The End Game

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  1. What Americans don’t remotely seem to get is that Europe is far better off than Europe. Most European countries are less than 10% Muslim and few of them are actual citizens because they don’t give birth-right citizenship. Additionally, most of the Islamics are concentrated in specific areas.

    Contrast America: Has 20 to 30% invaders from foreign lands, most of whom have been given citizenship, and we have birthright citizenship which gives voting rights to any creature that’s born on our soil. Finally, our invaders have been spread out all over our country.

    • *Europe is far better off than America.

    • I would add a deeper culture in Europe for the old ones and the smart young ones to reference in the fight and afterwards.

      Smart money is still on the wogs.

      • I’d suggest deferring to Vox Day on this one. He lives in Europe and has been predicting another election cycle or 2.

        Remember, it took 15 years after 9-11 until anyone in America was ready to consider limiting immigration of Sand People to USA.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          ” it took 15 years after 9-11 until anyone in America was ready to consider limiting immigration of Sand People to USA.”

          Anyone in a position of power to actually do so, maybe. Plenty of mundanes were ready since before 9/11.

        • Notarealperson

          Vox probably has nailed it.

          Not yet. The government has to discredit itself before the people turn on it. The same applies here, There won’t be any real change here until our government really f**ks up and discredits itself among the middle and upper middle-class to the point they either walk away or turn on it say in the event of a serious economic upset.

      • “Smart money is still on the wogs.” Dunno about that. Decadent Europa’s deeper culture has much to do with stratified classes and long histories of being overrun by one neighbor or another. For the sake of this argument, ignorance of history is not always a bad thing. Tribes of rebels, malcontents, and history’s losers, combined with a bit more physical freedom and a lot less population density, may have the edge.

        I’m not going to give the entire FUSA that comparative advantage. Freedom of association is crucial to prevailing, as is location, location, location. Lots of folks make bad choices and will continue to make such- but the results are not yet as deeply ingrained in “our” culture as they are in Europe’s.

        • Don’t disagree.

          That’s why I like that hospice analogy I thunk up today.

          Europe is one.

          FUSA could become one.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            What the fuck would he know about population density anyway? He doesn’t know what it means. 😉

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Europa’s culture requires living, breathing Europeans to maintain it. Every day, there are fewer and fewer of them. Demographic collapses are a bitch.

          The US isn’t facing that – yet; however, given the course we’re on, it’s likely just a matter of time until we are.

  2. I recommend you all go to Conservative Treehouse and watch the video of a mob of niggers attacking an elderly White women at a pool in Florida. They finally throw her in the pool to drown. Your future. Not mine. I’ll be shot and killed by the police within a year.

    • Good riddance.

      • Randolph Scott

        So you think it is okay that a group of black thugs attack an elderly white woman and push her in a swimming pool? If I was there I would have helped the elderly woman by dealing at least two death sentences to the black thugs. More if they decided to hang around and be my targets.

        Him is just saying that he is not going to tolerate this type of behavior anymore and that he know he will pay a high price. Why did you choose to speak bad luck toward Him. He has the choice to respond to incidents like this. There are legal ways to kill these type of assholes and when the cops show up offer no resistance. If it was in Florida he would most likely server no time.

        • NHPatriot1776

          Probably his use of the N word. otherwise I agree with him as well. I would have shot the fuckers.

          • William Munny

            As Chris Rock said once upon a time – before he realized he’d blurted out too much truthspeak and retracted – “There are black people – and then there are niggers”.

          • oughtsix


            “fuckers” … “niggers” – a distinction without significance.

          • @Him, Randolph Scott, NHPatriot1776: I believe a number of us have reached the decision point. I’d be willing too go for a walk in the sun with guys like you anytime, anywhere. I’m about at the point where the possibility (probability) of gov. informants is secondary to the necessity of standing and being counted.

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          • Truth Corps

            The N word?

            Oh yeah, what do you never want to call a black person that starts with “N”?

            Probably 2% in your lily white NH. Come spend a few years down South or in any major city then get back to us “racists”.

        • “So you think it is okay that a group of black thugs attack an elderly white woman and push her in a swimming pool?”

