PHS: Facts Matter

Thinkz > feelz.

If you are an adult, that is.

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  1. Yesterday I was reading and hearing what was said by
    Bundy here:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  2. Weather it’s on the ranges of Nevada, Or a prison cell in Portland Or, like it or not, their are rules. While I see these guys a retards, I respect their position.

    These pics, their statements are nothing short of photo ops. Canned stage bites to sell a specific image. To gain sympathy for a stated position, their position.

    These are not smart men, as noted their choices were in part emotionally driven. I see a lot of me, in their choices. After 25 years of black white esq, asked and answered questions, our world is not black/white, a lot of gray happening.

    Black/ white is playing chess, factor in ones heart and now your into a three dementional chess game. The answers all have consequences.

    I pray daily I’m getting it right. Knowing those prayers are always a crap shoot. I admit, I’m a flawed man. I know my weaknesses and work daily on improving them.

    I thank god daily that I no longer have to make choices that impact others freedoms, and liberties.

    Never confuse kindness for weakness, your making a huge mistake if you do.


    • Look man, YOU might master those horribly convoluted their/there/they’re and your/you’re paradigms before you go calling ANYBODY “retarded…..

  3. Good article. The opposition will try to goad you into doing something stupid or divert your focus on unimportant issues. Just look at what the MSM does every day. FREEFOR does it to itself with sensational internet stories that cry conspiracy or dastardly deeds by the .gov that have no factual underpinning and get people fired up and wasting time instead of focusing on concrete actions to better prepare themselves.
    Critical thinking is definitely a skill to hone.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    Kit Perez… WTF?!

    What kind of snapper-head are you?
    I guess it’s okay to be locked up on political charges–huh?!

    You have to lay down and lick the boots of the King’s Agent–right?

    You fuck!

    I suppose when they come for you, you will shake your oppressor’s hand and tell them you that you know “they are oinly doing their jobs” –right you fuck!?

    I am really surprised to this this piece of drivel you wrote on WRS.

    I suggest you go and find the nearest “Agent Of The King” and go fondle his balls–or drape them over your nose–or eat the corn from his shit.

    You fuck yourself please.
    I’ve got something else for you to analyze–“ziiiiiiiippppp!”

    • Was that your intellectual side?

      • Yes it was, plus he’s easily triggered

      • Shinmen Takezo

        No–it’s my pissed of side.
        These people are being tossed under the bus by the liberty movement now, when in fact they should be supported.

        To quibble over rules they must obey, imposed by the “King’s Agent” is just nutso.

        None of these people should be in jail at all now.

        This all makes me think of what will unfold when things get sporty.
        Clowns who write such nonsense will be spaking their monkey’s instead of covering the backs of people in need.

        • Read Kit’s response. And read the article again.

          Nobody’s tossing anyone under the bus.

          Get their commissary or legal defense fund info, and it will appear here.

          Net-net, “none of these people should be in jail at all now” is wishful thinking at best.

          A few people marching onto any Fed property and claiming it for “the People” are going to lose, and lose badly.

          It’s one of the things, frankly, that dooms the freedom community to futility or at best frustration in the near term.

          More of your fellow North American residents believe in astrology than in the right of a man or woman to live the life they wish, as long as they don’t harm others.

          Bitter truth, but truth nonetheless.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “None of these people should be in jail at all now.”

          What time are we storming the prison? I’ll bring the trebuchets and siege towers if you bring the infantry and supplies.

      • I’m guessing Shinmen T did not get to this part of the article, “The ability to set your emotions and even beliefs aside long enough to consider information in a critical way is one of the most necessary skills you can possibly develop.” Agree or not with the analysis of the author does not change the absolute truth of this statement.

    • Your off on this one ST…

    • Lemme guess…..

      You didn’t like what the author published.

  5. The good giys are typically the ones shooting in the sane direction as you. this is quite hard to discern on the interwebz.

