See Ya!

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

See also three-page supporting DOJ memo beginning at page 4 of the attached Scribd file; h/t BI

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(Via Twitter)

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  1. No Brainer & all a of the PsyOp. Shuffle the Deck – Hot Potato & catch us if your think you can…… China allegedly fired a mIssile today in Korean Penninsula & have to see what kind of new Arc of Crisis comes with it.

    Comey the Clown is a long time Bush cabal Shadow Government – HSBC – ENRON gatekeeper. He knows who’s behind it all & where all the bodies are buried.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Comey=certifiable POS.

  3. Love the second segment of the letter.

    GTFO in such a nice way.
    About time.

  4. About time. This piece of shit, is responsible for lots and lots of bad juju.


  5. hummus abexin

    Glory Hallelujah and God be praised!
    Our Constitutional Republic has been restored.
    Smoke and mirrors.
    Piss and Shit.

  6. I get that same giddy emotion the hecklers in the crowd had when Carlos Danger resigned

  7. George True

    This is long overdue. I am glad Trump has taken this step, and the part of me that clings to hope does hope that Trump is playing three dimensional chess and this is the move that breaks the logjam that is preventing the DC swamp from being drained.

    And yet, so far not one amongst the cabal of globalist uni-party criminals in DC have been held accountable in any way. Obama, Clinton, Podesta, Susan Rice, Holder, Lois Lerner, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and scores of other Marxist operators in our government. And I see no reason to believe that any of them will ever see one day behind bars or even under indictment, Trump’s campaigb promises notwithstanding.

    • If he were swimming upstream he would encounter the great fish wheel and soon be on his way to room temp.

  8. Anonymous




  9. Lightninbolt

    Does this mean that it will be open season on Hilliary? Hope so! Next!

  10. obvious, Nixon-style attempt by Trumpenthal to quash an honest investigation into the foreign connections of his treasonous regime. Impeachment impends. Fortunately, a great and good man, Vice-Prez Dick (Gerald? Richard? Steve? I forgot his first name) Pence, stands ready to assume the mantle of Leadership in these troubled times.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever crack this dude’s on, I want some.

      “Muh Nixonian tactics”

      What a stormfag.

      • He’s apparently on the same crack Buchanan is on. I’m not terribly fond of PJB but both have a point. Nixon is a very apt description of the zeitgeist and some of the inside baseball going on during the Nixon admin pre-Watergate that everyone seems to forget/ignore.

    • Anonymous

      Whatever crack this dude’s on, I want some.

      “Muh Nixonian tactics”

      What a stormfag.

    • And when impeachment doesn’t happen, will you come back and eat your shit?

      I meant, “words”.

      • the lack of humor in this peanut gallery is appalling. The ass’t AG’s letter specifies the reason for Comey’s liquidation: his “lack of evidence” for re-opening the Clinton e-mail investigation during the closing days of the Prez campaign. Trump is, in short, continuing his suck-up to the (((Deep State))) and will of course NOT be impeached. And be assured that Comey’s replacement (((Goldstein)))? will be even worse.

        • Iceni26AD

          Oh but that is hilarious. Where is your sense of humor? The letter serves up a gratuitous nod to the cabal whine, as a reason for firing the Gatekeeper, who is no longer able to keep the Gate. Like another commenter here…that is too delicious a possibility. Can we imagine where Hillary would be without Comey minding her business like a nervous new mother with a colic stricken newborn?

          The cabal has no choice but to hammer the Russian thingee…all the while they must be soiling underwear, knowing what is in those files. There is just no telling what the new Gatekeeper will do.


            And, speaking of files, the MSM is studiously ignoring the growing pedophile arrests and dragnets which are going on world-wide. It will be interesting to see who gets thrown under the bus when the investigators crack the Madeline McCann case and Tony Podesta and that hideous, hatchet-faced “spirit cooker” bite down on their cyanide capsules. Stay tuned.

            • Pure unadulterated evil.A rat-infested,decaying fecal swamp of deception. Satan has always operated with a sense of humor. To consciously build and live a life of deception , amid the manipulation of the most vulnerable,makes you an enemy of Mother Nature.It is not nice to fuck with Mother Nature.My hope eternal lies in the simplicity of mathematics and the brutal efficiency of Mother Nature.Sometimes Mother Nature needs a hand. These child abusers need to be led to the abyss. The deep bowels of hell. The bottomless pit.

  11. jim rock

    How many comments will this thread garner? Chelsea Hubble- 20.
    Max- 1.
    (you don’t know what you don’t know)
    For the acromynly challenged.

  12. Bill Clinton removed the 55 mile per hour national speed limit imposed by Richard Nixon.

    That doesn’t compare with this Executive Directive.

  13. Who leaked the letter?

  14. Detroit III

    what is it today? Now you like Trump?

    • It’s not about liking or disliking Trump. Do you think Comey needed to be fired or not?

