cathedrals, and universities, from out of those for whom a year without a month’s paid vacation would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

      It doesn’t bode well for the outcome, for in the real world, Saruman was never cast out of Théoden King, nor Wormtongue ever exiled, but rather the latter succeeded the former.

      Thus is an entire continent merkeled, like an altar boy by a pedophile priest.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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