NOLA Sunday

Via Twitter, above and below (note also the advisories in comments here):


UPDATE 0850E 7MAY2017: Your betters at the NYT opine about your motives.

See also this CTA from Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers

NavyJack is adding to this post as events warrant

CBS affiliate reporter’s Twitter feed

UPDATE 1338E 7MAY2017: Live update from scene:

NYT: Tempers Flare Over Removal of Confederate Statues in New Orleans

Photos above via HW on Twitter.

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  1. hummus licker

    Do what the “Drone strike” Keepers
    order you to do?
    Who gave them control of tactical leadership?
    Especially since plenty of self organized
    locals have been guarding the monuments.
    I assume these are the same
    “oathkeepers” who backed out of
    the Gravelly Point rally at the last minute,
    after beef Stew’s terrified squawking
    that the rally would be attacked and
    become a bloodbath.

    • Then just sit in your fucking living room and keep bitching while everyone else is DOING.

      • hummus abedin

        Nah, I don’t imitate polished turds.
        I’ll leave that task to you boyo.
        That’s what you couch surfing
        mutts have done for so long, you’ve
        made it into an art form of impotence.
        The valid question still remains.

  2. Catlin’s post nails it: “Heads we win, tails you lose.”

  3. a follower

    So i think about the meatspace here. (The middle ground. The High ground.)
    Where is it?
    During the “lenten season) i was led to look into the origins of MardiGras(a day of carnival.) Do you know the origins? Not just new-orleans, not just mobile alabama, look for the roots.Clue? The Roman empire.
    Has it spread? Why yes, yes it has, to many cities, Indianapolis, Muncie indiana etc. Check your state.

  4. VooDoo6Actual

    It’s real simple. End the Fake News paradigm that the Ashkenazi;’s are controlling w/ the Gaslighing – infighting divide & conquer tactics & things have more order & less chaos. The fact that Trump is not willing to do that tells me all I need to know. This moring I went to log onto DISQUS account & got message error. “Your browser is not supported” That’s how censorship & 1st Amendment freedoms get extinguished folks. Here right now we are living it in America. I use Start Page & Duck Duck Go for many reasons. Hate GOOGLE with a freeman’s heart & would never sign in to google. They can get metadata anyways but they will at least have to work for it & go through the channels.

    Just a heads up I noticed & some other’s here I talk with ‘back channel’ & the comments here are getting more hostile – inflammatory w/ certain individuals. The comment times & duration is being shortened it appears.

    tfA-t’s comment on Training was spot on as was Grey Ghost’s comment as well.


    #1 “tfA-t | May 6, 2017 at 09:24 |

    if you’re not cold, wet, hungry, tired, and under pressure- it’s not training.

    AN THIS:

    #2 “Grey Ghost | May 6, 2017 at 20:01 |

    I’m throwing the BULLSHIT flag on you Aesop. No one has to train initially in “ideal conditions”… that just isn’t so nor does it produce a better warrior or whatever you are training for. You train initially and advanced in whatever conditions are present and in fact, in advanced training you intentionally make it increasingly more difficult.

    For all this initial training under ideal conditions pablum… you get the participation trophy for last place.

    There is always a good reason to train in difficult conditions even initial training, because when presented with the real situation you’ll fall back on your level of training and ultimately that was selco’s point.

    Tfat is exactly right… and I’ll add “your not doing it right” if you aren’t cold, tired, wet, hungry and under pressure. And the “under pressure” is the most important part.

    Grey Ghost”


    3# This is spot on & agree 100%

    “Haxo Angmark | May 5, 2017 at 17:49 |

    $8 billion debtbux for “pre-existing conditions”. And 90% of the rest is the same as Obamacare. I don’t know what the other 10% is. Probably worse.”

    Yes it’s crumbs & Bravo Sierra to create more surreal Chaos & infighting drama while clock is ticking & the Askenazi’s programmers in MSM grinding it down using PsyOp tools.

    • a follower

      i had thought we were individuals? Each to his own and all that.

      • you talk a lot of shit for someone who has no clue of you speak.

        eat some poo poo- boy.

      • VooDoo6Actual

        Dunning-Kruger’s postulation in 99′ was “nothing new under the Sun” (Ecclesiastes). Several philosophers & scientist’s heck, even Shakespheare had already made that observation antecedent many years prior in “As You Like it” circa 1623 some 375+ years earlier.