  6. So people, be sure to Be Sure and do not lose.

    Let me take a moment to emphasize the Don’t Lose part. It might be on the test.

    • Amen Brother…Sad thing is people are losing every day waiting on the war that might never come in their lifetime…I think anytime your complaining or blaming then your losing ground…

  7. Very intelligent article. Worth every minute. When we’re thinking, we’re driving. When we’re emoting, we’re being driven.

  8. Here are the facts about prison… I know these because my wife has been working in numerous prisons for the last 16 yrs.
    Follow the rules, even if you dont agree with them, If you take issue with some of the rules, you are free to send a kit to the superintendent, assistant super, or Admin. they are required to respond, and will explain things to you. And they will do it in a polite, professional manner.
    Guards have no interest in fucking with you. There are cameras everywhere to substantiate or prove false your claims. and If you target a guard and get shitty with him, or anyone else….. you will find yourself on the chain bus heading to another prison before you take your next shit… makes things hard on the people on your visitation list, because nobody informed them you just got shipped across the state… Or if you are federal, across the Country.

    Guards are charged with your safety…There are inmates in prison right now who have great big fucking bank accounts waiting for them when they get out, because officers let their guard down and allowed them to get their ass kicked….In Washington state A guy just got released ( last week ) after doing 20 years…he went to Vancouver ( on the taxpayers dime ) where he has a 500k dollar settlement waiting for him at his new bank.. compliments of DOC… ” Political” prisoners, if they are even recognized as such, fall into the category of whiners.. Whiners are grouped with others who are unpopular like child molesters, child rapists, and hard core sex offenders..

  9. Critical thinking is what most of American can’t do-now. There was a time in O-Dark Thirty, when classes were actually built on building a student’s critical thinking. I’m a woman, I’m a Pisces (😊), I’m soft on most hurts and ouchies: so therefore I am emotional. But, when I need to, I learned a long time ago to get tough-fast! Since the schools long ago stopped teaching children, it falls to the parents and grandparents to teach this skill. And never forget that it IS A SKILL!!
    I have untold sympathy for the Bundy’s: a good people who were led in bad directions by FedGov and other grifters. However, we need to remember that all sides are beseeching us, as Patriots, to make hugh mistakes and deal with things on the Elites level-FwEELINGS! As in I “feel” like a turtle today, my “emotional balance” is tilting, or the need for a “safe place”. Get your Socrates on and stop playing their game.
    Core critical thinking skills includes observation, interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation, explanation, and meta-cognition. Critical thinking employs not only logic but broad intellectual criteria such as clarity, credibility, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, and significance. As a society, we no longer value or use these skills; and if we want to win-we must!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Critical thinking is what most of American can’t do-now.”

      It’s not limited to Americans; it’s kind of species-wide at this point. The simple fact is that no one wants critical thinkers. Employers pretty much just want cogs who fit into their system. Schools want rote learners. Governments want docile populations. Communities want quiet neighbors who don’t rock the boat. Almost everything, everywhere is set up to discourage/punish critical thinking.

      It’s really only a benefit – and possibly kind of a dubious one, at that – to the individual (which is, of course, another reason why it’s discouraged and punished).

  10. the Wildlife have their Refuge back.

    the Bundys are in the cooler..

    All is well.

  11. Grenadier1

    There is a jump to conclusions in this article a well.

    Not a lot of effort on my part so I could be wrong I am just reading what is written here.
    The shirt is hanging on the bunk.
    The writer asks around and is told that is very likely a rule violation because it blocks a guard doing a count….
    You are assuming that the shirt is hanging in a manner consistent with what is known to be against the rules.
    This could very easily be a shit hanging on a lower bunk rail that in no way blocks line of sight. A manner that while “against the letter of the rule” is normally overlooked by guards because its not in violation of the spirit of the rule. Its well known when dealing with the authority that the law can be enforced as narrowly or broadly as the enforcer chooses. Now thats a good argument for the Bundys to follow the letter as much as possible while in the tank, but its still shit and it does not make it right.
    this however goes back to many statements I have made here in the past. Once you are in their system you WILL not be treated fairly. Its warfare on a different level. They have all the resources and all the time in the world to wait. Why are they still in prison?

