For Our French Readers

C’est notre plaisir, via Twitter.

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8 responses to “For Our French Readers

  1. That the leaking of the “leak” comes virtually at the 11th hour to the media electioneering shutdown is suspect.

  2. just plain todd

    said it before, i will say it again. fuck france. mankind has outlived his usefulness. go team caliphate!! a civilization that won’t save itself must go the way of the dinosaur. whether its the usa or europe.

  3. French media was ordered not to publish the contents of the leaks?

    Why have a media? Why have the press? Just eliminate all of it and form a government managed news agency. It’s no different.

    • Not excusing it, but it is their law that media ratchets down during a 48 hr period or something prior to vote casting. (The list of countries where the press has less latitude than ours is a long one.) It is a couple large sets of files (about 750MB), in appearance mostly related to files by a business consultant who was also acting as a campaign person (although there is a “good-bye love letter after a 3-yr affair” on there). That’s why I suspect the motive (and origin) of the release just prior to blackout.

  4. Well done.

    My God…. in an apocalypse, can such monsters be put in power?


  5. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: French elections

    A possibly troublesome wrinkle for many here/elsewhere.: