MDT: Joe’s Armed Gang – AntiFa Style

Observations on legitimacy and appearances.

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  1. In NOLA, 7 May, 20017; the Oathkeepers and St. Vanderboegh’s III%ers made themselves the enemies of the southern nationalist movement. They did that at the Auburn Confrontation and at Pikeville, too.

    They’re protecting ANTIFA and the communists routinely. Therefore, we will engage them should they become more problematic. We will not hesitate to treat them the same as we treat ANTIFA.

    • Any more details, Pat?

      Serious and important question.

      • I’ll ask those that were at all three venues. I was manning the medical vehicle at Pikeville, so didn’t view all of those who did see them.

        I’ll supply the answers via email.

      • I did see some video in those links yest where someone was protecting “Corona girl” from someone who seemed fairly agitated and intent on thumping someone. The protector was gunned up the dude yelling “cunt cunt” not so much. Can’t rem which vid it was but it would be hard to forget the blind stupidity of “Corona girl”.

        Boxes of rocks everywhere cringed at the horror of her intellect.

        Up is down, black is white, good is evel etc. Somewhere warm William Casey is smiling. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

        • anonperson

          I would also like more details, please. I’m not doubting anyone’s word, but it’s difficult to understand why or how something like this would happen.

    • Not sure I completely track what you’re saying. If you think said groups (III%, OK’s) should suppress the right of free speech then you’re part of the problem.
      Southern Nationalist Movement??? Racists by definition with that stupid flag with the white background. But hey, at least you’re out in the open with that shit.

      • the woodsman

        “It’s OK if whites are replaced with other races. As long as the constitution isn’t violated. Also, I won’t get called racist.” You’re a real hoot!!!!

      • The OK and St. Vanderboegh’s III%ers were supporting ANTIFA who hate freedom of speech.

        Racialism is a intrinsic defense mechanism. Equality exists no where in nature, including humans or humanoids.

        We southern nationalist want the United States, merely a government, out of our lands.

      • (((Cohencidence)))

        Your propositional “nation” is falling apart all around us and you think people like League of the South are the stupid ones? Maybe they’re just smart enough to realize common ancestry has a better and longer track record of establishing a stable society than does some magic parchment.

        You people have taken fetishization of the Constitution to whole new absurd levels.

    • The III% crowd should not be protecting AntiFa. AntiFa is not there to exercise their right to free speech. They are present at all events in order to hurt people and silence people.

  2. The 1891 Mosin Nagant rifle has the highest body count of any single user non-crew served weapon in history. Any one who thinks that a communist with an 1891 MN can’t fuck up your day needs to pull the head from the ass and look up any list of snipers with scores above 150. The heart of the MAN is what kills. The weapon is only a tool.

    • Highly accurate rifle that’s easy to use. I’ve taken a one out 800 yards with surplus.

      Downside is it may give the snowflake/sandwich artist/barista an owie on their shoulder which may require medical attention. I suggest antifa have parental permission slips with waivers for them to sign.

    • Pretty sure those stats were based on a statistic where both sides were armed in similar fashion Ray. If their opposition was armed with enfields or 1903’s or even Garands, I’d say your point could have merit. I was basing the observation not only on his pic, but his videos. Surprised he doesn’t have an “Idaho sniper rifle” (SKS).

      • On the 1st eastern front the 1891 MN went Against a M98 Gewehr Mauser which was the same as 1903(Paul Mauser was paid for patent infringement)and the m98 held its own on the western front against enfields. 30 years later the 1891/30 went against a shorter m98(98k) on the eastern front and updated enfields and garands on the western front. The rifles are tools. When your heart is iron then there will be iron in hand.

    • Grenadier1

      No one with two synapses to rub together is questioning the ability of the rifle to kill. A rock will kill you IF…People in the know (like MDT) mock these guys because they have the knowledge to understand the limitations of a weapon. People questioning this also might have the knowledge to understand the thought process of the person displaying these weapons. For example I know when I see someone display a weapon like the MN in this manner, that they have most likely considered only the cost of a weapon. They may understand the utility of a more modern semi-auto with detachable magazine however they cant make the necessary sacrifice to pay for it. That tells me a lot about that person.

      • Grenadier1

        Here is a perfect example of what I am talking about. In spite of his Shemaugh he has already been outed.

    • And swords have an even higher body count. You should sell your guns and buy a sword.

