Sabo Sends

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9 responses to “Sabo Sends

  1. At some point they will be bringing bike locks to a gun fight.

  2. And then the killing starts. There should be little doubt in your mind that we are a hair away from someone getting zapped at one of these events.

    • It’s wild, wild west after that. I would like to take the time to thank Obama for fundamentally transforming the country, another instance of mission completed Barak !

  3. Lol, why even bother if the books aren’t being read? Convince an entire generation that ignorance is bliss and you’ve done what the communists in previous iterations could never do. Few people want their beliefs challenged or working knowledge of things expanded, and not simply on the left. Dead white guys really aren’t that scary, it’s ok to read them even if you disagree. 🙂