Stilton: Federal Bureau Of Incompetence

Neither Lon Horiuchi nor Robert Hanssen could be reached for comment.

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  3. Always part of the plan & the PTShouldn’tB have been chipping away at it long ago. WACO – Ruby Ridge – OK City & most likely an unknown actual number of False Flags throughout re-visionist history. The Talmud – Kabbalah – Baal – Molech – et al worshippers have been there throughout history. The duality of Man’s inherant nature becomes beyond obvious. A Catallaxy will develop in the US as it’s new conditions adapt to the changes necessary for life & sustenance. The catallaxy coming was brought about by the PTShouldn’tB forces changing the paradigm. Isolationism or NWO of a dysfunctional globalism uncertainty for a long time to get to where they want to go.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    The Trumps dresser drawer image is beyond perfect !