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  1. Redhatty

    Head’s Up & spread the word – monuments are now surrounded by high chain-link fence with no entry. Most of them leave enough room for the removal trucks & lots of LEOs – From a Local

  2. Is AntiFa supposed to be at these events?

  3. So what are we bringing to this? Helmets and pads? Gas mask? Mace? Better, bear spray? Or is that too much? Is anyone CCW to these events?

    • Redhatty

      Constitutional Carry is in the state constitution now. Not sure how they handle out of state CCW permits though.

  4. Y’all be careful down there, the Big Easy ain’t Pikeville.

  5. a follower

    Little children, keep yourselves from idols.

  6. very sad to see the South dismantled by a mob of commies.


  7. GenEarly

    The War was over in 1865. the surrendering Confederate generals as well as the victorious Union generals realized an honorable ending was essential to avoiding guerrilla warfare continuing for possibly decades.
    Now, we see the “ProgreSSive Great Undoing”, but these Confederate statues are STONE not living men. The Confederate leaders and generals knew all too well that the Union victors would write the books and control the history. Also the cities of the South are now controlled and ruled by the descendants of the former slaves and seek their political vengeance. It is just a continuation of the 1865 surrender. So while I so much respect my Southern ancestors, and abhor this revisionism, it is to be expected. It is not as bitter as “Swallowing the Dog” was to our ancestors.
    My point is that War is lost and over, as is the earlier 1775 War. We have also lost the Republic as well as the Confederacy.
    Retroactive Reactions are still Defense, a strategy that ended the Confederacy. If we can not plan future political actions or devise future strategies then this is a waste of time and energy, imo. As bitter as it is to say and accept. The Past is Dead, Devise New paradigms for the Future.

    • TheAlaskan

      Well said General. They can always be re-carved or re-cast in a more sane future. One only hopes they are not replaced by a likeness of Caitlyn Jenner or similar.

  8. I wasn’t raised a racist but the events of today’s America sure are making me one. people you never knew were mistreated so many of you could live off of the backs of taxpaying americans and it’s still not enough. can we ship them back to Africa, they’re still only 10% of the country.

    • Redhatty

      I have literally had the conversation where I pointed out that, “It has been 12 GENERATIONS since the civil war & the end of slavery, exactly how many more will it take for you to get over it?” Of course, they never do answer.

  9. Grey Ghost

    IMHO, the leftists in this country are no better than ISIS or the Taliban when it comes to destroying historical references (monuments/statues). They do this in order to keep their brainwashed public screwl version of the War for Southern Independence alive and well in the public consciousness. Further taking down everything Confederate appeases the “minority” and yankee vote.

    There was no violence when they took down the Liberty Place monument, but then the PoPo had snipers on rooftops and firemen with ski masks rigging and taking down the monument. So the monument to fighting the corrupt carpetbagger/scalawag RECONSTRUCTION state and local government is gone. And if Take ’em Down NOLA has their way a lot more will come down too.

    I suspect the mayor will have his PoPo snipers in full force again whenever they start with the other statues. I predict there will be violence and maybe even some people dying as the protests have been heated on both sides over the last few days. A few days ago, some on the pro statue side showed up with their AR’s and then NOLA PoPo promptly barricaded off the statues and proclaimed them “no gun zones”.

    New Orleans is not the only southern city under assault by the BLM/Soros communist cabal, but New Orleans is surely getting attention for their “progress”.

    Grey Ghost

  10. The American Taliban, comin to the big easy to erase history….. I notice they STILL ain’t tryin this horseshit in confirmed conservative areas. Wonder why?…..

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Just take Aesop’s advice: cool your jets and update your lists of frenemies. We need to have a clear count and associated names of all who lobbied, participated, and enjoyed mocking our forefathers. Remember that they think they are winning. And be sure to tip your hat at the local politicians-we know that our time comes.

  13. Redhatty

    One last message of caution to the patriots coming (or in) my fair city Sunday. There is a large portion of the population here that, for lack of a better term, are feral. Please don’t let the feral portion of the population provoke you. They are not worth it & won’t learn from it anyways.

  14. An attempt to ban guns will be tried in NOLA. Columbia, SC was successfully sued over their ban during the CBF removal in 2015.

  15. Redhatty

    Final head’s up!!!! IMPORTANT!!!! Open carry at the monuments may fall within gun-free school zones!!!

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