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“If there is any hope for a revival of French culture it will only come through total French humiliation and despair. Once a majority of Frenchmen no longer see any reason to support the status quo, to remain loyal to their betters, then things change and change rapidly. It will not happen through elections and political activism. Democracy is good at driving a country off a cliff. It is useless in pulling it back onto the road. France needs to vote itself off the cliff in order to clear the field for what comes next.”

— Z Man

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  1. The Quislings have come home to roost, again. Next is Vichy France under the Muslim’s flag.
    While we in the USSA have our own domestic battles, and Please No More off to Europe for a 3rd time to save Demoncrazy for such cucks.

    • My feelings exactly; let them earn their liberty this time!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Except that Quisling actually *liked* Norway. He simply wanted to run it, not destroy it.

  2. Macron is the French equivalent of Mrs. Clinton: he, like her, is incompetent & crooked, and will be a terrific polarizer. As compared to Le Pen/Trump, who would have/has thrown a wet blanket over the nationalist Whites. This is an excellent result.

  3. Thank God our voters didnt get conned and fall back to sleep here in Greenwoodistan.

  4. Mississippi Rebel

    And France just did. While I disagreed with many of LePens positons I knew without a doubt she loved France and wanted whats best for her country. But Z man is correct and I see nothing but burkas and bombs in Frances future.

    • +1. Heartbreaking, because many of the French-NOT Parisians-are very wonderful people. The French in the country, understand patriotism, loyalty, and independence. The Parisians understand being kept. For what it is worth: the Founding Fathers HATED the cities of Rome, London, and Paris. They knew that large municipalities suck the lifeblood out of a country and it’s people. Ironic, considering what Washington DC has become.

      • NYC, Chicago, LA, Atlanta (maybe), NOLA, etc….

        • Rural GA has so far kept ATL in check.
          If the North Metropolitan Counties go Blue we have reached peak gun rights in GA.
          Budget is reasonably balanced and reforms to State Pensions decades ago should keep it that way.
          New employees only get a 401k.

        • In early 2010, a front page story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution named Atlanta “the capital of the new black south”. In April, we began our plans to move back west; on June 17th, we moved west. Yes, the rural counties keep Atlanta in check, but the writing was – and is – on the wall. We do miss the South – the old genteel South. Our move was strategic, have to prepare and defend from a strong position, surrounded by like minded brothers.

    • “burkas and bombs” — Sounds like the name of an Islamic clothing store. Sorta like Abercrombie and Fitch for the bomb vest crowd.

    • Grey Ghost

      And my money says that Merkel gets reelected later this year or some other collectivist who is just as bad. No one from the “right” will be elected. Soon, very soon the nationalists/populists of Europe will understand TINVOWOOT. And when they do, things will get much worse there.

      Grey Ghost

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Look at it this way – the whole country is now basically a high-stakes amusement…. well, adventure park.

      • “You’ve just thrown away your freedom, your country, and your very right to exist! What are you going to do now?”

        I’m going to EuroDisney!”

  5. From now on only Jihadists can say “We’ll always have Paris”, and I guess they earned it by being the only player left on the field

  6. The Plan to submit France to Islam

  7. You know, I had a lot of hope for the French in this election… But I guess I should have known better. The French have been weak and stupid since before WWI.

    WWI, they lose. WWII, they lose. Dien Bien Phu, they lose. They lose, they lose, they lose. All they ever do is lose and/or become Germany’s lap dog.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “WWI, they lose. WWII, they lose”

      Au contraire, mon ami. We ‘ave clearly won bozz of zose wars. Oui, ze Briteesh and ze Aussies ‘elped a leetle beet, but zat was all.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. wealthy farmer

    Comfort kills dreams.
    Comfort has killed France, and the French will not even think of lifting a fat finger of resistance until their backs are against the wall, and they have not reached that point YET. When they do, of course, it will be way too late.
    So the Soros NGOs are lining up the next 8 million sub saharan africans. Europe awash in third worlders shitting in the cathedrals while the actual europeans sit around trying to figure out WHAT FUCKING GENDER THEY ARE…..

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    “while the actual europeans sit around trying to figure out WHAT FUCKING GENDER THEY ARE…..”

    Being a pussy knows no gender.

  12. Guys married to a woman 24 years older than he is. Alpha Boy. No doubt a strong, decisive leader. I see this gettin’ ugly fast.

  13. It is not like they have not been given due and timely notice on how the Islamic invasion and the blending out of the white race and France’s cultural identity. They are voting their culture and race out of existence.