Brushbeater: On Not Being A Cultist Of Personality


Well worth your time.

Compare this commentary by Porter.

The people who want your property, your children, your culture, and your soul are working together.

You may be able to stand alone against those forces.

But the odds are against it.

Meatspace, baby.

14 responses to “Brushbeater: On Not Being A Cultist Of Personality

  1. You will notice these alliances aren’t formed by, or contingent upon, the harmony of their internal components, but on the weight of external force. I don’t need to adore my neighbor (or Nigerians) to appreciate our mutual peril. In fact, reciting our points of misalignment and hostility would be a pristine example of accurate statements made obtuse..

    Problem is getting to people to even agree on what is our mutual peril and then working together on defense of that peril…We have a problem also of circular firing squads instead of focusing on those who want to destroy us…
    Sad That…

    • Grenadier1

      Yes, too many people want to focus on the Nigerians or the Cohens and completely ignore the Lizardman army at our gates.

      • Amen on that Brother…Or your neighbor across the fence for that matter…To many people focus on the bear in the distance and forget to look down at the snake at their feet…

  2. Lee Van Queef

    This is the task and purpose of the Kekistani movement. Pythonites recognized it immediately.


    Good read. Building tribe and reliable allies is as important as daily PT and weekly range time.

    • Amen on that Brother…

    • It may be even more important, Dweeze; accuracy and conditioning are all good and well; but you still have to sleep sometime. That’s when having someone watch your back – that you can trust – is priceless.
      I think I’ve read someone saying something about “community”, and preaching local…
      As for that, I’m taking overmatch from overwatch north soon… a time is coming, and now is…

  4. Solidarity, brothers (and sisters).

  5. The important thing is not to waste time with those who want to destroy us.

  6. Damnit, so we can’t just post up memes on the interwebs and gain ‘likes’?!

  7. “Last week some wag remarked that the best thing about Trump’s First Hundred Days is that they weren’t Hillary’s First Hundred Days. This clip will make you a believer.” -gerardvanderleun

    • wendystringer48088

      Yep. No matter how disappointed were may be that things are not going the way we want them to, they probably could be a lot worse. The best thing about President Donald Trump’s First Hundred Days is that they weren’t Prseident Hillary Clinton’s First Hundred Days.
      Hillary was supossed to be a sure win. It looked that way to nearly everyone. But still enough pissed off angry people voted for Donald Trump anyway in a great show of individual effort to each say “Fuck You” to The Powers That Be to result in a Trump win. What an amazing and heartening event that was. Learning that there are that many people out there willing to cast a vote to say “Fuck You”, even in the face of what looked like a sure win for Hillary. No matter how things actually do turn out for the Trump Presidency, now we know how many of us (to use your term “Dirt People”) there are out there. 🙂
      Thanks for the video link. Although after suffering through all the arrogance of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the talk show hosts and others saying that no way would Donald Trump win during the first half of the video, I had to skip ahead finally arriving at the 3:40 minute mark to enjoy watching the after effects of those people reacting to Donald Trump’s win.

  8. Good read & information.
    Know your Tribe – Clan – Horde

    A Jewish Defector Warns America. Benjamin Freedman Speaks on Zionism!