    • 1891/30

    • Yes, we know that it can hurt you… But what type of weapons was the 1891 shooting against when it racked up the majority of it’s body count? Not the AR. Not the AK. Not the M1A. Not the Mini 14. There is a reason it’s not used by armies today.

      Let that dude show up to a gun fight with a Mosin, and his opponents show up with a semi-auto rifle.

      Not going to be pretty.

      I have a Mosin. I also have an AR. Whwhich one will I bring? Easy.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I thought you were a combat vet?
        Owning an assault rifle/machine gun does not make you a soldier.
        All it takes is one well aimed shot, even from a muzzle loader, and you’re still dead.

        • Not sure which point that I made you are disputing…

          1. A Mosin can hurt you. Correct.

          2. I suggested that the soldiers carrying Mosin’s were not fighting modern weapons. Correct.

          3. It is not used by anyone in combat if they access to newer weapons. Correct.

          4. A fight between someone weilding a Mosin and someone weilding a semi-auto is not going to be pretty. Correct.

          5. I would choose a semi-auto over a Mosin. Correct.

          What are you disputing?

          • SemperFi, 0321

            It seems too many here dismiss the effectiveness of a M/N, treating it as something reminiscent to an old muzzloading musket.
            How many Russian and American soldiers have been killed by a M/N in the last several decades?
            Just because it’s old (and apparently obsolete junk) doesn’t mean it doesn’t kill well, any of you here noticed modern Finnish sniper rifles?

      • wendystringer48088

        If someone has practiced with a Mosin Nagant rifle and sighted it in and can use the open sights, I would say from a concealed position a few hundred yards away he could get one or two kills if he shoots first.
        For urban (or wooded area) combat / civilian defense in times of serious trouble… Yes, the AR is vastly superior to a bolt action Mosin Nagant. However against a group of enemy soldiers or crimminal gang members armed with AKs and if there is only one of me, I’ll take the Mosin Nagant thank you very much (after I mount a scope on it and sight it in) and engage the enemy from beyond 300 meters and play shoot and move.
        It’s about employing your weapon to make best use of its advantages and minimizing its disadvantages.
        That said I do believe he is just playing around and showing off. Definitely not serious.

        • I can engage those same targets you’re describing from over 300 yards with an AR/AK with a simple EOTech+Magnifier, carry more rounds than you with the Mosin and have significantly faster follow up shots. Also, if the enemy closes on you, you’ve still just got a long range stick. You’ll be wanting the semi-auto. The Mosin was an excellent weapon for it’s day… But now, no one uses it unless they have nothing else.

          We don’t need to be underestimating the enemy’s gear, but it’s also not wise to overestimate it. You want an accurate idea of their capabilities. And in my opinion, if this fool wants to engage with a Mosin, let him. He’ll likely die by a 5.56 from a hundred yards or less.

          And yeah, that moron isn’t serious. Like others have said, he should put the chicken wings down and close the bolt.

  3. “…or maliciously using it to manipulate a certain segment of the “Liberty” movement for monetary gain.”

    The seeds for this were planted in the 70s and really bore fruit by the 90s. Remember that Robin Williams movie The Survivors.

  4. Without the bolt being closed all the way, the MAN may only get one shot. The sudden opening ot the bolt, whether he likes it or not, will stop the sniper. He’ll need a nose job.

  5. Is that a padded cell he’s in?

  6. On point, seems we can’t agree on what to agree on , anymore. Isn’t it the duty of all, to make the rifle you own work, to reasonable distances.

    AND, I don’t buy the polling numbers coming out of France. While it might be partially true about ballets being defaced. I suspect it was not by the majority of voters. I’m smelling a big fat fucking rat here.


  7. hummus abedin

    The stupidity of his endeavor
    is that he is close quarters
    training with a (LONG) Mosin.
    That is the extremely obvious
    shortcoming of commieboy.
    Damn you mutts are dense
    and more worthless each day.

    • HA, if that long ass rifles all you got, you better figure out a way to make it effective.


    • Didn’t stop the commies during Stalingrad or the battle of Berlin

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Where they largely relied on assorted submachine guns. The Red Army was pretty good about figuring out that bolt-action rifles weren’t that useful in urban combat. They used them when they had to, but they vastly favored the submachine gun.

      • This is not the Battle of Berlin or Stalingrad. By your logic, we should carry flintlock rifles because the colonists did pretty well with them at Bunker Hill.

