Contra Cosmopolitanism


Good people will reject such craziness and simply keep voting for the Elites’ beneficent reign.

So do your Betters plan.

(H/t HA)

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  1. VooDoo6Actual

    Not a bad read. Posits some wrong generalizations about Jews.
    He gets most of ethnonationalism concept right. Fails to address the Kalergi plan – Cloward – Piven -Alinsky playbook plans as doctrines that Deep State Brzezinski doctrine sycophants such as Obozo – Clintons – Rham Emanuel – Socialists – Marxists – Trotsky’s are using. Do some deligence on Ian Brzezinki @ CIA if you want to see it for reals…The PTB have intentionally mostly scrubbed his CIA involvement for a reason. Much of real objective truth is scrubbed because they are nervous & know too many people already know how to unravel it. Trump didn’t drain Ian Brzezinski or other important linchpins at 7th level of CIA. Most people have no clue anyways.

    “Don’t get me wrong here. A Jewish elite really has taken up positions of power in the United States and elsewhere in the West, and it really is characterised by extreme subversive and globalist tendencies”

    He gets part of it right & part of it wrong. It’s not the ‘Jews’ per se but with specificity I’ll indict it is the Zionist’s – Ashkenazi – Kharzarian Jews & they’re coterie cohorts. It’s a complicated labrinthine social construct Gordian Knot on purpose & the PTB don’t want it figured out for the obvious reasons. Cremation of Care, Talmud – Baal – OTO – Free Masonry – Illuminati @ higher levels have cult codes – creeds – beLIefs – symbolism – crypto-religions (aka the ‘other’ meaning of cryptophasia) crypto-theologies – by design. Failure to acknowledge or recognize that is the prime reason most people can’t figure it out, don’t want or care to, disbelieve they exist, can’t explain it but are usually the first to throw oot Conspiracy Theorist to marginalize or minimize the importance or significance of the truth etc.
    “The absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence”. We are in that realm & surreal epoch in time where these coterie’s – Gnostics – OTO’s etc. are trying to bring in they’re reign of rule.
    It’s easier for people be dismissive – hurl invective ad homenims & not do the necessary research to see what’s & who’s behind it. The real rfacts are there & most do not want to take the time to unravel the Gordian Knot of long arduous & austere research to see the objective truth.

    Just like Hitler’s plan for World domination & the who – how – & why it was setup only this is the part deux.

    • the distinction between the Ashkenaz and “other” Jews is a red herring. 90% of the identifiable Jews in the world today are Ashkenaz.

    • I think his point was that 90% of whites would react with either horror or incomprehension at what you just wrote. But say, “the evil white globalists are screwing you!” and 100% of that 90% will cheer loudly and demand action.

  2. “If the pullulation of managerialism after our initial destruction of Cosmopolitan power can be held in check, then we will end up with something very close to the neoreactionary ideal: a state with increased power traded off against reduced size. If not, then we will end up with what Francis called a “hard managerial state”. The point is not to insist on one or the other, but to ensconce our own ideology as the sole legitimate political formula, so that any future developments or non-developments will take place on our terms.”

    In other words, management is the problem, stop the name calling and end the identity crisis, lets shoot them and get it over with! Further, if you don’t speak to the common man, you lost them. The average guy needs a dictionary to understand what you said. Don’t talk down to people, understand?
    Joe, like an average Joe, ya know?

    • exactly. Keep it simple. Pin the tail exactly where it belongs: (((…))).

    • Jimmy the Saint

      But if you don’t talk down to the commoners, how will you show your superiority to them? One must properly present one’s credentials to rule the rubes, old bean.

  3. Anonymous

    If we can take control of the executive power in nation-states, as Marine Le Pen is presently attempting to do, our main priority will be to:

    Another phrasing of, ‘government works if only the right people, our people, are in charge’.