Aesop: And Then?

A great big bucket of sober into the faces of anyone getting itchy for the “kill a Commie for mommy” section of the North American Great Disagreement’s opening quarter.

It will all be here soon enough.

And understand that those lists of local Republican and Democrat pols aren’t going to put itself together.

Nor is that neighborhood safety squad.

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  1. Aesop, wry observations but you made the best one then tossed it aside. —
    “Do you figure that Chuck You “Blood In The Streets” Schumer won’t dance in the blood while it’s still warm, with a “SEE? I TOLD YOU SO!” moment, which will be simulcast on ABCNNBCBS 24/7/forever? That it won’t become the reason to roll back the last 35 years of CCW and Constitutional Carry progress? …”

    But of course THEY WILL! That is the point. But the right does not even have to escalate. When the Left sees the right moment, has the right useful idiots in place they will gladly initiate the friendly fire event to elicit that very outcome you describe. To be blunt the Left will murder the Left to advance the outcome you fear.

    “Death is the solution to all problems. No man, no problem” – J. Stalin

    • Escalation is a large part of why confrontation is done, by both sides. Both sides do not like how things are now, and want to get to a situation where the somnolent middle radicalizes and the gloves can come off. Both sides think they will win.

  2. a follower

    Treason against the actual united states; use discernment. We are being divided for a reason. Hatred of each other does not need to have a place in this.

  3. A failure of civility a sobering and excellent read.Tis not in print as far as I know but new/used copies still available on the big E,highly recommend,and after reading a few times loan to family/friends open minded but still on the fence a bit,will never give up on trying to awake others till too late to even get a start,any action better then nothing and like it or not when things go very wrong due to man made or natural events we are in it together.

    • Absolutely. Superb reference. Of course, beyond reading, one must train.

    • Anonymous

      Team Freedom can’t even get a book back in print, but Leftqueers can organize goon squads, pump out well-produced agitprop, and take over institutions. Sad.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Unfortunately, we’re composed of a goodly portion of the uneducated masses, folks who won’t pick up a book or make any attempt to educate themselves now that they’re out of school. They know everything they need to know already, also means they can’t read or write on a functioning adult level. I’ve been bouncing around between the college kids and the blue collar workers here in Wyoming and Idaho for a long time, Hate them all you want, but those liberal college kids are energetic and extremely motivated, reading and writing are the least of their handicaps, in spite of their skewed political perspectives. Most of my recent outdoor and backpacking have been with those in academia, archaeology students and professionals searching out history. Can’t say the same for most of the dirt people I know. Most refuse to learn anything new, it’s like a badge of honor being a brain dead redneck.
        Spent yrs loaning books out, trying to get folks to read and open their eyes, but just like that Jehovah Witness handing out Watchtower mags, my friends threw them away, afraid or too stupid to enlighten themselves. Won’t loan out another good book that cost me hard earned money to buy. Last one that disappeared was ”Neither Predator nor Prey”, signed by my friend Mark Spungin.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Given that Team Communism is: (1) very well funded; and (2) has the support of the major media houses, it’s not exactly a challenge for them to put out agitprop. They’re also organized and have a common plan and goal, so putting out goon squads and taking over weak entities is also child’s play.

        Pretty much it can be summed up as follows:

        Team Liberty: Man, oh man, when it comes time to fight you, we are so gonna kick your ass (after we get done with all our internecine matters, of course).

        Team Communism: Yeah, let us know how that works out. Now, if you’d just kneel at the edge of this pit….

  4. I regard that essay as one written by a coward, furnishing excuses for not engaging communists at this point, rather than permitting them to continue to strengthen. There are over 20 states with “John Brown Gun Clubs” now. While the training for them is poor, it won’t remain that way.

    Yes, shooting them will be an escalation, certainly, not shooting them will be worse.

    • hummus abedin

      👍 👌 👍 👌

    • And the Owmyasshurtz Club gains another member:

      Bundy needs a new girlfriend, and his noodle isn’t going to suck itself.

      It’s possible, if you live to age 309, you’ll eventually grasp that Antifa is a mere sideshow, not the main event, and stop fapping to your Rambo fantasies. Not probable, mind, but possible.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Pat, I’m not trying to throw this in just your face, but the south has done a piss poor job of standing up for itself and it’s monuments the last few yrs, and yet going and sparring with Antifa is supposed to be a good thing? Aesop’s right, it’s nothing but a political diversion, if you don’t show up, they’ll go away soon. You should be marching against your politicians and gov’t houses, not a straw man bluff.

      Since I was in the Corps over 40 yrs ago, I listened ad nauseum to your southrons bragging how the south will rise again……what happened? Not a squeak so far, let alone muskets roaring.

      • After the 2015 CBF removal, we fired half a dozen state senators, several of which had served a long time and thought they were safe.

        Still, the Jew money that is flowing into various Judeo-Marxist movements is huge. Soros, Bloomberg, and the Rothschilds to name a few, are pouring funds into white genocide.

