Buppert: FBI Cargo Cult – Junk Science And The Federal Coproach

Bill’s latest.

Keep your eyes on the .gov’s other hand.

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  1. fuck the poLICE
    fuck the gubbermint


    Well, CA, it’s just like I posted a few days ago. They are a powerful, frightening organization with absolutely no loyalty or consideration to the public. They serve the Deep State and the faceless, Godless FEDGOV bureaucrats who pay their salaries and give them their marching orders.

  3. Good read & enjoyed it.

    The PsyOp hits keep coming…
    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more surreal or dystopic.

    This has got Brzezinski’s spoor & stench (who worked w/ Stasi commie’s in the past btw) all over it…

    Russian Claims FBI Offered Him Citizenship-Apartment If he Confessed to Hacking Clinton’s Inbox for Trump & Putin

    Russian charged with breaching U.S. firms says FBI attempted to coerce confession over Clinton hack

  4. When you find yourself in a courtroom as a defendant…I refer to the courts as the piggybank.The only non-governmental entity in the room is you. feeding the fucking monster.Well put sir!

  5. a follower

    BOOKS are also of “theatre.”

  6. Any contact with the Kripos, Orpos, and Sipos is to be avoided whenever possible.

  7. TechNote:

    If you have a recent vintage HP laptop listen up — http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-05-12/hp-laptops-discovered-be-spying-users-keylogger — They were loaded with a keylogger that was not stripped out after setup.

  8. Bill, I spent 25 years on the other side, ive seen the good work done, and acknowledge that some real shitty work was done as well. I’ve torpedoed a few cases due to my lingering doubt. I’d rather let 10/20 guilty folks go, then convict one innocent person. I knew the guilty ones would continue to commit crimes, and I’d catch up with them another time or two.

    I’ve used finger prints, shoe prints and DNA to achieve convictions on some real bad folks. What I have not been apart of is that evidence as the sole piece of evidence. Would not have been comfortable with that.

    Hair, skin folic, a steamy pile of crap, are not junk science. If it came off a person, or out of a person, it has DNA, specific, to that humanoid. DNA is a legit science anymore, huge gains have been made with the identification of gene strains, or whatever the medicos call it.

    I just don’t know anymore, what I believe, who I believe. Was never a company man, yet did my job.

    Had a couple officers at my place yesterday, we do bee keeping together. Their 15 to 19 year guys and fucking hate it. They have discovered the trap. They want out. Like me, they want nothing to do with people ever again.

    Tic Toc.


    • Dirk,

      DNA is an excellent tool. However it in many cases only proves that the person was there. Aka it proves opportunity. A good defense attorney would insist on motive and method as well. DNA has also been shown to be an excellent tool in freeing improperly convicted persons.

      Times have changed that is for sure. The environment that officers operate under sucks. Even in the best of times of a simple traffic stop the other party is not a happy camper. Probably every 4th person you meet is an asshole. It gets worse from there. Day in day out that has to rip out one’s soul. At best that is an occupation that should have an expiration date, then move on. There are other occupations associated with american jurisprudence one can pursue.

    • Thanks for posting here Dirk. Open minds and ears are in short supply these days. Good to hear reports on the pulse of it all. Ten years ago I had a theft at one of my businesses which qualified as grand larceny. The 18 yr vet of that mid sized blue state city told me “I can file a report with you but I’ll be honest, nothing will come of it. We can’t keep up with the hard stuff, armed robberies, rapes and murders.”

      I knew then we’d crossed the Rubicon. The illusion of control in the cities is simply that, one big illusion. Yes there is a street order and system but as far as Joe Six pack understands everything is fine lol. If they only knew. That business was on the edge of a pretty bad section so I learned quite a bit in my time there.

  9. hummus abedin

    Live Boston Free Speech Rally vs Antifa May 13, 2017


  10. hummus abedin

    Another link:
    Tim Pool


    • Forgot about todays assembly – Thank you.

      Boston out of all places too. I remember in the military
      had a friend from Boston, and every time he would get
      pissed with someone, he would say – “Choke my chicken!”
      What ever that means?….. heee….