Baugh: Cultural Distortions And The Resulting Adaptations

Tom thinks about the declining West and sees real opportunities.

For those who can adapt to a rapidly-changing cultural/social/economic environment.

Can you?

And are you passing it on to young people?

Be a mammal.

Not a reptile.

8 responses to “Baugh: Cultural Distortions And The Resulting Adaptations

  1. You don’t even need a declining West to see the chances listed in that article.

  2. not-bad essay, except for the “uber-damen” stuff. Most young White women will stay home with their vibrators, f*ck niggers, play lezzie games, and watch S&M/B&D porn, rather than return to trad values; just as they are now doing. On (((campus))), Moldylocks is the rule, not the exception. The 101’s will have to be – literally – beaten into submission when the crunch comes. This is, of course, one reason why Islam continues to win: their women are trads. They reproduce and socialize the young. Unlike white women mass-poisoned by the kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism.

    • Typically large “trad” Catholic families are homeschooling our children to recognize and overcome The Enemy, his minions, and (((their))) works.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed with first two sentences. As long as family court decisions are obeyed by fathers, there’s no reason for college-going women to do anything other than get pregnant and bill the father for child support. The lower class bills government because the father doesn’t earn wealth to take. Islam, however, is not winning. Rejectors of technology and brain work are going to see the underside of the singularity tsnuami.

  3. Impressive art work and dialog. I always thought Dino would put himself before Fred. I was wrong.

  4. I love reading of some hope for the future. I have advised many young men to forego Kall-ige with all of it’s insanity, and go for the trades. Yes, being your own boss is trying, but the rewards of running your own show is maximum times 1 million. Working your butt off is okay-as long as YOU reap the rewards. You won’t down at the cube farm. And I do not share Haxo’s dismal outlook on young women. A neighbor down the street has her 18 yro granddaughter staying with her. The girl is blonde with luminous white skin-like you used to see on movie stars in the 40’s. She is starting the local junior college, working part time, and rides her bike to save her gas money. Miss Beautiful is schooling to become a nurse. I said, oh my mom was a nurse. Do you like caring for people? She says, yeah, she likes working with babies. And she hopes she meets a rich husband. So, hope springs eternal. Not all is lost.

  5. Anybody has the figures of number of women
    compared to men, for example – do women outnumber
    men, or men outnumber women? Then, there is the fact
    of “Sex Typed Behaviors.” Thesis’s done by Kotulshuk[sp?],
    Pruitt, and I think Gardner.