A Reader Sends

Via Facebook.

If anyone has contacts with the SCV and the UDC, please pass along.

15 responses to “A Reader Sends

  1. The Leftards are itching for a shooting civil war.

    • They’re successfully removing a cultural and history from this country and the very people who embrace it sit back and let it happen.

  2. The “provocation op tempo” is definitely up.

  3. Ben Richards

    Was planning on going for a hike tomorrow evening.
    Looks like I will be going to beat some commie ass instead.

  4. It would be the shits to find one of these cocksuckers lying dead on a confederate grave with their dick in their hand.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    TICK TOCK, !!!

  6. Bob Orians , aka - The Irishman

    I thought that my Grandpa walked on water . Somebody pissing on his grave would be a sure way to get a free and soon pass into hell . the swhtf over this provocation . How many of Jeb’s Great Grandsons will be overlooking the graveyards with their 300. Blackouts on hand May 13th ?

  7. Spartacus

    People take their Confederate dead seriously in certain parts of the country. That’s asking for a beating with a nightstick, if SCV or other Confederate war memorial groups find out that a group is going be at a certain location desecrating it.

  8. Grenadier1

    This is grounds to get themselves shot.

  9. Nobody has done anything to stop them, so far. Why should they believe anyone will try and stop them, now?

  10. The Usual Suspect

    This is a state sanctioned desecration, w/overwatch.

  11. Grenadier1

    Looked into that FB group. They are just trolls trying to get people to post ignorant responses so they can make fun. It honestly looks like its the work of just two guys. The group is ran by a guy in Missouri so I seriously doubt this little fucktard has the balls or the resources to actually show his face in Marietta. I think they simply picked a cemetery near Atlanta to see what kind of a rise they could get.

  12. Grey Ghost

    I can’t speak to Marion, Ga but in my AO, IF they gave advance notice like this on facebook and actually mean it, I don’t think they’d be walking out of the cemetery. Have to wait and see if these punks show up and what happens if they do.

    Grey Ghost