          There’s no need for strawmen here…his words speak for themselves. It should go without saying that I don’t think it is acceptable for anyone to attack a woman – elderly or otherwise.

          I don’t object to your use of the word ‘thug’ to describe the participants in that video – it is an accurate description. Any man who still uses the word ‘nigger’ immediately identifies himself as an ignorant, bigoted fool, and if he incites police to shoot him, then he gets precisely what he invited on his particularly stupid ass.

          I do know this – internet keyboard loudmouths are NO help toward preserving what little culture we have left. The less men like him, the better for those who truly want things to improve.

          Throwing around the term ‘nigger’ like a macho super tard redneck accomplishes nothing towards changing the throw away black culture of today – it only feeds it.

          If he truly ‘doesn’t want to tolerate it’ anymore, he can certainly walk into any IHOP or Waffle House in urban areas about 2 or 3:00am on any Friday or Saturday night and get all he wants.

          I won’t hold my breath waiting for the report….

    • this just in, via VoxDay: the lovely Francesca, cosmic-lib media babe, at Rome’s Termini station…getting a close dose of the vibrant diversity:

    • hummus licker

      Don’t take that route.
      People like you are needed.

    • I saw that at another spot. I want to know some specifics….was that a community pool, did the orcs reside in that community, why was an old lady the only one saying shit(if I lived there and this was happening my wife would have called me from the lawyers parking lot because I would have left work). How many of those neighbors need to be chastised for linking out?

  3. Good video. Worth the 17 minutes. When you look at the long slope of history it’s hard to imagine that marginalized groups like MGTOW and White Nationalists will have any impact on turning the barge of our culture as it moves on downstream.

    We’re gonna have to take this ride to the end now that we are on it. I think the realistic best we can hope for is that some European nations resist. But you see with Macron, he wants to punish the Poles for merely insisting that Poland is for Poles, and not acting to dispossess their own people as the French are.

    The French and Germans are committing national suicide, and they intend to use their power to insist that all other nations in the EU also do likewise. (As in the case of the children being forced to drink cyanide kool-aid at Jonestown it isn’t really suicide at that point, it’s murder.)

    The Poles having survived partition for 115 years in the 19th century, attempted annihilation by the German Nazi’s in WW2, subjugation and occupation by the Russian Communists for 60 years following that, and an indifferent Europe that did little to protect them, basically have adopted BFYTW as their national motto.

    It’s going to be fun to watch France try to strong-arm Poland.

    • The effeminated and fully pozzed/converged “French” government only has the power to compel and hurt its own at this point. Just wait until the mohammadeans gain control of French nuclear weapons, however.
      The French have the ability to launch SLBM as well as deliver via aviation one of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals.
      The Israelis may want to take note of that development. Nobody will be safe at that point, Americans, Russians…. NOBODY.

    • RE: Germans/French attempting to strong arm the Poles.
      The Jonestown analogy was excellent.

  4. The late Lawrence Auster’s prescient classic: “The Path To National Suicide”, written in 1990, can be downloaded or read online in PDF format here:

  5. If you want to say “this is what I believe” then say that, but the attempts to give it credibility by mentioning historic events, while not presenting any research at all to support those statements, is grade-schoolish.

    I took some notes but the author makes a number of sweeping and completely unsupported generalizations which form the basis for his commentary. He makes these statements with dramatic flair for added effect but they are unsupported nonetheless. The author is especially fond of weaving in historic facts as if merely mentioning them lends credence to his corollaries.
    plural corollaries
    : a proposition inferred immediately from a proved proposition with little or no additional proof

    a : something that naturally follows : result

    The proved proposition being, for example, “there was this thing called WW2” and the corollaries being the rest of the assertions in the video.

    “It then begins to deconstruct it’s own traditions and society intentionally.”
    Why, especially why ‘intentionally’? You state this as both cause and effect. That might be what is actually happening but you don’t explain why it follows.

    “Pedantic prostrations of the evil that is Christianity…”

    Such and such “led to civilizational exhaustion in the West.”
    Why? What exactly is “civilizational exhaustion”?

    “The new paradigm was one of rigid egalitarianism for all”
    That’s goddamned hilarious, if you are asserting that became policy post-WW2.