    • According to the prison officials themselves (who are not only receiving a TON of calls, but are apparently happy to talk to people about it), every single thing that Ammon Bundy says happened, happened. They confirm without issue everything in his story. The problem is that most people stop there, and they shouldn’t.

      As for what started it all, the prison also says that he did, in fact, impede the count with the way his shirt was hanging, which led to the confiscation of the item.

      Where things get interesting (and also, where Ammon first starts skipping over information), is when Ammon decides to physically take the shirt from the guard. Now, believing that Ammon physically engaged the officer requires believing the prison official, but consider this:

      1) The prison freely admits that all of these things actually happened to Ammon. Had they screwed up would they be admitting it? You don’t see the FBI being exactly forthcoming about their HRT guys on a lonely Oregon highway one day in January do you?
      2) Ammon very specifically skims over two critical places in the narrative: how he tried to get his shirt back, and what happened to take things from Ryan talking to officials, to Ryan getting dragged down the hallway. It’s rather interesting that the prison’s version of events does not CONTRADICT Ammon, it merely EXPANDS on the story. In other words, they’re providing information that Ammon did not. That information just happens to change the tone of the story. Is that not odd to anyone?

      According to Ammon’s own account, he and Ryan also got the rest of the pod upset, which can create a dangerous situation, even if the two inmates in question had NOT actually physically engaged the officer.

      Additionally, the prison claims that Ammon refused to be released from his restraints, and that guards had to put him on 15-minute checks, and finally said enough. In fact, the prison also said that there is video of ALL of it, and Ammon’s lawyer has the power to go get a copy of that video.

      So the question isn’t “was Ammon beaten etc.?” The questions are as follows:

      1. Did Ammon physically engage the officer to get his shirt back? (Justification or perceived ‘rightness’ of his action is immaterial.)
      2. Did Ryan physically engage the officer to get Ammon’s shirt back?
      3. Did Ammon refuse to come out of his cell, and was there a cell extraction performed to remove him?
      4. At any point, did Ammon refuse to walk down the hallway under his own power?
      5. Did Ammon refuse to be released from his restraints?
      6. Is there a request from Ammon’s lawyer for the video, and/or are there formal complaints filed or charges pressed?

      For some folks, maybe none of this matters. Maybe they think that the Bundys should be breaking all of the rules, spitting in guard faces, and resisting every way possible. Here’s the thing. They’re in prison. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THEIR BEING THERE IS JUSTIFIED. Now that they’re in there, they have two choices: obey, or not obey. it’s not my job to advocate for either path. But let’s say a guy gets thrown in the county jail and soon he raises a ruckus that he’s not being fed. People are raising money, visiting, everything…and then it comes out that he was on a self-imposed hunger strike, and was refusing to eat. Well, is he still “not getting fed?” Technically it’s still true…but is it honest? Is it fair to the people who are supporting him and railing about the prison system?

      And at that point, does it really matter what he’s in for?

      I’m not saying ANYONE is flat out lying, nor, contrary to the above sexually-obsessed commenter, am I advocating for or defending the feds. I’m saying there are questions. And someone needs to ask them. Those who don’t want them answered or even asked should maybe dig down and ask themselves why.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Everybody slants the story, consciously or not. In the end, remember that trials are always won by the preponderance of the perjury.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Oh, come on. Everybody knows that you can use facts to prove anything that’s remotely true.

  13. You have to remember Nevada is a federal reservation. They basically own it all. Independent grazers, miners…all just pests to the currency printing control structure. When your shooting zealot grazers like Lavoy Finicum over basically an accounting deal… send the grazing check to the state/county instead of the BLM… well… there is a bigger agenda afoot than the pesky grazing community. Watch the movie “Hunger” directed by Steve McQueen about Bobby Sands and the IRA. That’s what the prison can be like.. ours too.

