The Horror – Part III

Third in a series.

Consider modern Italy.

Prior to becoming “modern Italy” in 1861.

Think of the Romans.

From the transformation from Roman Republic to Empire.

From Empire to former empire.

Life went on.


Pity how much harder the New Rome’s fall and aftermath will be.

Might remnants of the old American Republic someday have its own Risorgimento?

After our time, I fear.

8 responses to “The Horror – Part III

  1. What happened to NASA after the Apollo program?

    It was like watching Romans turning into Italians.

    • ‘What happened to NASA ? ….. publicly nothing. Secretly who the hell knows. Go here if you want everything you think you know about astro-physics , astro- archaeology and particle-physics turned up-side down – We’ve been had on every level. Time to cut the umbilical cord with all their control systems.

  2. An erstwhile test for the author of the piece.

    Walk into your clothes closet. Look at the ‘made in …’ tag of every piece of apparel you have and throw them out. If you are not sitting naked typing a reply thou is not trying hard enough. 🙂 Seriously. Ghandi committed the country to the swadeshi movement to rip out British influence by trade. We could probably do the same to the Chins. But no, we Americans are too easily appeased by the cheap baubles.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Other than the Ur-wealthy, there are very few people in the world clamoring to spend more money on goods.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. a follower

    Well that sums many players up quite well. Can we also see the vatican in this? Can we also see the many scapegoats?