    “It’s still the current held belief that all cultures are valid and all cultures are equal”.
    That is what is being taught in schools now, but that is a new phenomenon.

    “The suppression of ingroup preferences has led to mass uncontrolled immigration.”
    No, mass uncontrolled immigration is enabled and encouraged by the welfare state. So also the welfare state encourages and enables most of the gender-nonsense (government-supported colleges and student loans), third wave feminism (VAWA, family courts, single-parent households, Hollywood cuck movies, etc). Take away taxpayer funding of nonsense and make it survive on its own and the nonsense ends overnight.

    “It is the nonbinary gender fluid, the bug chasers and gift-givers, and Antifa that are indeed and in fact the true intellectual heirs of Western civilization.”
    So you’re a Marxist, then?

  6. If we are equal (proposition) then we should all be equal in ownership of the nation and it’s resources (logical corollary). I think it’s more than a observation, I think it is the centuries long winning argument that extends toe pretty much everything.

    If we are all equal surely we can not have slavery?
    If we are all equal surely we all deserve to vote?
    If we are all equal surely woman deserve to vote?
    If we are all equal surely woman deserve to be able to be in the Marines?
    If we are all equal surely everyone deserves primary school education?
    If we are all equal surely everyone deserves healthcare upon reaching old age?
    If we are all equal surely everyone desrves access to healthcare?
    If we are all equal surely everyone deserves higher education?

    Call the root cause “equality” “democracy” or something else, but it’s this egalitarian impulse. Communism used it quite directly and attempted to for from wherever they were to the equality-utopia directly.

    The capitalist west has had this rush attenuated, the upper class have both embraced and controlled the expansion of this tendency into every corner as it suited them. Lately though they have stopped pushing back so there is no effective block on it anymore.

    That seems to be the case he’s making, and given the confines of a video I thought he did pretty well.

  7. Communists would have us believe that World History is a forgone conclusion that it is a science like math, 2+2=4. Using that logic we should all be speaking German now and worshiping our ‘founding father’ Hitler. Funny how it’s the utterly sure propagandists like Bagdad Bob who end up w/sh*t on their face. I care not what others may say, I’ll make my own f*uckin history.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Communists may well be right. The funny part is, Islam thinks the same way, and it’s probably right. So the good news is that the Commies get theirs in the end.

  8. California’s new mulatto US Senator gets her groove on “what the fuck is that?” while illustrating Black Pigeon’s thesis that in an egalitarian society everything becomes a right.

  9. Jesus did not come for the fellowship but to serve others.
    Many abandoned Him but he abandoned no one.
    Are Modern Christians following The Way of Christ or the ways of Nimrod?
    Was Nimrod a Provider or a Predator?
    In its entirety here:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Is it not amazing that even though some people recognize the
    murderous sociopaths and call them fuckers, he reverts back
    to mind scrubbing time if they are called, rightfully, niggers !

  11. wendystringer48088

    People who are on the fringes of society (such as LGBT – lesbians gays bisexuals transgender persons, etc.) cannot exist without a healthy strong larger society that is supportive of them and protects them and their right to exist.
    Smart people who live what I will simply refer to as “alternative lifestyles” realize what a blessing Western Civilization is in this regard to having the freedom to live as one chooses without interference form others or from the state. The stupid people on the left (well, the future generations coming up) will learn the hard way some time in the future when demographics change sufficiently to alter they way different individuals and groups are treated by people not adhering to the Western ways of thinking and doing things.
    If there is any justice for those who are upset with the rise of whoredom, homosexuality and other related lifestyles, I think it is that at current course and speed the “alternative lifestyles” people are headed for a hell of a knock down from their lofty perch of politically correct untouchables.
    Muslim / Islamic societies such as those in the Middle East do not tolerate such groups and do not allow such people to exist (openly).

  12. I stopped at the comment on egalitarianism….because the commentator is just flat wrong. The entire black population in the US are slaves to the ‘state’ and those of us who pay taxes and ‘play by the rules’ are the financiers of same.
    While ‘we’ gear up and prep for some ‘future’ societal collapse, I contend civil society has already completely collapsed. Just as God sent the sons of Israel into slavery time and again for their lack of faith and obedience, it’s now our turn, and it’s team MO on the horizon this time.