K Blog: The Alt-Right Don’t Care

Money quote (to be read after re-watching the classic Honey Badger vid above):

…Now here’s a houseful of pieties. You think the alt-right cares? It doesn’t give a shit. It goes right onto social media with its hate. How disgusting is that? Oooh, it’s so nasty. But look, the alt-right doesn’t care. It’s getting called racist like a thousand times. It doesn’t give a shit. It’s angry. It doesn’t even care about being called racist. Oh what crazy fucks!…

RTWT, including the target story.

21 responses to “K Blog: The Alt-Right Don’t Care

  1. I didn’t see George Lincoln Rockwell’s name in that mash-up.

    Anyway, here’s a video that you may laugh at, at first. I did; then I watched a little more, and had the crap scared out of me:

  2. No more shits to give… except about our own lives an Liberty.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    Because ‘FUCK YOU’ that’s why !

  4. That is just it, it doesn’t matter what they think.
    That is why the zeitgeist of Alt-Right is so powerful.
    It validates itself. It doesn’t need “permission” or acceptance, it doesn’t even need recognition for what it is.


  5. The thing the Left seems to forget about the Alt Right is that they are mostly prepared materially to destroy them. The hindrance is the mental attitude to think larger than conventional norms of freedom.

  6. They think Alt-Right has leaders, that it is an “organization” like their long march.
    They missed a couple of critical things on that Beyond Alt connection graphic.
    Interesting they are missing.
    The dirt people who are natural Alt-Right and Andrew Breitbart.

  7. A main reason the alt-left will lose is because they have ordained that all humor is racist. And the alt right has countered that by living to laugh. Their humor knows no bounds and young people love to laugh. So the youth are naturally graduating to the alt right. The lefts attack on humor and free speech are sending 5 young people to the right for every person Richard Spencer sends to the left. Those numbers showed up in Berkeley when the alt right showed up at the cathedral of the left and bull dozed them with far superior numbers.

  8. franzl2012

    there is nothing wrong w/ racism. see the first definition in the dictionary. nothing there about hate. merely the determination that there is a superior race. is a race that invented cars, jets, computers and electricity superior to a race that invented jungle drums and has no written language? well, that is your determination. why do colored folks want to buy a house in a white neighborhood but no sane white man would ever buy a house in a colored neighborhood. Not even a lefty looney.

  9. Grenadier1

    If you sit down at the table with a bunch of Alt-Righters and you cant figure out who the Hitler is in 2 minutes, then you’re the Hitler.

    I just came up with that so feel free to use it, I think its a good assessment of how the commies see us. Of course I may have been a little influenced by the Godwin-Warhol principle which states that in the future everyone will be Hitler for 15 minutes.

  10. the altRight is merely a Dark Continent honey-badger, residing among negroes, converged by Jews and faggots. The hardRight is a North American wolverine:

  11. The comments at the site (so far) are gold. If this is representative of the readership of NYMag, we are winning in every important respect.

    For some here that’s not enough, of course. If you can’t vote your way out of having *some* form of government, then TNWOVOWOOT or whatever.

    And JOOOOOS! Don’t forget the joooooooooooooses.

    • now that you reminded me, (((New York Magazine))). Also (((NY Times))) -plus the rich taco-vendor – and (((The New Yorker))). And did I mention the red-faggot (((Village Voice)))? Now I did.

    • Highly unlikely they are readers.
      One of the tactics we use is to flood comments sections of relevant articles in an attempt to either red-pill or trigger the regular readers.

  12. robins111

    I read that entire tedious article. I only have one comment about the author. ‘The snivel is strong in that one young Jedi’.

  13. What the left truly doesn’t grasp about us is this. Rainman touched on it with his observations on humor. I, along with most if not all of my friends find the lefts impotent rage hilarious. The more they screech and rage, the harder we laugh, repeat cycle. It’s flat fucking liberating not having to pretend to give a shit about what these petulant children think, believe or “feeeelz”. Fuck. Them. All. Good-naturedly of course, for now anyhow.

  14. Just about every paragraph needs this added “Citation needed.”

    Why does he think its young kids? Most openly alt-right content producers are 30+.