On The Imbalance Of Political Terror

Clear thinking.

Expressed in full sentences.


…Many libertarians and rightists have realized that the modern liberal democratic state is an inherently left-wing institution. Even the soi disant conservatives in such systems of governance hold positions on issues that would be far to the left of acceptable opinion in a traditional monarchy or stateless propertarian society. Whenever an authentic right-wing and/or libertarian movement does manage to take power in a democratic state, it does not last long. Whether by elections, assassinations, or coups d’état, its leaders are removed and its reforms are reversed in short order by establishment hacks who are incensed that anyone dared to disrupt their progressive vision. They then double down on leftism, accelerating the destruction of society, which leads some to believe that right-wing activism will always fail.

There are several explanations for this state of affairs, but there are four aspects of anti-progressive political movements which might be remedied to great effect. First, when libertarians and/or rightists gain political power, they tend to take a principled stand against using that power to reward their friends, punish their enemies, funnel money into their activist organizations, disrupt their opponent’s activist organizations, and engage in social engineering. But leftists have no such scruples about using the state as a weapon to advance their agenda, deftly wielding this dark power to push society toward their dystopian ideals.

Second, the left has gained a stranglehold on the institutions of power. Neoreactionaries refer to these collectively as the Cathedral. The Cathedral consists of bureaucrats, regulators, non-governmental organizations, the establishment press, and most of academia, which tow a nearly consistent party line. These are headed by and staffed mostly by people who share incorrect basic assumptions and perverse incentives which lead them to act in a manner threatening to both tradition and liberty. Though libertarians and rightists have had some success at gaining political figurehead positions, they rarely do any significant infiltration, restructuring, or demolition of the Cathedral. This means that the leftist establishment can continue pressing its thumb on the scales of demographics and public opinion, thus making future attempts at thwarting their efforts more difficult.

Third, leftists have shown themselves to be far more willing to engage in direct action, such as street violence, social harassment and stigmatization of their opponents, and economic ostracism. Though rightists tend to balk at the social disorder that such methods cause, and libertarians tend to dismiss such methods as anti-libertarian even when they are not, refusing to use a weapon that is in play and being used by the enemy is tantamount to willfully entering into a boxing match with one’s hands tied behind one’s back.

Fourth, few moderate leftists are willing to denounce the most extreme elements of their faction, silently acquiescing to rioters who have no respect for private property or even the lives of anyone who is remotely right-wing. Conversely, the right and the libertarians (or what passes for them) seem obsessed with respectability, purging anyone who leftists might deem beyond the pale from polite conservative/libertarian (or cuckservative/cuckertarian) society. While it would be best if both communists and neo-Nazis could be relegated to the fringes of society, it makes no sense to run out one’s most ardent and willing fighters if the other side will not do the same.

The combination of these four factors produces an imbalance of what may be termed political terror, which may be defined as the use of violence, threats, fear, and intimidation by one political faction in a society against its opponents…


And how’s that home address list for your local D & R pols coming?

16 responses to “On The Imbalance Of Political Terror

  1. There is only one way to stop the communist “deep state” KILL THEM ALL. Everything else is bullshit.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      To do that requires numbers, organization, support, and a clearly-defined endgame, all of which Team Liberty lacks in varying degrees of totality.

  2. All on a used laptop that only uses public WiFi access from another highly populated city.
    Everyone needs a special dedicated portable computer and a couple of burner phones.
    $250 will set you up.
    Run Linux.

    • Not just any linux. At a minimum you need Tails on a USB. And if you are really paranoid a MAC random number generator that spoofs on boot.

  3. dumpkaine

    If memory serves the rioters who became the victims of the Boston Massacre were really not very nice people. They were rowdies and toughs. The liberty movement embraced them when it suited.

    And to another point: we must be willing to become the thing we hate to engage in the fight if we are to survive. And lastly the right must accept but there will be losses along the way. There seems to be this general idea that the losses will be “not me”. People believe they are too important to the cause to become losses.

    We are talking about the survival of our civilization.

    Finally I wish to yet again emphasize no one ever won anything big by playing defense. We must think in terms of offense.

    • The “liberty movement” didn’t embrace them, the mob did. Posthumously.
      John Adams defended the soldiers who shot them.
      Funny how history rhymes lessons like that.

      I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

      No one ever won anything with a stupid offense, either.

      Losses are up to fate. Minimize its say in outcomes.
      Obvious suicide missions are for morons.
      Figure out a way to win with minimal to no casualties.
      See Musashi and Sun Tzu on “swordlessness”.

  4. a follower

    Some of us can see that the enemy of my enemy is not our friend.
    We will stand, but we are never alone.

    • a follower

      1,000 may fall at your side, And 10,000 at your right hand; But it does not come near you. Seek His seal of protection.

  5. He had me up until he said that Republicans should also use the IRS but to go after left wing groups. Won’t happen. The Republicans are left wing. Thus our current dilemma.

  6. The author advocates using state power to oppress the left getting them to agree to reduce state power or by directly reducing the influence of the left.

    This ignores the statists, which don’t care whether right or left policies are implemented and long as the power of the state is increased. Both the left and the right are satisfied with increased government power as long as some of their desires are met. For the left, these include abortion, government provided health care, government welfare. For the right, it includes the war on drugs, strong military and being the world’s policeman.

    Most of the left and right squabble over how much power each has. Both are happy to increase the power of the state, as long as each gets their cut of the increase.

    There aren’t libertarians and nominal allies on the right vs. the left. It is libertarians vs. the state (with right and left supporting branches).

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    For anything to change, the elites (and not just the political ones) are going to have to be presented with a steady parade of cadaveri eccellenti, like as a not, the result of a poor choice in the plata o plomo offering.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Steady Steve

    We are going to need a lot of helicopters.

  10. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Imbalance indeed.:


    And some people wonder why the following sentiments still exist.:


    Speaking of lists, some candidates.:

    (In that case, EXTREME measures MUST be taken NOW to ensure that Leftist’s free speech/assembly ‘rights’ are ABOLISHED for the above stated ‘reason’)
    (Perhaps Lil’ Davumz of Nobil Cahnahdah® should discuss the RKBA w/ other foreigners like himz fellow Nobil Canayjun® Mahk Steyn, the abovementioned Fabio di Italia, or Judeo-Romanian Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circ Ct)