Equal Time From Monsieur Macron & His Mom

Via Gab above and below:

3 responses to “Equal Time From Monsieur Macron & His Mom

  1. Pretty close to Oedipus complex.
    Come to think of it, she might be a part time handler too.

  2. Fucking disgusting. Whatever respect I might have still had for the French people and France itself will be gone with the election of this ninny boy. If the French fail to elect Le Pen, they will have sent a strong message, as strong as the one sent by Americans when they denied Hillary the White House. Is Trump much better? Maybe not, but electing him was a message. The message was “BFYTW”. Electing Le Pen is “BFYTW”.

    Electing Boy Macron is “FMITA”.

  3. in fairness to Macon, the French in general have been wacked out on appropriate relationships for quite a while; but Macon’s election will ensure that several hundred more French will die by muslim attacks and most likely a few hundred more French women raped by muslims that did not have to.. Much like illegal immigration had seen a serious decline mostly on Trump’s election, some muslim violence in France will dindle if LePen was elected.