Herschel: Got SWAT?

These folks did.

An over-used specialty unit second only to the “dominate every encounter with anyone who isn’t a brother officer” mindset-shift in alienating good people from the police who claim to serve them.

A post-war future has zero cops (let alone paramilitary units) as they are known today.

Private security.

Not even these guys.

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  1. Randolph Scott

    Every punk assed cop could die and I wouldn’t care.

  2. oughtsix

    “A post-war future has zero cops (let alone paramilitary units) as they are known today.”

    “Private security.”

    And as soon as those guys acquire enough money and gear, the temptation to become the thing you’re trying to replace (human nature!) will be irresistible. Of course, you’ll say that everyone will be armed, will shoot their asses,. etc, but who will organize the ‘individualists’?

    Comments on this blog daily prove the futility.

    • Jim Klein

      “the thing you’re trying to replace (human nature!) will be irresistible”

      Thanks for sharing, and noted. Just FTR, for some of us, that’s not our nature.

  3. “But you simply cannot lay on the floor waiting for your door to be busted down because the home invaders might be police. No honorable man can do something like that, any more than an honorable man can bust doors in and point guns at other people just because a judge says so.”


  4. This is my tribute to Stealth Spaniel.
    For the best comment, in a class all it’s own.

  5. Seriously people.

    These clowns in cheap blue suits aren’t mature enough to run a hot dog stand, let alone, carry weapons and have power over anyone…

    They are pure scum to the lowest degree. FUCK THEM.

    Here are the 10 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, May 4, 2017:

    Update: Franklin, Indiana (First reported 10/25/16): An officer who was arrested but not ultimately charged for felony domestic battery has been fired by City. ow.ly/NQpR30bqxUm
    Jasper County, Georgia: A deputy was charged with theft and violation of his oath for allegedly taking drugs and cash from evidence. ow.ly/3lvV30bqyK0
    Troup County, Georgia: A deputy was arrested for stalking and simple assault against his girlfriend. He has been fired. ow.ly/1HY230bqz4K
    Lee County, Florida: A deputy was suspended three days for making a sexually inappropriate comment to a female deputy. ow.ly/IQeM30bqTPE
    Hot Springs, Arkansas: An officer was arrested for molesting a nine-year-old girl on repeated occasions last year. He resigned. ow.ly/oIRb30br1Hh
    Anne Arundel County, Maryland: An officer was accused of misconduct, including sending sexually explicit photos to an interviewee and engaging in prostitution while on duty. Another woman claimed he convinced her to have sex with him so that he would help out a person she knew who was in legal trouble. ow.ly/Gilq30br5ah
    Update: Rutherford County, Tennessee (First reported 5/27/16): The now-former sheriff was sentenced to 50 months in prison on federal corruption charges for profiteering off of the inmates in the jail he ran. ow.ly/9VXf30br7Cy
    Austin, Texas: An officer was charged with misdemeanor false report or alarm for trying to fake his own death and escape the country. ow.ly/SEqK30br8Lw
    Jacksonville, Florida: An officer was charged with aggravated assault for pulling his gun on a man while he was off-duty at a poker outing. ow.ly/KsKw30br9m2
    Utah Department of Public Safety: An officer was arrested for DUI in an unmarked patrol car on his way to a training event. ow.ly/3k6h30br9xB

    Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, May 3, 2017:

