The Weapons Of World War IV

Futurefic from Small Wars Journal.

If the networks aren’t jammed.

13 responses to “The Weapons Of World War IV

  1. There was a scene in the movie Surrogates of using that technology in war. I find that more likely given the level of tech presented in the short story.

  2. A great story. Really pounds home the idea of creativity and adaptability can and will trump technology regardless of the situation. A lot of lessons to be learned here.

  3. HHH Old Vet.

    Hmm, Science FICTION, does it have a place Here? I do Not think so, YET there is a lot of IT here. I make more sense out of a plate of SCRAMBLED EGGS.

    • You must be unaware of how much of the stuff we (and you) use today was the stuff of science fiction. The Boston Dynamics and DARPA employees of today might have been science fiction writers if they hadn’t gotten their degrees.

  4. I guess Einstein was 1/2 right when he said WW4 would be fought with sticks and stones.

  5. So they killed four, and took one point five casualties, or 25%.

    After knowingly walking into a suspected ambush, with fuck-all intel before wandering into it.

    This is normally why commanders get relieved. Or scalped, as in Custer’s case.

    The overwhelming derp level in this comic book-gasm, beginning to end, was simply too high to fisk without receiving a paycheck. But I’ve got some free time this weekend, so maybe I’ll re-write it, but after turning up the brightness dial on the IQ scale.

    It damned well better be fiction, or it points out a good reason for giving up now; or else nuking the site from orbit, as the only way to be sure.
    And as more than 50% of the tech described is more sci-fantasy than sci-fi, it’s not even worth very much for intel purposes.

  6. Walter Sobchak

    With all of the whiz bang high tech stuff, I was a little puzzled by the small arms in the story. Why an MP5 and no M4? Why a 1911 and not Sig P320? I’m not knocking those weapons and it’s a small criticism, just curious. Otherwise a good read. Of course it appears the deep state is still in power and messing around in some third world sandbox.

  7. best line: “Barristan drew his M1911 and shot her in the head”.

  8. The author got it half right, men will man, and manage the drones/ cyborgs, for the foreseeable future. No profit in machine on machine.


    • Yes, Dirk, and no fun either. What joy would a sociopath/psychopath get from lording it over a machine?

  9. thought experiments from swj. it’s good they have a whole slew of them. underneath it all is still the basic pretext of small unit teams making decisions, good and bad, on the fly. no tech changes that. but perhaps your concern about cia hacking tools in the wild coupled with ransomware in 100 countries in a single day does persuade you to take a second look at linux if you’re going to stay online in 4gw.

  10. Re: Futurewar: How well will all the satcom based whizz-bang stuff work when the satellites have been disabled or jammed or against weapons grade EMP??