        “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool”

        Confucius – “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance”

        Bertrand Russell – “One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision”

        Charles Darwin “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge””

    • VooDoo,

      There is an exception to every observation. If I am introducing a noob to firearms for the first time I WANT ideal conditions. I will pick the day of the week the the range is the least active and if I can, arrange with the RM a station away from other shooters. I want no distractions and the trainee laser focused on what they are doing. (and me looking for what they will do wrong.)

      But yes, military forces train in all conditions. (except maybe the French.)

      • VooDoo6Actual

        A cathartic epiphany ?. Not.
        Perhaps there is some misinterpretations of what is / was said that is lost in translation ? I’m pretty sure it’s established contemporaneously in academia that bi-pedal hominids should walk before they run.

        I think (at least as I interpreted & perceived I won’t & can’t speak for them) the comments, were more central to & around a simple concept of “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” – Archilochus

        I interpret & perceive Grey Ghost & tfA-t’s comments as a ‘logos’ (logical opinion) solatium – lagniappe extension of that axiom concept. Nothing more. I’m confident & sure If I interpreted they’re comments wrong they are beyond capable of letting me know.

        • Au contraire.
          They’re positive that everyone should start the Olympic Decathalon at birth, because anyone who doesn’t is a pussy and bound to fail.
          This is why the Marines got rid of boot camp entirely, and just administer the Crucible when recruits first step off the bus. Saves months of wasted time.
          Crawl-Walk-Run is the express train to “the participation trophy for last place”.

          Wait…that never happened?
          Someone, call the Pentagon, and tell them “they’re doing it wrong” since forever.

          • Grey Ghost

            Look Jackass I never said not to start at the beginning when it comes to training all I said was that it does NOT have to be under IDEAL conditions as you claim. Go read my post instead of posting false analogies as to the point I was trying to make.

            Grey Ghost

  5. Comments run 24 hours after post hack, regardless of content.

  6. kay_de_leon

    So a bunch of historical monuments are being removed via communist influence and most of the rattling chatter in the comments box are about maybe you aren’t cold/tired/dehydrated enough when youre training. lol.

  7. Antifa is the cheese, dirt people are the mice, the trap is set, the idea is to get the mice to take the bait, the trap is multiple false narratives the fake media can run with. It is all most likely all set up ready to go. All that is needed is the dirt people to take the cheese. Like use their “assault rifle” to shoot one of the useful snowflakes/idiots/cannon fodder called antifa.
    They have to disarm the dirt people. They always have. They can’t risk leaving millions and millions of dirt people armed to the teeth.

    • Nice work, as always. You should get on Gab ( ) as it allows you to cross-post onto twitter with a single post.

      Do you have a “Welcome To Your Only Real Allies, The Dirt People” 101-level post (and illustrations for Tea Party normies who are just getting that they actually will have to cap (or Scalia-pillow) Mrs. Crabapple, the kindly-acting old lefty busybody who is the neighborhood block watcher, Post Office employee/snitch, and local board meeting first-gen feminist gadfly?

      You should. Gonna be a shitload of them coming down the pike this way.


    • hummus abedin

      Okay, Admiral Ackbar.

    • The setup, as you state, is baked in. I suspect that an ANTIFA shooter will be used to light the candle, by firing over the heads of Patriots and sacrificing a few of their own pawns. Stay wary of inital reports of whatever.

  8. “Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework in which the problems were created.”
    Ask yourselves who has chosen the ground in this situation. The monuments are key terrain in a sense, of a cultural and historic nature.
    The idea conceivably would be to find THEIR key terrain, compel THEM to react. It is about temporal supremacy. McRaven talks about this in Spec-Ops-Studies-Operations-Practice.
    Right now, the forces (of all, not just both sides) assembling in NOLA are of the Cheng variety in Sun Tzu. Wither goest the Chi forces?

    • Citation?

      McRaven talks about this in Spec-Ops-Studies-Operations-Practice

      Not being a dick. And assuming it’s OS/groundling available.

      • Randolph Scott

        I found this

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Can’t believe some low life cocksucker actually blacked out the Luftwaffe belt buckle insignia. Gotta be PC to sell a book cover.