        Sougthern cultural monuments are seen as among the most vulnerable, but they’re not stopping there. A monument to Joan of Arc in New Orleans has already been defaced and with demands for its removal, too.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Well, ol’ Joan was white and Christian, which overrides her grrrlpower.

        • Ever notice how Ashkenazi Jews and Masons are over-represented in the high IQ end of the bell curve? You have to be on the right side of that bell curve to understand the data.

    • Are you shooting them yet?

  5. revjen45

    May I suggest the sling (No, not like a Wrist Rocket, like David had) as a suitable instrument for engaging them in the early stages at least. A
    rain of rocks from the sky would give them some lumps to contemplate without having gunshots with the inevitable forensics and anti-gun political backlash. Also it’s a use and dispose weapon – easy to make with readily available ammo.

    • TheAlaskan

      May I suggest, just don’t show up. What if they called for war and nobody showed up? If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The Right has been not showing up for decades now. So far, that tactic hasn’t been overly successful.

    • may I suggest used golf balls?

  6. Every day we wait, the weaker we get. Our numbers are shrinking, theirs are growing. Tribe and family. Everything else dies. It’s the only way, at this point. Voting? Didn’t work. Praying? Didn’t work. Waiting? Didn’t work.

    • hummus abedin

      👍 👍 👍

      Because it’s factual and correct.

    • You may be right about the waiting part. Time is definitely their friend and our enemy at the moment.

    • Notarealperson

      Waiting works. We should be organizing, recruiting and building communities and networks of folks who look out for one another.

      You choose your fights carefully. Anti-fa isn’t worth it. They are the hired help and disposable. Gun down some anti-fa in public and the entire system will come down on you and yours and make Waco look like a family outing for anyone who gets out of line.

      Seriously they will and would love for you to try.

      Anti-fa are a diversion of sorts to keep us from looking at the at real shot callers and troublemakers. , it’s the political class, bankster scum, Chambers of Commerce, etc. The folks who run the country behind the scenes and who have declared war on us.

      Eventually you’ll get your civil war/uprising/whatever. when the system takes a fall and can’t get back up. It’s getting closer.

      Treasure the time of peace you have for now.

      • Waiting works. We should be organizing, recruiting and building communities and networks of folks who look out for one another.

        Amen on that and it’s what I’ve been advocating for quite some time now…It’s the one thing people could do to further their Liberty than anything else but the pain isn’t enough yet to force them to do it… People love to pack and talk about go bags, bug out vehicles, and all that fun stuff but try and get them to see the need for moving before hand and you get blank stares or that’s to hard to do…Sad That…

    • TheAlaskan

      We’re not getting weaker. We’re becoming aware. We’re prepping. What happened to the “Fuck You That’s Why?” Y’all giving up already? How many generations did it take for the IRA to win a country? We’re not getting weaker…we’re filling ranks!

  7. Don’t feel like The Lone Ranger:

    Hee, The Lone Ranger was my favorite toy, and would even
    put it on my birthday cakes every year.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

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  9. TheAlaskan

    So many here are wanting to pull a trigger. Aesop is right…then what. You just go home. Turn on the news? Make a sandwich? Get your kids ready for bed?

    ANTIFA is not your enemy. Granted, their collective brain cells wouldn’t fill a thimble, but they are not the enemy. What they are, is the hearts and minds that we’ve failed to win…they are our children. And they are the witless pawns of the Deep State…our real enemy.

    Start gunning them down…you’ll get your civil war…in spades. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. Best bone up on Selco readings because you don’t have enough ammo and never will because dying ain’t a very good way of prepping for a living.

    • Aesop is right in that once it starts, you won’t go home until it’s over or you’re dead.

      And yes, people should be (and I believe many are) training, prepping, and so on. Quietly. Without an announcement every few minutes or hours on social media. OPSEC, INFOSEC, they’re ALL the rage! (Snark off.)

      When it comes to a fight, outs going to be the same as prepping or growing your circle of trusted friends, I think, “local, local, local!” When it does (I also don’t believe it’s an ‘if’ anymore, some famous, oft quoted words are apt, “Stand your ground, don’t fire until fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, then let out street here. ” And, once done, when you’ve unsheathed your sword, so to speak, throw away the scabbard (another famous, oft stated quote), because the life you had is over. Your savings, gone. Your routine, gone. Waking your daughter down the aisle in a big wedding gone. Coming home to a congee dinner, gone. Going to work or enjoying retirement, gone. Everything considered, normal….. gone.

      The only positive thing that will be had for those that stood their ground, didn’t fire until fired upon, and then enjoined the war to the knife will be the fact that they acted in defense of their community until the threat was eradicated.

      Or, as others have much maligned here, the ‘moral high ground ‘….. something intangible that sometimes keeps people going on seemingly impossible situations.

      My .02

    • No people don’t want to pull the trigger they want to talk about pulling the trigger so they don’t have to focus on all the things that need to be done before we even get to trigger time…They don’t want to take care of things they need to be doing right now instead it’s easier to just talk about killing a Commie for Mommy…All the rest of that shit like training, sustainability, building tribe/community etc, well that’s just too damn hard to do…Sad That..

    • This. Spot on. When ‘it’ comes, this will be how it will is …… no bull shit.

    • They’re sure as hell not my children. I’ll let you in on something else I’ve found along the way: you cannot save them all. So choose wisely.
      I’ll grant you they’re not the head of the snake, but they’re still a threat and an enemy. I’m not going to waste time slathering the old Michael Bolton time love and tenderness on some hygenically challenged lump of high functioning idiot when I’ve already got better people to see to.
      The big schism will happen. History demonstrates it over and over again.

  10. I have a copy of the book. Wasn’t easy to get a hold of.

  11. AFOC is an excellent manual. Glad I got mine when I did.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Shooting it out in the street is – until absolutely necessary – a stupid option. As the article points out, many of the people have been/can be identified. Once identified, they can be tracked and disappeared.

    With some of these idiots, disappearing would have an additional advantage – there would be uncertainty as to whether they’d been disappeared of simply gone under.

    Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  13. Confederate miner

    Arguing amongst ourselves in this forum about pulling the trigger is irrelevant. The fact is someone WILL pull the trigger. It will happen. We need to start thinking about what do we do when it does. Come on people let’s try and play chess here. Think a few moves ahead.

  14. Let the street children, the dopers and snowflakes riot and burn, let them cut-off traffic for hours curse and hate. Every minute they do so turns the tide against them and towards our side. Firearm sales have barely dropped; the silent majority is quite but not deaf and blind. American youth is not totally lost, because of the internet there are many 1000s motivated to preserve their culture

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yes, gun sales are brisk. That doesn’t mean that they are being bought by allies or like-minded individuals, however.

  15. alaskapaul

    It seems to me that it may be easier to cut the head off the snake than fight the snake. To accomplish this you must first understand the snake. We are talking intelligence. Who is financing the activities of AntiFa? How does the organization communicate up and down the layers of the organization? How and who does the demonstration organizing and directing? I am keeping this in general terms. This is basic Sun Tzu. Know your enemy’s mind and your mind and you will win all battles. Then get inside his OODA loop then he reacts to you. Then you initiate the actions and up the tempo. But it all starts with intelligence.

  16. Mettle.”strength of spirit.” It is a very small population that have had the opportunity to show mettle.The personal show of strength under duress. A human that does not derive strength from the energy of the human spirit is already dead.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Cassandra (of Troy)


    I was going to upbraid you for your COWARDLY DEFEATISM!® but Pat Hines got there first. Even so, He overlooked some particularly choice invective regarding your masculinity/lack of, sexual preferences/abilities, height/weight, length/size, parentage/lineage, type/brand/color of your favorite vehicle/s, & especially the state you reside in/originate from which I assume is that Pit Of ALL That’s Made Owr Uhmerrakuh® Into A SEWER & So MUST Be UTTUHLEH Destroyd For The Sake Of ALL That’s GOOD, DECENT, TRUE, & HOLY, Bah Gawd! a.k.a. California. Dunno how an August & Learned Personage as Pat could make an oversight of such magnitude but He indeed did which would cause one to ponder on just how sharp He (& by extension His assocs/disciples) really is, or it could be that your turpitude’s SO obvious that further descriptive verbiage of it would be redundant. A sho nuff puzzler it be.

    And THEN you go w/ unabashed cogency aforethought & PUBLICLY whizz all over the fanta, uh, BELIEFS, of myriads of Brave, Steadfast, & TRUE Spirit o’ 76 neo-Founders a waitin ta get out & whoop summa that Commie A** & Make Uhmerruhkuh GREAT Agin by bringing up some ‘inconvenient truth’. FOR SHAME, thou Vile Dastard, doing such a reprehensible thing like that w/o the SLIGHTEST thought/care about the dispiritin’ effect such yella blather’d have on FreeFor. Good thing you committed such a BRAZEN act of disgusting thoughtfulness here instedda at, say, Vox Day’s Realm where the REAL Men/Women Who Genuinely CARE About Civilization are as they’d SURELY give ye the Sound Thrashing ye SO richly DESERVE for yer caddishness!

    Oh & btw, kudosus maximus, idnit funny how doing such can reliably evoke opprobrium from folk who are ostensibly philosophical kindred? Reminds me of the abuse I once received at another Patriot!® site for doing similarly which ultimately resulted in my ‘excommunication’ & permanent banishment from that Bastion Of Honor & Decency. It’s interesting (& a bit sad) how that since then ‘Cassandra’s psychosis’ has become ever more acceptable as time & events have progressed. And in closing, I’ll hook you up w/ my dressmaker should you desire it, he’s quite good & can do absolute WONDERS like his trademark magenta satin combat harness w/ chatreuse silk piping which is sturdy & STYLISH! Just lemme know.