Controversial Campus-Carry Gun Measure Becomes Law In Georgia

Count your victories when you can.

Kudos to GeorgiaCarry.

11 responses to “Controversial Campus-Carry Gun Measure Becomes Law In Georgia

  1. oughtsix

    “OK corral!!1!~! Blood in the streets!1! UR Fascists!! Right wing death squads!! EEEEeeekkkkk!”



    As long as it’s the right blood running………….

  2. lastmanstanding


    I don’t know about all major universities but the ones in my ao have a lot of little boy star athletes thinking that they can bone/rob/whatever, anyone they want. An the admin protects them at all cost. Big income you know.

    Now maybe these little fucks will think twice. I’ll also mention that all of these little boys with no manners are of all races.

    An armed society is a polite society.

  3. GenEarly

    Constitutional Carry languishes in GA because GA. Carry, NRA, and feckless Elected Repubs cannot get on the same page.
    GOA, and GA. Gun Owners are left isolated because of this lack of resolve or really Any Interest in advancing Constitutional Gun Rights.
    Meanwhile Bloomingbird’s money is making inroads as GA. becomes more purple, mainly due to ChamberPot Repubs, who only claim to be “Conservative” at sElection time meetings.

  4. Funny how opponents to bills like this always go with the “blood in the streets” hysteria. Utah has allowed CCW permittees to carry on campus for years, and it has been a complete non-issue.

  5. Now if we could just get the spineless republicans in Florida to help us out, we’d be winning some too. But the republicans are the ones who have screwed in Florida.

  6. Reading some of the specifics it has more of what you can’t do versus what you can do. Boils down to leaving your weapon the care to and from home. Not much else that i can tell. I’m sure it’s a step and as past GA. CCW laws will need to have the ambiguities taken out of it. My 2 cents.

  7. Anonymous

    Gosh, these “constitutional” “rights” are such fragile things, like tissue paper in the rain. One politician says “boo” and all the citizens stampede to voluntarily surrender their “rights”.