Well, Yeah….But….But….

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WaPo: Clinton Fires Sessions As FBI Director

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  1. anyone in gubbermint their entire lives are nothing but parasitic scum…

    sessions = scum.

  2. Got to wonder was Comey fired because he was inhibiting and blocking various investigations, like from Pizzagate to Clintons laundry list of crimes and murder?

    It’s a nice thought but is it possible?

  3. Fixed it.

  4. Looking like shit canning Comey has stirred up a hornets nest of political scum who don’t have an FBI Director to cover their arses.
    Trump is going to have to look far and wide to find somebody for the new FBI Dir. with nothing on him that the fuckers can use as blackmail.

    If Trump really wants to pull a mind job, he could hire Sarah Palin as his new Director of the FBI.

    It sounds ridiculous right?

    Think about it outside the box.
    The drama that would create would be akin to shoving the whole drama of his “Russian connection” created to fuck with Trump right up their arses.
    And not even talking about the gas lighting value and energy that would suck out of the media.

    If the FBI deserves anything, it is everlasting shame. To the bone.
    And hey, that’s only politically correct, a wimenz should be able to run a misogyny dept. like the FBI. Hows that for payback is a bitch?
    After all, the Clintons put a carpet munching homicadal maniac , an “IT’ named Janet Reno as head of the DoJ, right?

    Last but not least, Palin went after the big Oil Oligharchy un Alaska and gave them an all-time wedgy, never mind making them give every Alaskan a royalty on every barrel and cubic foot of gas extracted from the State of Alaska, which belongs to the dirt people to begin with.

    Has a kind of Pepe-esque symmetry to it.

  5. “But the White House had trouble choosing a successor and a series of distractions — including the political fallout from the FBI tear gas assault on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Tex., last April that ended in the deaths of more than 70 of the religious cultists — forced Reno and the White House to put off the decision several times.”
    Those cultists who apparently deserved to die at the hands of the FBI, included 23 innocent American citizen children.
    FYI comedy was pretty popular in the gman crew. Do the math.

    • Randolph Scott

      Every fuck face that participated in that massacre needs to be brought up on civil rights and murder charges, placed before a firing squad and have at least 30 bullets fired thru them. If the don’t work these bastards need to be exterminated one by one.

  6. franzl2012

    political theatre is inconsequential. America (and all of Western
    Civilization) is proceeding down the road to extinction regardless of who is elected. Read Barbarians Inside the Gates: The Black Book of Bolshevism for the story of the people that pull the strings of our political puppets. The very same people that Jesus drove out of the temple with a whip.

    • When Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this world,” He was
      referring to another kind of government based on faith, hope
      and charity – without force, contrary to other forms of government
      in which people elect benefactors which exercise authority over them.
      Family is first government,including fractured ones to resolve to the
      best of ones abilities and others help welcomed.
      Everything grows from there.

  7. Accusations of hypocrisy mean absolutely nothing to liberals. They know they are doing the right thing, and since they are doing the right thing, anything is acceptable. Remind CNN all you want, it does not matter. To feel shame for doing something wrong, they would need a moral core. This is why it bothers conservatives when their hypocrisy is pointed out. Liberals don’t care.

    This is also how they ignore logic.

  8. I watched on T.V. as they knocked holes in the roof with the APC so the fire they started with W/P could breath. Then they bulldozed the residue so no one could come up with the proof. GP