          • Page 5, para “D” of the thesis is where McRaven states the “relative superiority” concept. I misstated it as “relative supremacy.” As I recall, there are some simplified graphs to illustrate the concept in the book. Figure 1-1, page 10 of his thesis has one such graph to get the point across in 2 seconds flat.

      • https://www%5Bdot%5Damazon%5Bdot%5Dcom/Spec-Ops-Studies-Operations-Practice/dp/0891416005. I have to find my local personal copy to drill it down more. Best bet is to find it in a local used bookstore for cents on the dollar. Issue central is to be able to mass forces in time (temporally) to achieve local supremacy, then get off the “X” before enemy forces can smash your bag.
        From the AMZ description, so you know what you are getting: “eight classic special operations. Six are from WWII: the German commando raid on the Belgian fort Eben Emael (1940); the Italian torpedo attack on the Alexandria harbor (1941); the British commando raid on Nazaire, France (1942); the German glider rescue of Benito Mussolini (1943); the British midget-submarine attack on the Tirpitz (1943); and the U.S. Ranger rescue mission at the Cabanatuan POW camp in the Philippines (1945). The two post-WWII examples are the U.S. Army raid on the Son Tay POW camp in North Vietnam (1970) and the Israeli rescue of the skyjacked hostages in Entebbe, Uganda (1976).”
        Maybe I am conflating it with this: (Link to McRaven’s Naval Postgraduate School work). The original is prolly still in the Knox Library there. The link is free to read and is worthwhile.
        Excerpt from the initial pages of his thesis: “This thesis presents eight historical cases and demonstrates how certain principles of special operations can be combined to achieve relative superiority. Relative superiority is the condition that exists when a smaller force gains a decisive advantage over a larger or well defended enemy. It is how special operations forces achieve this decisive advantage that explains their success.”

      • No worries, I have been in drive by mode as other priorities have truncated my thoughts and posts. In no way am I un specializing the normal SF cats out there, the concepts are open source and apply across the spectrum of conflict, from polite discussion, to depositions, to what we have at present. It is a structure of thought (how), not what to think in concrete terms.

  9. Good to know that. I’d figured out there is a time cut-off on comments, wasn’t sure what it was. Thanks!

  10. New Orleans native say Deputy Mayor was with Antifa

    • SemperFi, 0321

      great comment with Tylers Rebellion, the masses will always be led astray by the next new leader. Somehow they just can’t figure out it’s just another trap.

      • SF,0321,
        Yes, I remember under a certain movement feeling all lone,
        with barely a handful doing all the “work.” Amazingly all were
        getting shafted, but feared loosing whatever tiny bones thrown
        at them and fearing loosing them.
        The story about Wat Tyler hit me like a ton of bricks when I read
        it years ago.
        semper vivium

  11. Antifa is arriving at the monuments now. There’s been arrests already.

  12. what-ever. I’ve said this to Hunter at his site, and I’ll say it here: the winners write the history books, and the winners’ monuments stay up longer. Next time, southron cavaliers, Win. Don’t lose. And pick you own cotton.

  13. (((Cohencidence)))

    Apparently the OathCuckers sided with Antifa.

  14. (((Cohencidence)))

  15. In case anybody is looking for a cheap TTP to drive a crowd nuts and wear on their nerves…. put together a “drum corps” of your non combatants. Give them ear plugs, a 5 gallon empty spackle bucket (1 each) and have them, as a group pang out toneless or even rhythms near the HQ of your opposition. makes it difficult to hear, concentrate… do it right (low bar for success here), and you notably distract, annoy.

    • Your guys did real good. Watched OD’s vids, along with most of Baked Alaska’s periscope live cast:

      Lots of lessons there.

      To those who didn’t watch, everyone stood their ground against a (largely peaceful in terms of violence, but agitated to the point of frothing) very large (several hundred at least) crowd screaming all sorts of ugly. NOLA cops kept the two sides apart.

      Biggest lesson for me from the vid? Ain’t no reasoning with that crowd of Commies, utopians, and white haters. Those types want all traditional Americans subjugated at best, dead at worst.

      Showing up is important.

      Showing up and being on the air is even more important. HUGE kudos to Baked Alaska and his team for staying on the air the whole time, and making it look easy.