  14. Fuckheads gonna fuckhead.

    Anything that paints any member of the Bundy clan as inhabiting the shallow end of the gene pool automatically has the air of truthiness, however tightly that reality twists the panties of those giving them virtual tongue baths, based only on pretty much everything they’ve done for some decades.

    If they’re going to play the “poor, oppressed jailbird” card, then they need to go whole hog: go on hunger strikes, and paint the walls of their cell with their own shite, like the hardheaded Provos in Maze Prison did, or else qwitcherbitchin’, behave, and fight their battles in the courtroom, with counsel present.

    Otherwise they’re going to look pretty dumbassed stupid, if they can beat the original rap via jury nullification, but then get juiced to the max for counts of conspiracy and assaulting federal corrections officers.

  15. Dan Morgan

    I’m sure each of us has known people who just don’t feel that rules apply to them.
    When we were kids, we called them punk’s.
    Now that we are adults, we call them inmate’s.
    Is there Injustice in the world? Yup.
    But there’s a right way and a wrong way to deal with it.
    Dealing with Injustice in the right way, requires that you Man up, and not do stupid $#!T.

    • Yeah, play by the rules against the very entity that not only creates said rules but, cherry-picks the ones it applies to itself. Fucking genius tactic. How are you not SOD yet?…..

  16. Amazing that merely being ACCUSED of a crime, and you lose all your rights and can be corporally punished including having your shoulders dislocated. Or tortured in some other way.
    This is what the KGB and Stasi did. Torture people in jail before their trials.
    Just obey the government whatever it asks. There is no constitution, 8th amendment, or anything else. We are living in a tyranny and dictatorship.

    Thanks for confirming it.
    Patrick Henry: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.
    PHS: Do whatever the government goons tell you – Obey or Die – you have no liberty.

    • Welcome to the criminal justice system. The Fed system is the most serious flavor of same.

      And sir, once you are in the bag, either go balls out a la Sands and the other IRA chaps, or play by the rules. You (and you are the only one that matters once that clanging door sounds) are only hurting yourself by showing the same situational awareness that got you in the bag.

      Or did I miss the nationwide….statewide….regional….local outcry to liberate a bird refuge?

      CAPS for emphasis:





      I am not kidding.

      We are a decade or more past where naiveté about how The Man plays is excusable.


        WORD. The FEDGOV is a powerful, frightening organization. The lesser trough feeders such as states, counties, cities, and districts have learned well from their Leviathan masters. There is an old saying: “He who sups with the Devil should have a long spoon.” Choose your courses of action wisely and quietly. Bleib ubrig.

    • Liberty or death…

      Which of those two options includes “go to prison?”

      There’s a reason why there are only two options in that sentence.

    • Welcome to the World, Baby Duck!

      Please describe, in 50 words or less, any day or era of human existence in all of six-plus millenia of recorded history when and where what the Bundytards allege to have happened, didn’t and couldn’t, and where this was not so, since ever.

      Ponder your answer as long as you like.

      It’s a great world. You should open your eyes and take it all in sometime.

  17. Not only is one in prison to pay penance to the STATE, one IS IN PRISON to be BROKEN of their ways that got them their.

    By the way, there is NO SUCH THING as a draw against the STATE. As evident, by Bunkerville, and Malheur. And Waco, and Ruby Ridge.

  18. Best bet is to NEVER allow the corrupt system an inroad into ones life. Like HST said, “There’s no situation so bad a cop can’t come along and make it worse”.

  19. The racial angle of prisons. Black guards favor Black inmates. And minorities unite against other groups. White must do likewise, on both sides of the wire.