    • Never liked him. Ever. Is that not a valid question? I mean we’re literally seeing a copy of a confidential government document on the internet. Shouldn’t that be questioned? Do we not wonder who benefits from that being leaked? Or did the WRSA that I usually go to have a malicious redirect to somewhere else?

  15. Yawn. Who cares what these scumbags do to each other. There is no left or right or left , only us against them – Anthony Sutton. War is their final option.

  16. dumpkaine

    Awesome news.

  17. Adios you duplicitous sonofabitch.

    • hummus abedin

      This changes nothing.
      There is still a dictatorship of
      treasonous shitbags in place.
      This changes nothing.

  18. Good riddance indeed.

  19. Comey… soon to be hired as a greeter at Wal Mart.

    • Soon to be on the board at Raytheon.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Wally-World did away with the door greeter positions some year ago. They do, however, have self-checkout, a preparation for the eventual communist “living wage” enactment.

      Sadly were Walmart to still have said position available Comey would lack the decency and integrity to qualify.

      • The door greeters at my three local WalMarts must be unpaid volunteers?

        • Only the position “door greeter” was eliminated. For the most part now, door greeters are either pulled from the floor or from among the checkers. If someone has a temporary medical saying that can’t lift much for a while, Walmart will assign them as door greeters as well until the temporary medical is off.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Soon to hit the lecture circuit with Obama, telling the world they were right, Trump and the Russians did it. The disinformation is getting bigger and better every day, how else would Maddow be topping the MSM, and the golf playing monkey gets richer by the day also. Poor Hillary will show up soon with another scam, she’s feeling left out.
      The bigger question; how much longer will this bullshit last before something blows, I thought Y2K and then GM/2008 was going to be the igniter.

  20. Lightninbolt

    “Scapegoat” Comey…more than likely. I believe also that NONE, Clintons, etc…etc…will see any prison time. “Psy-op” illuminatie style…distract, distract, distract!

  21. Shinmen Takezo

    Why did it take Trump over three months to fire this cocksucker?

    Trump should have shit-canned Comey on hour one of his presidency–then appointed a new director, right then and there before his inaguration speech on TV.

    I think that Comey knew all along about the “Trump spying/surveillence” and was part and parcel to it–and this infomation will come out soon.

  22. Gunderson

    I’m sure the next statist, p.o.s. will be moar better for our freedoms. (!)
    Hint: K A B U K I

    • Amen. And then some. I’ve watched reactions over at the hedge and they are all now postulating that Clinton will be next. Not now, probably not ever.
      Red meat for the base.

  23. wendystringer48088

    Michael S. Schmidt @nytmike
    Comey learned of firing as he addressed FBI employees in LA. TV screens in background flashed news of firing. Letter was then given to FBI.7:28 PM · May 9, 2017


    Vae, Caesar!

  25. TheAlaskan

    What’s that sucking sound? Did somebody pull the swamp plug?.

  26. Bout Time!!!

  27. A buddy of mine,Pauly,was at a party. He went to use the shitter.It was occupied. Being the industrious misfit that he is, he crapped in the litter box. The owner of the house,Beth,later found it and thought her cat must have eaten some kind of prehistoric monster.I wonder if that turd made it’s way to a punch bowl in Washington DC. Good riddance,Comey. Now you can wear your clown shoes all the time.

  28. Bleh, I’m glad he’s gone but he’ll retire to Long Beach on his 250,000 per year severance and live a long luxurious life on our dime instead of to Long Island where some tatted up ms13 member might chop him with a machete, which would be reality for the rest of us dirt people.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      He might end up on Long Island – in the Hamptons. One of the lesser ones, of course, but still….

  29. Spartacus

    The DOJ memo from Deputy AG Rosenstein is a hoot. DoJ attorneys don’t like it when the cops start making the prosecutors’ decisions for them, any more than one cat likes another cat pissing into his litterbox. Turf war!

    • It’s what struck me at the time of the July debacle.

      A bunch of cops — and that’s all the FBI is — don’t make charging decisions.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “A bunch of cops — and that’s all the FBI is — don’t make charging decision.”

        Charging decisions? Hell, they’ve got a long history of making sentencing decisions – generally the death penalty.


        CA: With all due respect, FBI agents are not cops. When I carried a badge, I was part of the community. To be a good, effective, cop you have to be part of the community you serve. I realize that has not been the way of things for some years, as I have opined in previous posts. But, if you read the Peelian Reforms: “…The police are the people and the people are the police.”
        FBI, DEA, ICE, BATFE,et. al. are FEDERAL AGENTS. They could care less about the local community. Would the Texas Rangers have burnt up those innocents at Waco? Would Bonner County Sheriff’s deputies have murdered Vicky Weaver? The FBI and its companion agencies are powerful, frightening organs of violence doing the bidding of faceless FEDGOV bureaucrats. They have allegiance only to themselves and the Deep State. They have more in common with the Gestapo, STASI, or KGB.