  8. Our one League of the South member that was arrested yesterday, had his case dismissed this morning and is on his way back to his home state of Florida.


    If some of the red-diaper-doper-babies are currently at this stage, then it is only a matter of time before the next guy who punches out some dreadlocked mouthy bitch gets shot for his troubles. These people may be the “cheese” and we may be the “mice”, as was opined. Think hard and long about your responses to these slimy, useful idiots. As soon as semester finals are over, the rent-a-mobs and their armed back-up will be out in force.

  10. This is why you are not “The Militia” unless you have the actual State or Federal authority to back it up.

    Pure Statism…

    fuck the poLICE
    fuck the gubbermint

    • this is the type degenerate filth that’s in and leaving the Fusa armed farces.

      at least this thing has done the right thing… her boyfriend looks like a real winner too. mebbe, he will man up and off himself soon.

      any doubts the ‘troops’ will fire on civilians?

      • Randall Flagg

        Huh? Thought you hated dogs.

        Maybe there is hope for you yet.

        • IMO dogs are for niggers. especially pitbulls…

          but in any case, these two low lifes fit the bill huh?

          and the tard and tatt’d boyfriend is SF. go figure. just another zit on the ass of Fusa.

      • wendystringer48088

        Thanks for posting the good news tfA-t.
        “Female Army veteran who laughed as she filmed herself tying her service dog to a tree and shooting it dead – before posting the footage on Facebook – commits suicide”
        Yep, glad she at least did the right thing. Wish that her boyfriend would be as brave as her in admitting that his life was over and he doesn’t deserve to live anymore.
        Also take your point about these type of persons in the military not being the kind to question unlawful orders about killing felllow Americans (or gathering them up to herd them into boxcars or whatever). Especially I would say when they have the apparent moral authority and power of the state behind them.
        These types of people as soldiers would certainly be fully capable of doing nasty and vicious things using the full force of all the weapns at their disposal to anyone who resists.
        Having said that, if this is the kind of troops FreeFor will be facing, at least I would think it will be easier to mentally deal with them as the enemy and do what must be done, knowing the troops on the other side are truly evil and a true enemy and not just fellow citizens with a difference of opinion wearing the other team’s uniform.

  11. (((Cohencidence)))

    I’ve never seen a double chicken wing stance before. Might want to try closing the bolt too.

  12. Taking Malheur as a template, their ranks will be something around 40% federal informers, and a notable number of “commanders” will simply be U/C LEOs setting up the entire operation to get all the nuts and flakes together, ID them, and simplify rounding them up at the first opportunity. For the bargain price of $30/mo.

    They’ll ID the “national command structure”, pass that along to federal fusion centers, and take the whole plant out top to bottom one Sunday afternoon, and try them in batches.

    Mainly because OOPSFor (not a typo) has no more clue about opsec than a pig has about whistling opera choruses.

    This is nothing less than the first real-life recruiting poster for the Keystone Kops. Let me get the popcorn…

  13. Oh joy.
    He lives near me too.

  14. Has anyone checked out the face book page or this guys videos? One is help him get a car. Some of his comments seem over the top. I might be wrong but looks like another fake account and this guy is messing with people. There has been a lot of fake antifa accounts made to make fun and make them look even dumber then they are.
    And who really believes this tool got ex SF and Rangers to train him and his friends. The more I read and listen to him the faker he looks, just my opinion. Funny thing is he could be some of the right wing guys I’ve seen.

  15. Tin man, one of the self proclaimed Oathkeepers. He stated that he’s half Jew and has Mulatto children. He got in the face of one of our LS members and ended up on the ground with a bloody nose.

    • Tin Man, photo two, as he retreats.

    • Tin man, the video.

    • Has anyone checked with Stewart on whether Tin Man is actually one of them?

      • Can anyone clue me in as to why people seem to be going for costumery? After Based Stick Man set the stage, looks like all want to carry a prop “shield” and play at gladiator. None of that stuff is going to stop anything. That, and they look like adolescents at Halloween.

      • I’m going to posit that someone on our side had difficulty IDing a false flag. Tin Mna was not dressed IAW the guidelines OK sent out for its people.