    Update: Balch Springs, Texas (First reported 5/1/17): The officer who fatally shot 15-year-old Jordan Edwards with a rifle has been fired. ow.ly/whYr30bosji
    Update: Baton Rouge, Louisiana (First reported 7/6/16): Two officers will not face federal civil rights charges for fatally shooting Alton Sterling. State charges are possible and an investigation is underway. ow.ly/soWd30bozqT
    Lee County, Florida: Three deputies and a sergeant were fired for giving false statements or falsifying documents in separate incidents. ow.ly/X7X830boAix
    Navassa, North Carolina: An officer was arrested for obstruction of justice and filing a false report claiming he was shot at while on duty. A bullet pierced the laptop in his cruiser and he claimed it came from a high-powered rifle. ow.ly/Prr830boB6s
    Farmerville, Louisiana: An officer was charged for trying to run his estranged wife’s car off of the road and resisting arrest. He was off-duty and in a personal vehicle when the incident occurred. ow.ly/1Ofd30boBV2
    Newport, Rhode Island: A now-former officer and former FOP president pled guilty to federal fraud charges for embezzling more than $71,000 in union money. ow.ly/bIIA30boCOG
    Daviess County, Kentucky: A deputy was suspended for six weeks after his arrest for fourth-degree domestic violence. He is under protective order while the criminal case is pending. Upon completion of the suspension, if the case remains unresolved, he will be required to surrender his firearm after every shift. If he is found guilty of the crime, authorities will re-evaluate the terms of his employment. ow.ly/PEdo30boDOv
    Fort Myers, Florida: Six officers were placed on leave after an audit alleging misconduct. The City Council is publicly demanding explanations, including the names and offenses of the suspended officers. ow.ly/z6dW30boECN
    Chicago, Illinois: A detective was arrested in Louisiana for shoplifting in December. She was permitted to enter a diversion program. An investigation revealed she has a previous history of theft. She remains on desk duty but the outcome of a criminal 2013 case against her is unknown. ow.ly/VuMu30boF6A

    and the public is supposed to have respect for these psychopathic losers?



  6. I agree, a man has a right to defend his home. If the cops are in the wrong residence and get fucked up. Nuke em.

    Police use a think called a ” threat matrix” to determine entry dynamics. As I was preparing to retire from law enforcement I noted that the ” matrix” was being reduced/refined to the point that every warrant was a SWAT team entry.

    Which was bullshit. The Threat assessment or matrix asks a series of question, that are answered by the officers preparing the docs for a search warrant.

    The insanity of this matrix is, a NO answer in any block of the check the box matrix is considered ” positive” for SWAT entry.

    I watched this matrix refined over the years, and questioned who exactly was behind the refinement. Turns out it was the SWAT teams themselves.

    Due diligence here, I HAVE made entry into the wrong house, ” once”. Thank god it was apparent the minute we entered, and calmer heads prevailed.

    The officers who wrote the warrant transposed one number, in a address.

    Sadly most police don’t see the fallacy of the job until their into their 10/15th year. By then they realize the trap has closed. Do they walk away from everything they worked for, start over, or finish it out working the mid shift, and becoming an advocate for their true bosses, ” We The People” .

    Everybody has to answer that question at some point.

    My choice was made after SCOTUS, defined the law enforcement definition of job requirements.

    1. Investigate crimes.
    2. Make arrested from crimes committed .
    3. Protect the INFASTRUCTURE.

    When I say that their was zero duty to protect citizens, I knew I’d been had, my world as a poopoo changed. I only investigated felonies. I would take a confession, and send the confession to the DA, who who would seek an arrest warrant. I actually arrested very very few criminals my last seven years.

    I focused on solving the bigger crimes, mostly property crimes.

    Although not considered person to person crimes, their is nothing more personal then some shit bag breaking into your home and stealing your stuff.

    That’s as personal as it gets.


  7. Adam 12, Reed & Malloy, are about as close as you can get to the idea of a true “Peace Officer”. But that was fiction even in 1966. That has never and will never exist in real life.
    Too bad, because self policing won’t work either, without a very rigid ideological society that accepts no deviations from the accepted “norm”.

  8. I over looked the last part of your article.

    You think the police are bad, try a world with private security, men who HAVE NOT. Sworn an oath to follow the laws, created by legislature. A crew that answers only to the boss, who has zero obligation to report their actions or bad deeds to the police. Or anybody for that manner.

    A quick story from some friends down in a little town, a wealthy community inside of Oakland Ca. This town had hired private security.

    The security drove around in Black SUVs. Kitted up in heavy body armored low slung pistols, and M4s. Ball caps worn low on the head.

    This outfit stopped people without PC, entered stores took what they wanted, eat food and walked out. Beat folks at will.

    Then those responsible would get in their rig and drive off. When the police were called to investigate the assault crimes, or the thefts the security supervisors refused to,answer questions, or to produce those employees responsible.

    Their was zero accountability. These people lied stole cheated and were paid by the community.

    Your choice, a thug with a badge who has sworn to uphold the law, who is to a degree held accountable for their actions. Or the second choice of this security type companies.

    In their defense the common criminals were no longer a problem for the community. But are/were the action of the security any different then that of the common criminals.

    I live on a mountain, in a low population place. I follow the rules, until 4 weeks ago I haven’t had contact with on duty LEOs for over seven years.

    Seems I was doing 74 after passing a truck, and got,caught about ten feet over a double yellow line. I was stopped by a state police. When the trooper contacted me behind the wheel and asked if I knew why I had been stopped, I respond, yes, and I’m guilty.

    I did it, and I except the responsibility for my actions. The trooper ran my ID, and came back returning my ID. Issued a verbal warning, and mentioned that he had never in his 8 years had anybody admit guilt, and except the responsibility for their actions.

    My point is, I’m not a criminal, and if I fuck up. I own it. I’ll make it right. That’s how this country used to he.

    Not anymore, it’s always someone else’s fault. Fuck that, man up and take your lumps.


    • Dirk: we agree more than we disagree on the risks of both ways.

    • Hear you about personal responsibility. In the late 70s before the statists figured out that DUI was a cash cow I was pulled over late at night. Cop walks up and says Do you know you crossed the double yellow line about half a dozen times? I said No but it ain’t easy drivin’ with one eye closed. Cop laughed said how far from home are you, I said less than a mile, he said okay we’ll escort you there. Different time. Different mind set.


        True. I have done the same thing when I have pulled people over. But, that was 1976, Amerika was another country then.

  9. There has been a limited push by big money to circumvent the oath taken. The brown shirts, do not have to follow the rules. They don’t require Miranda warnings, their are zero rules, which is tempting.

    On the other hand I’ve worked with some truly gifted private security folks.

    Like most work choices, the truth is in the middle, I just think the standard of “Reasonable Man Doctrine”, simple question is what is reasonable under specific circumstances, hint , that answer can change call to call.

    We live in a time where self gratification is the standard. Someone above mentioned this crowd here on WRSA. I don’t see this group as self centered. I see a lot of Alpha dogs. A lot of wisdom, a lot of frustration, with status quo issues. And I see a lot of reasonable solutions.

    In dialog with most here, common ground, or a different way Is a certainty. My standard is simple is it

    There are some sharp folks here, men and women. Not every lesson in life is a positive experience. Perhaps the more valuable lessons hurt the most. We all recieve and process the same info differently, based on the above. What is our definition of Morality, Ethics, and Legal standards.

    We all frame those perimeters ” and others” in a frame specific to our capabilities.That we come to semi like conclusions is what amazes me.

    We are a nation of laws. That 99.9 percent agree to follow the rules is amazing.

    Have a good one.


  10. Jimmy the Saint

    “Private security.”

    Yeah, they’re very restrained in their actions and totally accountable when they cross the line. Hand….er, stump to God!
    – Zombie Zerelda James

  11. In the 70’s…”One Adam 12, see the woman at 12th and vine, someone snatched her purse,……” Roger that, on our way”….
    Today… “One Adam 12, there is a possible terrorist incident at 12th and vine, be advised that Swat is rolling and extreme measures may be necessary, incendiaries are advised and flash-bangs may be required. Woman could be armed and dangerous, her shopping cart may contain explosives……”Roger that, we are cocked and locked, on our way, what is ETA of Swat?”

  12. Randolph - 'this can't happenb soon enough' - Scott

    “Private security.” “Thug LEO’s”

    This shit will change and they will all be held accountable. Guaranteed.
    “Private security.”

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