  30. Who’s gonna replace him?

    • That was my first question. If McCabe is made permanent director, we’re even more screwed than I though we were 24 hours ago. And that’s pretty screwed.

    • hummus abedin

      As if it makes a difference.
      The rule of law and equality
      of justice is long dead in America.

  31. And which he does so richly deserve, the chopping, not the severance. Sorry obfuscating bastard.

  32. Trimming off the dirty end of the turd.

  33. Remember, your manners, James; a gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells.

  34. Part of the global warming remediation

  35. Trump’s letter, beginning with the first letter of first paragraph: I

    First letter of each line of 2nd paragraph:

  36. Almost Shakespeare like, in its’ swift sword ending. This is what I expect from a President; no weepy or contrite speeches, no hand wringing or gloating, just DO and move on. Very well done!

    • hummus abedin

      “This is what you expect from a President”.
      You are truly the epitome of stupid.
      Only a beta cuck, living under the delusion of the fake left/right paradigm, would think this
      makes any difference.
      The Republic was overthrown by a
      treasonous Uniparty long ago.

  37. Jimmy the Saint

    So, we on for that big canoe trip this weekend, buddy?
    – Zombie William Colby

    • That would be great to see that meme with the head of Special Agent in Charge Greg Bretzing.
      Not that I would wish ill on anyone, but in his case I’d make an exception.
      And after all, it was Comey that picked him to head the Portland office.
      It’s time to take out the traitorous trash.

  38. As for Comey, good riddance.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, AG Sessions & Trump have indicated that a ramping up of the War on *some* Drugs, with an apparent particular focus on cannabis-medicinal and otherwise-having been RE-legalized in certain states, is in order.

    Yeah, the very same -war- that is primarily responsible for trashing Rule of Law and the Bill of Rights.

    And, we’re still waiting…still very patiently…for those EO’s that would reverse onerous unconstitutional firearms restrictions, that candidate Trump promised he’d sign in the “first hour” of his presidency.

    And the Trumpsters-as well as the NRA-appear to be unwaveringly behind their man, apparently no matter what…

    We are in the midst of a fucking nightmare…

    The curse of living in interesting times.

    • hummus abedin

      “And, we’re still waiting…still very patiently…”
      That’s your failing right there.
      Real men don’t passively and patiently
      endure scumbags endlessly forcing
      shit down their throats.
      And if I was one, I would not have the
      comfortable leisure and time to post
      snarky responses to comments like yours.

  39. Noted in AG Sessions’ letter:

    “…great men and women of the FBI”

    No doubt this includes those agents ginning up domestic ‘terrorist’ conspiracies among stupid screwed-up young men, then riding up ‘Lone Ranger style’ just in the nick of time to foil the terrorist plot…much of which is quite comical, as with the strange-appearing dude they nabbed at the gun shop (buying terrorist tools) in Cincinnati not too long ago.

    Kabuki theatre…

    The FBI (DEA and the rest…) was a den of corruption before Comey, and likely will remain so under his successor.

    Most departments and agencies of government are part of the swamp that is to be drained…scheduled for shortly after those firearms rights EOs get the president’s signature.

    • hummus abedin

      And if those 2A EO’s were signed,
      they would be similarly blocked
      by treasonous judicial shitbags.
      And if not by them, then the states
      would step up and do that job, as
      they have already done for decades.
      They would do so without hesitation
      or fear of reprisal.
      As it has been clearly demonstrated,
      time and again, that the only resistance
      to their treason and crimes are blowhards
      keyboard complaining on the internet.

      • Notarealperson

        Spot on.

        Most folks bitching about Trump don’t get the Left dominates the judiciary and the moment Trump signs a EO they think they can jam, they judge shop and have him sign a injunction. Thus nullifying the EO.

        To really enact a good nationwide CC law, he needs congress to pass legislation and they aren’t about to help Trump.

        Does anyone think Ryan is about to help Trump? Hell no.

  40. Hopefully the new “country’s top law enforcement officer” will be from a law enforcement background and not a political hack interested in keeping his masters happy.

  41. Washington’s top cop
    Incompetence, arrogance
    “You want fries with that?”

  42. The Usual Suspect

    From the sublime, to the ridiculous, the responses bring me back.


  44. Notarealperson

    Comey was a Clinton man from long time back.

    Trump wanted to fire the black hat almost immediately but didn’t have the people in place and the political capital to pull it off until now.

    By any measure Comey was a bad man. and stooge for the Democratic party and made it quite obvious he played favorites.

    He did a lot of things that he should have been fired for on the spot. Such as protecting the AG and Obama in the Gunwalker case to refusing to give the Trump administration the names of the people who ordered the unmasking of Americans and then leaking it to the press.

  45. Aesop will be arrested (for perpetrating too many fables) before Mrs. Clinton (n)ever is.