The Diplomad: Sounds Like Tillerson Gets It

Read his overview, then read Secretary of State Tillerson’s remarks to staff on May 3rd.

America first?

What a concept.

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  1. “We must secure the nation. We must protect our people. We must protect our borders. We must protect our ability to be that voice of our values now and forevermore. And we can only do that with economic prosperity.”

    No, you can do it by shutting down the flow of “refugees” into this country. You can close the border for real. You can begin deporting MILLIONS of illegals from this country.

    Or you you can pretend you’re doing something while promoting economic prosperity. Wake up everyone, wake up. You didn’t buy 4 years of safety you agreed to warm the bench for 4 years. Had Trump gone off script he would be taking open limo rides with no shot blockers.

    No one is coming to save you. No one. A nation led by an entire class of psychopaths is not going to right itself. This ain’t the movies, there isn’t a happy ending.

    You must save you and your family.

    • I would to see millions deported. That would be cool.

    • Well what you said Tom, thats just it.
      No one is coming to save you.
      It sounds like a negative, but it is anything but in this context you place it in.
      Because when enough people get it, nobody is coming to save you, a funny thing happens, your not alone, because now you got A LOT of people that are defending themselves from the same things for the same reasons.

  2. I read the speech and was struck at how simply he broke down an incredibly complicated bureaucratic organization and began work on tactics and actions. Time will tell. Personally I’d like to see about 1/2 of lifers at State fired….just to get the attention of the rest of them.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Fire them, re-hire them at half pay, and then fire them again.

      The double-fire is truly a thing of beauty.

    • Most State Department employees come from like Georgetown’s Institute for the Study of Diplomacy.

      Funded by a $20m ‘donation’ from the house of Saud.

      Totally subversive environments that churn out faithful little statists willing to hand over the keys to the country at a moment’s notice.

      I like Tillerson. I think he was Trump’s smartest move (although I wonder who pushed him). He should fire 90% of State Department staff and start fresh with people who are actually loyal to the Constitution.

    • Randolph - no one has tenure, fire some more for effect - Scott

      Best idea of today. Our government should have no lifer spots within any organization/agency/department. Drain the swamp.

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  4. People are not as stupid as he tries to make it sound. Anybody paying attention can see there are two geopolitical agendas simultaneously playing. Many people still stuck on stupid sure but, at this point too many people get it by now. The Zio-Neo Con Tribe is caught. The agenda is clear & exposed. They can all suffer humanitie’s eventual awakening (some will never get it) to the Talmud & Kabbalah cult Zionist – Ashkenazi – Kharzarian Mafias’ plan to rule the planet. They made a epochal historical miscalculation of finally exposing themselves more than ever before (for those that are awake or have observed) & can suffer the outcome of being a self-exiled persona non grata pariah’s of society self sentenced to shoel – Gehinnom. The NEWS & awakened will never be the same for they have done irreparable harm in they’re quest for power & greed.

  5. Is this the guy that invited the fags into the Boy Scouts?

    • No.

      He did not ‘invite the fags into the Boy Scouts.’

      I think his decision he made was the wrong decision – terribly wrong – but so is your characterization. If you cared to do some actual reading on the matter, you’d know how ridiculous you sound.

      Your malice aside, does his terrible decision about the Boy Scouts negate some good decisions as the Secretary of State?

      Your sentiment is part of the efforts that account for NOTHING. They accomplish NOTHING, and they bring us NOWHERE, other than the typical sniping, harping, and general bitchy behavior of the left.

      Rise above it, and work towards something good.

    • a follower

      Yes he is.

    • wendystringer48088

      Tillerson did not invite the fags into the Boy Scouts as you put it. Blame it on the external forces pushing this on the Boy Scouts, not on the person who had to make the best decision in a bad situation. Yes, Tillerson had a role in making the official policy change as Boy Scouts chief, but remember that the BSA organization was under a lot of pressure from social justice warriors outside and also within major corporations to boycott and deny corporate funding support for the BSA over this. I am sure his did what he felt was in the best interests of BSA under the circumstances.
      Blame the homosexuals and their supporters who pushed this, not the guy who has to make the best decision in the interests of the BSA organization.
      And what does this have to do on his job as US Secretary of State anyway? Judge him on his job performance as Secretary of State. Not criticise him because of a situation he had to negotiate in his past. ll major corporations have corporate policies and human resourse departments that support the various forms of “diversity”, including among other things the lgbt people.

  6. I noticed that he did not address Europe and its many issues, most of which have nothing to do with Russia

  7. the Trumpenthal regime daily sets new records for the gap between words and deeds. Tillerson? isn’t he the creep who imposed faggot scoutmasters on the BSA? Yes he is.

    • wendystringer48088

      Tillerson was a corporate officer at Exxon Mobile and they did not have a good LGBT rating. Tillerson had a role in making the Boy Scouts policy changes but the BSA organization was under pressure from social justice warriors pushing a boycott of BSA corporate funding over this issue. As a corporate officer he had to make a tough decision.
      I get the impression like most corporate managers he will do what he feels he needs to do to address or get rid of the problem, which will vary with the situation.
      To all those criticizing him over this, all major corporations today have policy statements that have to be followed and human resourse departments that support “inclusion” and “diversity” among their employees. You can’t get anywhere in the corporate world without signing on to that.
      The real problem is the people pushing for this kind of “social change”, not the people trying to run a company and having to deal with this crap.

  8. Detroit III

    So we like Trump today?
    It do we hate him like we did last week?

    Color me confused.

  9. Mark Matis

    THAT is how one can be a nationalist AND a globalist. One looks out first for one’s own nation – WOW, what a unique idea! – but one also tries to play fair with other nations to help THEM help their own people as well. It does not have to be a zero-sum game. It is possible to make agreements that are advantageous to both sides. And indeed we have been doing “that” over the years. As long as you understand the “win” on “our” side has been for Haxo’s BFFs…