  20. fuck the poLICE
    fuck the gubbermint

  21. SemperFi, 0321

    “We are a decade or more past where naiveté about how The Man plays is excusable.”
    We, yes, the masses no. Can’t tell you how many of those around me still have the mind of a child when it comes to FedGov. They still believe in the Pledge of Allegiance and paying their taxes to keep our highways and schools neat and clean.
    For me, I’m feeling more like Tfat every day, the fucking level of stoopid in these folks makes me want to crawl down a prairie dog hole and stay there. I am in the fight of my life with the IRS right now and everyone thinks I deserve it, because I stood up to Big Brother, and the masses don’t like that attitude from commie anarchists. If you even think of doing something against the gov’t, they won’t stand for it one bit. I may sound like a defeatist to many of you, but I don’t see a lot of intelligence among the conservative masses, they just sit there awaiting instructions from Faux News and think things are going to get better again under Trump.
    The underlying failure of our gov’t, banking and military system totally evades these folks, not a clue it even exists. They keep marching on like it’s 1958, or 1998, sheep following a corrupt shepherd. Getting them to fight China would be easy, but getting them to fight their handlers, not gonna happen. They refuse to see anything wrong at the helm, aside from some bad Democrats that will be voted out next election cycle, and the one after that and…………

  22. Wat Tyler’s Rebellion – 1381 A. D.
    The Court of Common Pleas (the civil court, as opposed to the Court of King’s Bench, the criminal court) decided early in the 14th century that it “didn’t have time for the affairs of peasants.” The peasants immediately recognized that they had no rights enforceable at law.

    By 1340 the judges in England had become so enamored of their own procedural technicalities that civil disputes languished for years. The English Parliament enacted a statute that year which allowed the Commissioners to move the judges aside and adjudicate their own cases.

    In 1348 the Black Death reached England. As many as half of the people in the country died. The feudal lords, short of tenants, tried to make those remaining work even harder. Most of the people in England were treated no better than animals.

    The common people had another barrier in their quest for rights. All English court documents from 1066 to 1500 A. D. were written in what is today called “law French.” Most of the men who could teach the language were dead of the Plague.

    In 1381 the effort to strictly enforce the collection of taxes created discontent throughout England. Wat Tyler’s rebellion was ignited when a tax collector tried to make a determination that Wat Tyler’s daughter was of taxable age (15) by stripping her naked and assaulting her. Tyler, who was working close by, heard the screams of his wife and daughter, came running and smashed in the tax collector’s skull with a hammer. He was cheered by his neighbors and the commoners of the western division of Kent were brought together by his courage. Wat Tyler was elected their leader.

    Wat Tyler’s group joined another group led by two itinerant priests named John Ball and Jack Straw, and rose 100,000 strong to invade London. The enraged mob broke open every prison and beheaded every judge and lawyer they could capture. They were not allowed to enrich themselves in their rioting. Valuables found in their midst were destroyed. One man who hid a silver cup on his person was thrown into the river as punishment for his misdeed and as an example to others to refrain from such behavior.

    They surrounded Richard II, who asked them what they wanted. Their answer was, “We will be free forever, our heirs and our lands.” Richard II agreed.

    In a face-to-face meeting with Wat Tyler a short time later, Richard II ordered the Lord Mayor of London to “set hands on him.” Tyler was stabbed through the throat with a short sword and, as he lay writhing in agony on the ground after falling off his horse, stabbed through the belly.

    Watching from a distance the peasants instantly arranged themselves in order of battle with their longbows. Richard II rode up to them and said, “Wat Tyler was a traitor. I’ll be your leader.” Confused, the peasants followed the king until his soldiers met him and dispersed the crowd.

    Minus their leader, the peasants went home. Richard reneged on his promises and hanged 1500 of the rebels after “jury trials.” Those trials were presided over by Judge John Tresilian, who told the jurors in each case that he would hang them if they didn’t convict.

    Tresilian was hanged himself seven years later.

    Richard II was forced to abdicate in 1399.

    The English legal system continued to incite wars and rebellions until Englishmen, Scots, and Irish threw off the yoke of English legal tyranny in the American colonies in 1776 and Ireland gained most of her independence in 1921.
    From Here: