Comey’s Temporary Replacement Has Strong Ties To A Clinton Ally

I wonder how that investigation is going.

33 responses to “Comey’s Temporary Replacement Has Strong Ties To A Clinton Ally

  1. another opportunity to drain the swamp

  2. LMAO The Rothschild Askenazi – Zionist Kharzarian Mafia scripted & orchestrated World Chaos Kabuki Theatre marches on …

    You bought ticket, now take the ride…

  3. alaskapaul

    Washington, D.C. is not a swamp. It is a malignant tumor. And needs to be treated as such.

  4. Oregon Hobo

    I predicted privately to my gf several months back that Trump would destroy the Republican Party. I hope it isn’t so, but it seems more likely every day that when the orange clown is done with us, we’ll look back with fond reminiscence upon the relatively minor damage wrought upon the party by Nixon and his antics.

    He’s already convinced enough of his base to stay home next time that the Dems could run the Mad Cow against him again (likely from a hospital bed) in 2020 and win.

    Let’s make the most of the space given us in the next 3½ years.


    • ‘Destroy the Republican party’ You say it like that’s a bad thing.There should be no parties or even ‘representatives’. Direct phone voting like Switzerland. If American Idol could field millions of votes weekly why do we need these crooked bastards going to any swamp?.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That kind of presupposes that the Republican Party isn’t worthy of destruction. It has not made any such demonstration in decades, at the very least. Hell, from the outset, it was a party dedicated to the primacy of the Federal government.

    • Nixon did almost nothing wrong compared to 0bama and Clinton.

      The Republican Party has destroyed itself by angering the people enough that they’d vote for the orange clown.

      • Detroit III

        An ANTIFA schmuck as raised his head, CA.

        • Haha! You don’t have a clue. I already went to NOLA looking for some AntiFa heads to crack, and I’ll be going back again. What have YOU done, lately?

    • Sorry pal, they destroyed themselves.

    • Oregon Hobo

      Haha ok perhaps I give Trump too much credit. I get the lack of tears over the unfolding death of the GOP, I really do, but I fear the gains that will be made by our enemies in the vacuum left while the right works to rebuild a viable replacement. I’m left clinging to the thin reed of hope that the Democratic Party still has their heads wedged securely in their asses come 2020 so as to be unable to efficiently exploit the post-Trump chaos.


    • “Destroy the Republican Party”…? Oh Noes!
      You apparently missed the 5000 memos here in the last 12+ months that voting him into office was
      specifically to accomplish precisely that.

  5. McAuliffe’s about as dirty as they come. Seen David Clarke and Trey Gowdy’s names being bandied about. That would be a desirable outcome given the nasty business that’s Fed Gov.

  6. more political incest in Sodom-on-the-Potomac. Meanwhile, Trumpenthal’s head of the FCC is an Indian H1b…and ex-lawyer for Verizon. Now looking to hand over the internet to Verizon/Comcast.

  7. He doesn’t just “have ties.” For those of us who have been studying George Webb’s videos since he has been posting to YouTube, McCabe is connected to: The Clinton Foundation, The Clinton Global Initiative, brownstone operations to extort senators and congressmen, pressing for more state and local “cooperation” with the fedgov through JTTF, the world bank, nation toppling in North Africa, oil plays in the ME and North Africa, human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, DynCorps, and an assortment of other bad things. McCabe is at the VERY HEART of the deep state, even more so than Comey.

    • Thanks for the connections, HS.

      McCabe=another GD turd in the punchbowl, er..”swamp.”

    • All very true. This puppet show is nothing but theatre. The real damage is the media’s unaccountability.

      When the media can say what it wants, lie, cheat, steal, and spin like it does, were in propaganda becomes truth.

      Remember the definition of propaganda.
      1. Know the many routes for propaganda dissentient.
      2. Build your message horizontally.
      3. Simplify your message.
      4. Moralize.
      5. Control the flow of information.

      My friends their is but one group on the entire planet whom can pull this off.

      Care to have a guess, who owns them, operates them like the fourth wing of Govt.


  8. …may be a good idea for Trump to remember “how” he was elected, as well as by who.
    let’s review:
    1) the angry, disenfranchised older white guys – who, by virtue of being heterosexual Christian men; objected most strongly to the continuing .gov ass fucking they were getting
    2) the angry, disenfranchised younger white guys – who, by virtue of being heterosexual Christian men; objected most strongly to the continuing .gov ass fucking they were getting – as well as the limited opportunity they have for bettering their lot in life, because – due to their inherited “white privilege” (cough, spit) have little chance of being selected for great jobs no matter how qualified they are; because they do not identify as black, gay, female, or some other ‘oppressed’ group.
    3) conservative “real” ladies – of any race – who could not vote for that harpy the dems were running, because Hillarity Clitoon did not ever represent them, and although they want a woman president, thought Hilarity was either a) not a lady, or even female, or 2) put up with Bill’s philandering over moral values, to the detriment of ladyhood… to further her own blind ambition. And heard enough of her shenanigans to know they couldn’t justify it to their children… Russia, uranium, Arkancide, etc.
    Or all of the above, and more.
    Motherfucker best wake the hell up. We don’t expect a miracle, but this shit doesn’t take a genius to decipher. Patience is a virtue we have very little of anymore.
    Slightly off topic, but not much… any idea about the increase in rage potrayed in various recent airline news stories? I don’t suppose there’s a correlation between that, and the many folks today are ready to snap… nah, that can’t be…

    • Navigate a 80 foot long low boy loaded with heavy equipment through congested city traffic…witness the full degradation behind the wheel. Take all other demographics and statistics and blow em out your ass..Lay witness to the accelerated level of retards behind the wheel of the average auto.The DOT buds tell me the only reason more aren’t dead is due directly to the amount of serious accidents. Slows down the acceleration areas.People going by in toasters with wheels on them at 120 mph.
      We are at a core level pretty fucked.Remove the warning stickers from everything.Let the stupid,ignorant motherfuckers die.. You do not have enough ammo.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Spartacus

    Give him a couple of weeks. Trump likes to give his enemies enough rope to hang themselves. McCabe won’t last long; Trump knows he is dirty.

  11. Detroit III

    STFU…he is temporary.

  12. lastmanstanding

    Good to see you posting less boss…more time in meatspace. Doing that myself as well.

    For a while there, I was fucking exhausted try to keep up with the WRSA info dump.

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”