GoV: Gravedigger Of The Left

An extended explainer on Soros and his MO.

And Team Evil just scored another win.

So it goes.

5 responses to “GoV: Gravedigger Of The Left

  1. I think it’s obvious that the momma’s boy won through a combination of corruption, allowing muslims the voting privilege, and white leftists.

    • and White centrists, and White Cucks: so long as [[[they]]] are getting their (((Central Bank))) debt-financed bennies, they’ll keep on voting for national, racial, civilizational, and self-liquidation. Here, as in Europe. My prediction on the frog election, made @ WRS, was, incidentally, Macron 60/Le Pen 40.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yep. You can almost draw up a “Soros Blueprint” for these shenanigans. Use it as a template for future takeovers.

    Am waiting for Matt Bracken’s latest installment on the “frogs-progs-and-Musloifds,” now that France has “officially” become FRENCH TOAST.

    Matt seems to be batting a 1000 these days. Stay tuned for Tet a la Francaise–coming soon to the 5th Republic.

  3. The bleeding in Francostan has just started.

  4. Strange how a Pill hasn’t made it into Soro’s CPU