Buppert: France Shrugs — Dissolution Lente

Bill calls the race.

Open thread for this eventful Sunday.

UPDATE 1123E 7MAY2017: As of 5pm CET, voter turnout is at 65.3%, slughtly less than on first round. More updates at France24 election coverage.

UPDATE 1330E 7MAY2017: From Twitter:


Macron 65.1/Le Pen 34.9

(Via Twitter)

(Via Twitter)

16 responses to “Buppert: France Shrugs — Dissolution Lente

  1. Bill lays it out pretty well in this piece. My only observation is, how can there be Battle of Tours II when a significant portion of the battlespace is already ‘occupied’ behind the lines?

  2. As I said last week, I figure the three other constituencies gang up together and shellack left-centrist LePen.
    If she bests her last showing of 21% in a four-way split by more than a token few points, it’s a minor miracle. She’s pretty much assured of being the George Wallace of the Fifth (and likely final) Republic. Winning would be a walking-on-water miracle.

    But the next elections in Faransah won’t matter, as they’ll likely be a choice between Sunni and Shi’a.
    Barring divine intervention or thermonuclear landscaping, which amounts to the same thing.

    • oughtsix

      Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not the first…

      Sodom and Gomorrah were.

  3. “Remember, this is not hacking in the classic sense of breaking into systems firewalls but usually logic bearing memory devices smuggled out of facilities and handed off in dead drops.”

    I think Buppert got the “hack” angle right; the whole dump (and that’s what it appears) has some little “too-perfect” nuances of the directory structure. More like it was simply put on a USB stick & leaked. Russians!

    As to end-game, Aesop seems to have that in hand. (And Merkel has to be drooling uncontrollably.)

  4. Around the bend it’s Mommie Dearest by a length…..

  5. Initial results at 2000CET, according to France24.

  6. oughtsix

    It has to be said, so…. motherfucker!

  7. Vive Le Faransah! Aloha Snackbar!

    Word, chiennes:
    Ain’t no one gonna be landing in Normandy this time around.
    Not from anywhere.

  8. France voted to completely capitulate to islamic terrorism today. Macron said as much when he told France ” We have to get used to terrorism” after little 11yo Etta from Sweden was cut in two last month. Europe is gone now. Turn your head from the horror. Europe can never complain about terrorism again after voting against Wilders and Le Pen.
    People talk about the ‘next’ election. After they import another 5 million ‘undocumented voters’ there will be no more democracy in Europe. Merkel and Macron have promised to punish Poland and Hungary and the other eastern bloc countries for failing to commit cultural and racial genocide. Putin will offer them a much better deal.
    Bloody ramadan starts the 28th of this month. Europe can’t complain now. They have to take it with a grin.

    • There is an abject and final lesson for Americans in this.


        True. Amerika will not listen. The Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs are going on. But, if you tune into TNT for the playoffs, you’ll get a: “…serious discussion on race in America and White Privilege.” I’m not kidding.
        All of this is the best lesson for anyone with a brain to keep prepping, watching, and listening. The sheeple are clueless, the politicians and banksters are laughing their asses off, and the MSM is still churning out fake news. Bleib ubrig.

  9. Jewstooge political hack won, Jewstooge political hack lost. At least those who voted for Ms. Le Pen will not have to undergo the withdrawal pains currently being experienced by the ‘Murkan Trumpaholics.

  10. Grey Ghost

    BB gives the short course on politics in France… well done.

    With this “vote” the Rubicon has been crossed and as Aesop points out, no one will be coming to save their ass this time around. Which is exactly right. And in case you were wondering, no one will be coming to save the U.S.

    Grey Ghost

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Haxo, you’re right. Right now, I’m hurtin’ big time….