Buchanan: What Is The US Goal In The World? Does Anyone Know?

Good questions.

Only thing worse than a global hegemon?

One that is failing.

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  1. Isn’t our goal to make the rest of the world hate Americans with a passion, while simultaneously flooding America with ‘immigrants’ that hate us, in genocidal-to-the-native-population displacement numbers?

    Should work out fine for us.


    The goal of this country was spelled out by Ike in his farewell address. And, every POTUS since 11/22/1963 has understood. The Deep State, MIC, Wall Street Banksters and their Illuminati minions have set the goal for Amerika. No one wants to win the JFK Memorial Award. So they all tow the line.
    One could even argue the goal was set at the first Con-Con by Hamilton and his Bankster handlers. When Professor Beard dared to expose that, he was run out of Columbia University. The Deep State consolidated its internal power with the War of Northern Aggression. Then, the First Progressive sent The Great White Fleet around the world to look for imaginary monsters to destroy and open “new markets”. And here we are. Sad.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yup, the Neverending War and keeping the masses in debt, meanwhile the masses are distracted every 5 minutes chasing another political squirrel.
      The American people can be induced to go to war over any silly thing the MSM feeds them, except their real enemy, Wall St. and FedGov.

  3. Nothing stokes my hate of boomers more than to remember how Buchanan only received about 21% of the primary vote in 1996. Those retards just couldn’t help but vote for stooges like Dole and Bush 1 & 2.

  4. “Then came payback for our sanctions that had brought death to thousands of Iraqis, and for the U.S. bases we had foolishly planted on the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia – Sept. 11, 2001.

    George W. Bush reacted by launching the two longest wars in our history, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and announced that our new role was to “end tyranny in our world.”

    I thought those wars were payback for Building 7?

  5. Additionally, using globalism, our goal, no, the goal imposed on us, is to spread our wealth to other nations, use and abuse our military as the army of the New World Order, “while simultaneously flooding America with ‘immigrants’ that hate us, in genocidal-to-the-native population displacement numbers”.

  6. The same formula is being duplicated ” exactly” here in the US.

    The seven steps.
    1. Form a shadow govt.
    2.Control the air waves.
    3. Bleed the state dry.
    4. Sow unrest.
    5. Provoke an election crisis.
    6. Take to the streets.
    7. Outlast your opponent.

    To grasp the totality the magnitude of it all, one must understand the ” how” .

    While a simple set of vague rules have applied, they are bullet proof, and have worked in country after country after country.

    I have all the documents which are important to me, on my wall. constitution, Bill of Rights etc etc. I also have the seven steps sloppily printed and posted right next to my important docs.

    To understand that a few binding words on paper, penned so long ago still have merit to my world amazes me.

    And then to look at the simple effiency of the ” Seven Steps” to understand the political, the global agenda, Is frightening to simple men like me. Men who are happy being just another American, with no grandiose dreams of world domination.

    Anyways I look at my documents wall every day, I seem to spend more time reviewing the seven, just to determine exactly where the crisis time line is.

    From a practical view point were at the end, were at the ” outlast your opponent” , phase of the velvet revolution.

    Tic Toc!


  7. the ZOG’s “goals” are:

    1. Keep Israel-in-Palestine on the map.

    2. Keep oil-producers on the debtbuck.

    3. Liquidate the White Nations, annihilate White Western Civilization, exterminate the White Race.

  8. Grey Ghost

    “If we do not review and discard some of these war guarantees, we shall never know peace. Donald Trump once seemed to understand this. Does he still?”

    To answer the question I doubt Trump cares anymore about what he said during the campaign… hell, it took the neocons less than 90 days to get a firm grip on him and attack Assad instead of ISIS as he said during his campaign. They’ll get him to start another war because the neoCONS all believe war is the measure of a successful economy and NOT reality which is you can have peace and prosperity or war and poverty you can’t have both.

    Grey Ghost

  9. The US of A is just a tool or the Globalist NWO directed from Israel