      • anonnnnn

        OK! There are vids of The Cuck Knight and his squire, Bike Cuck here:

        In one of the vids, Cuck Knight wipes the sweat off of his face with the flag just before he attacks the guys who appear to be defending the monument. Then Bike Cuck gets in a cheap shot and is saved by the cops:

        I would be a little surprised if either of these characters is legit OK or 3%. Cuck Knight looks like he’s straight out of Central Casting, and Bike Cuck was bending over backwards trying to start a fight in another vid:

        Here’s Cuck Knight chanting “Black lives matter”:

        Bike Cuck interviewed:

        Cuck Knight claims to have traveled from LA:

        Both these guys look super-sketchy to me. Bike Cuck is allegedly a local, but I think both these dudes lie when they order their lunch. I started getting bad vibes from them and had to eject before the end of the last video I posted. Just really creepy dudes.

      • 8chan was able to ID Cuck Knight:

        Well. It looks like he wants his 15 minutes of fame.

        CA, please nuke the links if this isn’t cool. Thanks –

    • Why is that guy wearing a metal corset? He looks beyond stupid in that LARP getup.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Gotta love the retro llok of the lorica segmentata

  16. Ok, so the article tells us all how stupid we are and how we have no authority to do this or that and how untrained and ill-equipped we are and all that jazz.

    Probably, we do have a lot of stupid people who are ill-equipped.

    Thanks, so… Now what? There wasn’t really anything constructive about it. Nothing on what we CAN do, or what we SHOULD do… Just a bunch of “you’re an idiot” type stuff, which is what about 75% of the FreeFor blogs espouse these days.

    And before any fools come in here and talk about the article hurting my feelings or me being butthurt or whatever… Let me say I can’t really disagree with much of what the article says. What I can say is that after reading it, as a “member” of whatever it is we call “FreeFor”… I didn’t really gain anything. No new knowledge or ideas. Just drop that article into the heavier and heavier bucket of articles hat basically say nothing more than “you suck”.

    So thanks. I suck, and y’all all suck, and hey! They suck too! And we all are poorly equipped and have no authority… Um, have a nice day, I guess.

  17. If the right remains afraid of networking via Social media because of OPSEC then it will ALWAYS remains smaller/weaker than the left. ….

    We cannot cede social media to the enemy just because of OPSEC (snicker) thats absurd.!!!
    If you are OPSECed safe in your Bunker with the onely 1 extra guy you trust… well you may be “OpSecure” but you still lost the war for hearts minds and recruitment you still lost the war.

    Its not about personally being secure its about winning the war.
    And now is the time to strike the iron while its hot and we have some momentum.

    No reason why we should artificially limit ourselves.
    Recommending people limit themselves in a shell and stop networking via the most powerful tool available ( social media) is a strategy of defeat

  18. wendystringer48088

    Official Columbus Ohio Antifa Facebook page:
    No way is he serious.

  19. A guy with a Mosin Nagant, wearing a shemagh. While ludicrous, as he is standing against the backdrop of an old mattress, such people can be dangerous for a limited time. Putting his face and all that out there exposes him to the weaponized autism of /pol/, who have done serious lifting in countering this sort of vanity. Seriously, if folks have not dipped into /pol/, there is content there.
    What makes a guy with a M-N dangerous? It is the issue that he probably does not understand enough about planning about what to do with the hollow end of his fire stick, let alone plan a coherent retrograde for whatever it is he’s up to (oops, I just assumed its gender). He does not know what he does not know, and is therefore unconstrained by reality.
    Systematically, he is merely a pathogen within an infected boil on the ass of humanity, nothing more. Why? Because understanding retail level combat is to understand that men fight in fire teams, squads, platoons, companies (on up the food chain). The lone lunatic in the basement is a John Hinckley, a Travis Bickle.

  20. For a really useful discussion on anonymity and its role in warfare, I highly recommend “Winning Insurgent War”, by Geoff Demarest (2nd ed.). Page 2, section 2 is titled “anonymity”. Sec 78 is “personal identity”, page 282. There are numerous sections that touch on this within the text.
    The book is published at Ft. Leavenworth by Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) in 2011, the ISBN is 978-0-9832883-1-2.
    I reviewed it here (shameless, self -serving plug):

  21. Notarealperson

    The author really should be working for the anti-gun lobby, he makes a very good argument why the militia aspect used by pro 2A people is so dead wrong.

    That said, the take away I get was this:

    Know the players and the territory before getting involved. If you don’t you are asking for serious trouble. Like what happened with the Bundy’s in Oregon. Generally these sorts protests are trouble magnets and should be avoided.

    There is no upside to participating in them.

    Though the po po and feds love them, because they get to ID the agitators and militia/constitutional types for later processing.