Z Blog: Sweet Home Venezuela

His latest.

Posing, amongst other puzzlements, the following question:

If a relatively violent people are eating their pets, yet unwilling to turn on the local officials, what are the odds that the pampered pussies of Western nations will push back against their rulers?

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  1. lastmanstanding

    If a relatively violent people are eating their pets, yet…

    Masthead worthy.

    Pets are one of the most treasured gifts in our family along with the wildlife that lives in our neighborhood…local officials, not so much.

  2. Sweet Home Venezuela
    “For some reason, flinging crap at people is something that comes naturally to people. I guess it is the ultimate sign of disrespect”

    Researches find poop-throwing by chimps is a sign of intelligence

    “Researchers studying such behavior have come to the conclusion that throwing feces, or any object really, is actually a sign of high ordered behavior.”

  3. CA Warrior

    We all know the difference between us and them: we own millions of guns. That make the transition one of morality and not logistics. And when the chips are down, that bridge will be easy to cross.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “And when the chips are down, that bridge will be easy to cross.”

      But that’s just the thing, isn’t it? So long as no one’s shooting politicians, the chips must not be down – everyone just keeps on thinking that it’s not the time yet, because no one else is doing anything.

      • If we’re still going with the old ideas of political legitimacy, can a case really be made for violence when the people keep voting for these assholes? You can’t get more than a few percent of the population to vote for any third party. There are no viable secessionist movements. There’s no widespread civil disobedience unless you’re talking about weed farmers. A handful of people rage on comment forums, but beyond that – what?
        It would be one thing if a substantial portion of the population weren’t represented, made formal petitions of their grievances which went ignored, marched en masse and were suppressed – that is, tried just about everything before taking the guns out – but when 95% of the population won’t do ANYTHING, why should I go Leeroy Jenkins for them?

        • Jimmy the Saint

          The Right lacks a cohesive something for most folks to get behind. Until there’s a clear and concise message, numbers aren’t going to move our way.

          The other thing that needs work is showing that the State and its support organs aren’t all-powerful. For the average person looking at it, the State/Media/NGO/Big Business/Big Finance/Academia leviathan isn’t worth fighting simply because it’s so big – there’s no clear point against which any move would actually achieve a noticeable result. It’s like a single krill trying to resist a blue whale – the sumbitch is just too big.

          Shoring up the numbers by way of solving the first problem will go a long way towards solving the second one. People have to know that they’ aren’t in it on their own.

      • CA Warrior

        Correct, but my point is that everyone will know when it is time to act. Better to have tools in your hand and make a decision to move than to know you should make a move but have nothing in hand with which to act.

        True, no one wants to be the leader, the first one to kick off festivities. But at the right time, the leaders will emerge. And you and I will understand what needs to be done.

  4. One of the best examples of why it is over for the USA as founded(we may turn into a euro-socialist country that hangs on for another century because it has such a lead on everyone else) is the tea party. If the tea party really developed and took over the gop, the country had a chance but that it fizzled out without a lasting affect, no one says that the tea party was what won it for trump even though trumpers and tea partiers could be the same in many ways; shows that even people who are serious about the country can’t overcome the system and their ignorant dupes.
    The usa had a really good run, but is following the same decline of all great empires before it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Tea Party had a bunch of flaws. One, it wasn’t a coherent thing – many of the original rallies had people who were simply outraged that Obama’s spending would end up reducing their Medicare benefits, for example. Two, because it wasn’t coherent, it was easy for grifters and rent-seekers to loot the shit out of it. Most of the major “Tea Party” organizations did nothing with the donations they received, other than pay their upper-echelon folks. Three, it was overly determined to play within the established rules; insurgencies can’t do that if they want to win.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    “If a relatively violent people are eating their pets, yet unwilling to turn on the local officials, what are the odds that the pampered pussies of Western nations will push back against their rulers?”

    Exactly what I keep harping on about all the time. We see plenty of simian chest beating here, but how many have actually stood up to authorities in any shape or form? Yet next week, miraculously, they’ll all turn into Superman, standing up for right and freedumb!
    It’ll be a cold day in hell before any of the masses ever stand up to FedGov.

  6. The fact that they were DISARMED by their RULERS might have something to do with their reluctance to be professional targets for the military.

  7. william williams

    >>>how many have actually stood up to authorities in any shape or form?

    “Standing up to authorities” has to be timed very well indeed, if one hopes to be thought of as something better than a fool.

    Since I am a peaceable elderly guy, not great with polemics, and with zero military background, my resistance is pretty subtle, but still real. I suggest, of course, that each of us maximally encourage our friends and family, particularly the younger generations who will inherit the unfortunate legacy of the (former) US of A. I also suggest that each of us throw the occasional very real shoe into the machinery of the central state, in whatever way we can. And I wouldn’t get specific with suggestions in any online forum.

    Meatspace, baby.

  8. Let’s also bear in mind those are the same chimps that voted the late unlamented Scrappleface into office in Venezuela in the first place.
    It’s only now that the bloom is off the socialist communist rose, and they’re eating cats, that they see what they brought upon themselves.

    It’s only at the end that they realize that having no economy, no food, and no guns leaves them precious little choice in their predicament, and finally they learn Wormer’s Mantra:

    “Fat, dunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, boy.”

    Boo frickin’ hoo for the stupid asses in the Bolvarian Republic of Chavez.
    As ZeroHedge noted 5 days ago, the military is starting to side with the people against the government.
    They’re thus about one banana away from another banana republic coup, which would be the sixth one there in the last 60something years. The military overthrows the government there almost as often as the Yankees go to the World Series.

  9. Anonymous

    Rejecting gun control in Connecticut by 90% of 250,000 committing a felony by not turning in reporting forms ought to count for something.

  10. I think its a great meme, and has some truth to it.
    Super poor, hungry people rarely revolt though. They are too busy trying to find food (like pets), and then they lose energy and become somnolent as their body slows down.

    Revolutions generally happen when relatively well-off people get pissed off at their status being threatened. US Rev wasn’t a bunch of beggars and street people, but landowners and lawyers.

    Y’all need to stop focusing on the present, as if no violent revolt yet means none will ever happen. Revolts take long periods of time to brew, to get people on the same page so when the time comes they act somewhat in concert. Unfortunately most here make fun of people doing the work of getting everyone on the same page (alt-rt memesters.)

    • This why you store food.

      You don’t want folks to be hungry and looking for dinner when the time comes to throw off the yoke.

      Bear in mind it’s taken 18 years of dedicated full-throated socialism, including an entirely new constitution and one coup attempt, to get Venezuela to this point now.

      They started on Scrappleface’s brave new journey to oblivion in 1999.

  11. thesouthwasrght

    Not really sure that’s an accurate comparison. Up in Connecticut of all places enough people thumbed their noses at their bullshit precursor to confiscation gun law that the officials up there determined it best to basically relegate said law to blue status.

    I’d say there is still considerably more grit scattered here abouts than there is down there where people are completely disarmed and conditioned to absolutely corrupt iron fist rule. Things just haven’t gotten bad enough in enough wallets to spark a revolutionary trend. Yet.

  12. a follower

    So we should all resort to our primal instinct? We should all turn on them or into them and consume each other? Some cops are bad, so lets wish for their death?
    If you are being led into this way of thinking you are on a crooked path. Weakness is what turns us into them.